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LW produce the product as per the wish of customers. We make sure to please you by providing the best quality products. 

Our aluminum extrusion frame is one of the best products of LW. If you want to buy it for your projects, you are in the right place. It comes in various shapes, which you can also customize as per your need. 

Commonly aluminum is the material used to make an extrusion frame. Complex shapes, different combinations, and at various temperature levels, an aluminum extrusion frame can be made as per your requirement.

In many factories, LW’s aluminum extrusion frames are being used. Because of their popularity not only in super quality materials but also in durability and customization facility.

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LW Aluminum Extrusion Frame

Different Series of LW Aluminum Extrusion Frame

1xxx Series of Aluminum Extrusion Frame
1xxx Series of Aluminum Extrusion Frame

Following are the aspects of this aluminum alloy:

  • High thermal and electrical conductivity 
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Easy to join
  • Good surface finish
  • Low strength
2xxx Series of Aluminum Extrusion Frame
2xxx Series of Aluminum Extrusion Frame

It is an aluminum and copper combination which offers:

  • High strength
  • Low corrosion resistance
  • Heat treatable
  • Suitable machinability
3XXX Series of Aluminum Extrusion Frame
3XXX Series of Aluminum Extrusion Frame

It is an aluminum and manganese combination which offers:

  • Suitable corrosion resistant 
  • Weldable
  • Medium strength
  • Thermal stability
4xxx Series of Aluminum Extrusion Frame
4xxx Series of Aluminum Extrusion Frame

This aluminum alloy is not a popular selection to make aluminum extrusion frames as it combines aluminum and silicon.

  • Appropriate extrudability 
  • Strength
  • Machinability 
5xxx Series for Aluminum Extrusion Frame
5xxx Series for Aluminum Extrusion Frame

It is an aluminum and magnesium combination, they could be used for different industries. Which offers:

  • Good welding
  • Corrosion resistance 
  • Medium strength
6xxx Series of Aluminum Extrusion Frame
6xxx Series of Aluminum Extrusion Frame

It is an aluminum, magnesium, and silicon combination. It is the alloy with which aluminum extrusion frames are commonly made, including windows, cranes, railroads, etc.

It offers:

  • Surface finish
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Heat treatable


7xxx Series of Aluminum Extrusion Frame

It is an aluminum, zinc, magnesium, and copper combination, which offers:

  • High strength
  • Durability 
  • Heat treatable


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Benefits of Choosing LW Aluminum Extrusion Frames

It Makes a High-Strength Product

LW manufactures quality material products. Due to this, the product contains high strength and is low in weight.


Aluminum extrusion frames are easily customized. Custom designs are easy to shape, and it is not costly.


The surface finishing of aluminum frames has a wide range for you to select. Finishing can be done with paints, anodize coats, texture, polish, etc.


Unlike steel, there is no need for aluminum frames for expensive techniques to join edges. LW can customize different shapes as per customers' needs. The product will be strong, and it will last for a longer time.


Aluminum extrusion frames are rust-free because they are naturally anodized coating, inhibiting rust. Therefore, the material stays original for a more extended period.

Aluminum Extrusion Frame

Your Professional Aluminum Extrusion Frame Expert

Following are the properties of aluminum extrusion frames:

  • Size 

The size available for extrusion frames is 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm. 

  • Reflectivity 

It has the highest reflection factor than any other metal, ranging between 200nm and 400nm. You can get a mirror appearance by applying a film coat. 

  • Electrical and thermal conductivity

Aluminum is a material that keeps electrical conductivity, just like copper, which is 61 percent. It is, therefore, useful for many applications. 

For thermal conductivity, aluminum extrusion frames can be used as heat sinks. 

  • Corrosion resistant 

As aluminum is naturally a rust-free material, there is no need for a different coating to protect it from rust. As a result, it saves your costs as well. 

  • Inflammable 

Aluminum extrusion frames will not burst into flames on contact with the fire. 

  • Length 

The length of the frames will depend on the customers’ requirements. 

Applications of Aluminum Extrusion Frame

Aluminum Extrusion Frame for Cranes
Aluminum Extrusion Frame for Towers
Aluminum Extrusion Frame for Sign Panels
Sign Panels
Aluminum Extrusion Frame for Decorations
Aluminum Extrusion Frame for Windows
Frame for Windows
Aluminum Extrusion Frame for Marine Application
Marine Application
Aluminum Extrusion Frame for Scaffold
Aluminum Extrusion Frame for Railroads
Aluminum Extrusion Frame for Truck Trailers
Truck Trailers
Light Fixtures

Aluminum Extrusion Frame Custom Profile

LW is here to make projects easy for you with its 15 years of excellence in the field of aluminum. We desire to provide you with quality and cost-effective products.

You can use aluminum extrusion frames commercially or individually, but we ensure to provide you with the best of the materials. You can customize your requirements or buy products from us directly. We assist you in fulfilling your jobs.

LW customs aluminum extrusion frames for surface finishing, shaping, custom cuts, wall thickness. All upon customers’ demand.

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