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With 15 years of excellence in manufacturing and supplying the best aluminum solutions to its customer, LW wishes to serve you in any way possible.

Your home or any building exterior needs a quick solution? Then consider LW Aluminum fascia, one of the most trending aluminum solutions in the market. It will protect you from insects and keep you safe from heat and rain.

We will help you enhance your home’s appearance using our unique and durable fascia. Supporting the soffit panels, the aluminum fascia will give your home a finished look.  

We do provide customization as per your requirement.

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The perfect installation of LW top-notch fascia, per the guidelines provided, its minimum life is expected to be of 30 years.  

  • The material used to make aluminum fascia is 3105, 3025, and 1050AH14 grade aluminum sheets.
  • Thickness up to 450mm – 2mm sheet, 450mm +-3mm sheet
  • Aluminum fascia profiles include L shape, box section, angled drip edge, and radius fascia.
  • 100 percent recyclable aluminum used in LW fascia
  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • We have mill finished, which is uncoated aluminum fascia, and coated both are available. This procedure is done on LW’s in-house polyester powder coating line per the customer’s demand.

Advantages of using LW Aluminum Fascia

Provides Easy Installation

LW provides easy installation of aluminum fascia in all weather conditions. Being relatively soft aluminum, it is easy to install. It gives you an air-tight seal for all sorts of spaces.

Less Maintenance

Using LW's aluminum fascia, you won't be required to repaint or maintain for a more extended period. Because the color used for fascia is baked, it will not peel off easily, and the finish will not flake away.

Improves the Aesthetic Appeal

Aluminum fascia gives a finished look through its durable and environmental-friendly qualities. Due to this, your home will look as new as bought for a more extended period. It can handle water damage for up to 15 to 20 years.


Even in extreme weather conditions, like storms, heavy rains, and solar heat, the aluminum fascia will provide a barrier to keep the water and heat away. This fascia will sustain your home exterior for a more extended period.

Protects from Insects

Aluminum fascia makes it impossible for animals and other insects to enter the home because we make the durable fascia that fills every corner, measuring the accurate diameters.

Environment-Friendly Aluminum Fascia

The aluminum used to make fascia can be recycled. It means the water and air pollution will be reduced in the process. Recycling aluminum will also minimize other toxic substances.

LW Aluminum Fascia Expert

Following are the LW expertise to make aluminum fascia for you:

  • Colors

There is a wide range of colors to pick for your fascia. These include green, red, black, white, and many more multi-toned colors. Find a color that will be a perfect choice for your home look.

  • Styles

In terms of styles, aluminum fascia is also available in many types: plain, smooth and ribbed, and woodgrain.

  • Custom orders

Aluminum fascia comes in a wide range of customization; therefore, the color, width, length, height, and texture can be custom ordered. We provide an air-tight seal by correctly measuring each inch and diameter to protect your home from animals and insects.

Applications of Aluminum Fascia

There are several benefits of using aluminum fascia, but the application is for the following, which itself is a vast industry:

Aluminum Fascia for Residential Use
Residential Use
Aluminum Fascia for Commercial Use
Commercial Use

Custom Aluminum Fascia Manufacturer

LW provides high-quality and durable aluminum solutions to its customers. Eliminating the extra costs for using other materials that won’t last long and require maintenance. 

The demand for aluminum fascia is high due to its narrow and sleek appearance. These are the lightweight and corrosion-resistant fascia with fewer maintenance properties. All these properties collectively make it the most demanding solution for home exteriors.

LW can customize aluminum fascia design, color, length, and width. We fulfill your needs and specifications by providing our best services. 

Our easy-to-install, highly versatile, durable, low cost, low maintenance aluminum fascia will protect your home from insects and animals. 

Please E-mail us for any query, or contact our customer care 24/7!  

Advanced Aluminum Fascia Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Purchasing aluminum fascia can be quite intimidating at first which is why we compiled our commonly received questions here at LW about aluminum fascia.

Aluminum Fascia - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. How To Clean White Aluminum Fascia

  • Blow out the dust and debris using a vacuum.

A powerful vacuum cleaner may be used to remove large amounts of dust and other particles. The vents on the fascia should be blasted with compressed air for several seconds. 

Repeat the cleaning process if any dirt remains.

  • Utilize a high-pressure washer

Use a high-pressure washer to clean your home. A pressure washer should only be used if it is completely drained of water.

Use a medium-pressure sprayer to ensure that the metal fascia has a uniform look.

It may help to dilute a little bit of dish detergent with water and test the results, especially if the stains are stubborn.

Cleaning Aluminum Fascia

Cleaning Aluminum Fascia

  • Use a brush with extra hard bristles.

Extra-firm brush bristles are ideal for cleaning purposes. Dish soap and a brush soaked in it may be used to clean the metal fascia if it is really unclean.

  • Get a soft damp cloth.

Using a wet towel dipped in dish soap and dish detergent, scrub the metal fascia to remove bacteria.

Before you wash white fascia, you’ll need to add bleach to the water.

2. How To Paint Aluminum Fascia

In order to get the best results while painting your house, it’s essential that you do your research and plan ahead of time.

Here are some tips and strategies to keep in mind while painting your fascia and fascia.

  • Prepare the necessary equipment.

As a first step, be sure to bring a poyour washer and thoroughly clean the metal fascias. Drying it out for almost a day is necessary after you’ve washed it.

  • Cover the area with painter’s tape.

Only the metal fascias need to be painted; the sides and corners are not. So, get some painter’s tape and protect the surrounding area with it. 

Because of the danger of paint dropping or stains under the metal fascias. As a result, keep using a drop cloth to cover the patios and sidewalks.

Painting an Aluminum Fascia

Painting an Aluminum Fascia

  • Secure a bucket with water.

At this stage, you must secure your bucket hook to the 5-gallon bucket youight. Set the bucket aside with two metal liters of water in it. 

The ladder must be mounted and the bucket inserted into the hole produced by the hook using a hook. 

  • Apply the etching primer coat.

Finish the procedure by rolling the aluminum fascia vertically after applying an etching primer coat. 

A polyester brush and smooth etching the primer will help you achieve a smooth finish. Your surface should be completely primed on your first try at this approach. 

Drying time should be at least two hours.

The roller frame and polyester brush may both be washed in the sink under running water.

  • Start painting.

Acrylic latex paint may be used for a variety of painting tasks. The process for applying paint is the same as the procedure for applying primer. 

After you’ve completed painting, allow the paint to set for around two hours before using it.

3. How To Install Aluminum Fascia

  • Prepare nails 

Before installing your aluminum fascia, make sure to prepare the necessary nails so you’ll be able to attach it on top.

  • Insert the fascia board at the bottom of the panel.

Hide the edge of the drip by placing it behind the undersill trim.

Secure the panel to the fascia board.

As a safety measure, the fascia’s underside should always be nailed. Nail fascia should never be tolerated.

  •  Check if nails are aligned.

Make sure your nails are aligned with the V-grooves on your soffit for a polished look.

As long as you don’t go overboard and nail yourself to the wall. ¾ of the skin’s surface should be lodged in by the nails.

Prior to overlapping, cut an indentation in the underside panel of the overlapping panels.

Installing Aluminum Fascia

Installing an Aluminum Fascia 

  • Fold a crease outside the corner.

Create an outside corner fascia by folding a 1 in half. The flange of the first piece of fascia is bent at a 90-degree angle. At an angle of 45 degrees, make sure there is no fascia overlap

Fascia is located on the inside of the corner. Continue to use the same strategy that was employed in the past.

The inner corner fascia is made from the same material as the outer fascia, but it is bent in the other manner.

  • Carefully nail the surfaces. 

It’s important to remember that face-nailing is often the result of wavy or bowed nail surfaces – consider using a drip if it’s an option.

A gutter, edge, or all-purpose trim will get the chopped top edge of the fascia. For both protection and to keep the surface from drying, this is an excellent choice.

4. How Much Is Aluminum Fascia

Aluminum fascia installation may cost anywhere from $8.00 to $16.00 per linear foot depending on the location and the features chosen.

All of this, however, is very dependent on and subject to negotiation, so please contact us for a price from our direct team.

5. How To Bend Aluminum Fascia Around A Corner

  • Match the aluminum fascia you’re buying.

Metal fascia in the same color as your gutters may be purchased to match your gutters.

To compensate for the overhang and surface area lost as gutters bend, fascia should be ordered one or two inches larger than the gutter requirements.

  • Inquire with hardware stores about short-term rental brakes.

Consider renting short-term brakes from neighboring hardware shops so that you can bend materials like aluminum fascia in a fraction of the time it would normally take to do the same work.

If you are unable to locate a brake, you may bend the material using a combination square.

  • Remember these important inches.

Some of the metal fascia’s short side (specifically 1 to 1.5 inches) should protrude beyond the door’s edge.

The brake or combination square can be used as a guide while making a straight cut with a blade or utility knife.

Bending an Aluminum Fascia

Bending an Aluminum Fascia 

  • Cut the aluminum fascia. 

You can stretch the fascia without risking damaging it as long as you don’t cut too deeply.

The metal fascia must be bent 90 degrees along the incision if it is to be effective. You’ll need this piece of siding to attach the siding to your rain gutter.

In order to identify any areas where the fascia will need to be bent later, mark them with your utility knife.

  • Close the incisions.

Make two cuts at a 45-degree angle along the bottom fold to close the wounds. Mark any spots where the fascia will need to be bent later with your utility knife to help you find them.

You’ll get the most out of your combo square if you place it on the long side of the fascia.

To guarantee that the triangular incision is at the tip of your triangle, press the bottom of your triangle against it. 

Make sure the surface you’re working on is level before you start.

You should hold the combo piece with one hand while the other goes below.

Make sure to bend the angle to match the angle of the rain gutters.

6. How To Remove Nails From Aluminum Fascia

  • Take a little amount of fascia little by little.

Remove a little portion of the fascia at a time. This is when a “casing bar” comes in handy. It’s a little, very flat pry bar, and when used properly, it will cause little to no harm to wood surfaces.

It should take up no more than 1/8″ of the allotted area. It is located between the fascia and the rafter tail.

  • Use a reciprocating saw to do the task.

To complete the task, use a reciprocating saw with a long metal blade.

If the blade makes contact with the nail while gliding up and under the fascia, you’re close to achieving your goal. Working your way down from the longest nails is the best way to begin.

The fascia may be easily removed with a simple ‘pop.’. If you have ring shank nails, don’t bother attempting to remove them from the board.

  • Use a pair of nail clips and detach the nail head.

To remove the nail head from the final face side without the use of a ring shank, you may tap on the cut nail stub with a pair of clippers.

Removing Nails in Aluminum Fascia

Removing Nails from Aluminum Fascia 

7. How To Wrap Fascia Boards In Aluminum

  • Use a break to fit the fascia boards.

The term “break” refers to a mechanism that bends metal to fit around the fascia board. When it comes to siding for residential buildings and structures, the same gear is employed.

Break or bend the metal to make a right angle with the first line after you’ve scored another line at 1 inch.

  • Begin the installation process.

After you’ve bent all of the aluminum fascia wrap to the desired form, you can start installing it.

You may wrap an existing fascia board with fascia wrap or put fascia wrap over an existing fascia board.

Wrap Fascia Boards in Aluminum Fascia

Wrap Fascia Boards in Aluminum Fascia 

A new one that will be installed on the outside of your house

  • Remove all the gutters and hardware.

If you are installing fascia board wrap, you must first remove any gutters and connections from the property.

The fascia must be cleansed of any debris, including nails, screws, and other objects, before the wrap can be put.

After wrapping the fascia board, place the 1 inch part of the wrapping over the top border of the fascia board..

After making sure the wrap fits snugly against the fascia board, secure it with screws.

  • Remove all siding.

Carefully remove all the siding.

  • Attach the fascia wrap.

The fascia wrap is fastened to the new fascia, ensuring sure it completely covers the aluminum.

8. How To Bend Aluminum Fascia Without A Brake

Aluminum fascia is most likely what you’ll have to deal with if you decide to handle the work yourself. Bending metal requires the use of a tool known as a brake.

Purchasing a brake is a waste of money if you only need to connect a few. You may be asking: “How exactly do you do that?”

  • The wood components need to be prepped.

Using a saw, cut two pieces of wood for this project. The aluminum fascia’s length will be used to calculate the specifications.

Cut them into 2-foot lengths and 2-inch by 4-inch widths, on the other hand.

  • Put hinges on a single piece of wood.

Attach the two pieces of wood with three hinges.

Attach two of them to the 2″ side of a 2-inch wood board on each end. On the center of the board, the final one is placed. Screws hold them in place.

You must remember to keep the two boards on top of each other on top of each other while attaching the hinges to them.

  • With the hinges, connect the two boards.

For the time being, place a four-inch-wide wood board on the workbench with hinges attached to one of its ends.

Verify that the door hinges are pointed in the correct direction.

Second piece of wood should be fastened to the hinges on the first piece of wood with screws.

Bending Aluminum Fascia without a Brake

Bending Aluminum Fascia without a Brake

  • Integrate the pullers into the system.

It’s time to attach the pullers to the boards now that they’ve been glued together.

Screw two-thirds of the wood lumbers vertically onto one of the boards, then remove the screws.

When attaching them, they should be positioned on a different side of the board from where the hinge is located.

  • Attach.

You can anchor the tool to one end of the working area using a piece of plywood or a wooden table

Attach the tool to the work surface by attaching it to the 4 inch side of the board with no pullers.

Because the hinge is situated right at the board’s edge, you can easily move it around your desk.

The pullers can be used to move the board without damaging it.

  • Incorporate the metal fascia into the overall design

Unless the hinge is perfectly centered and aligned with the fascia’s bend point, it will not bend properly.

By screwing in a second piece of wood, reinforce the fascia’s structure.

Snip a little piece of wood off of the aluminum fascia and screw it into the metal fascia. Mid-sentence blunders are also possible. After that, if necessary, the holes can be closed in.

  • Bend. 

Hands on with the pullers. Having two of them at the same time isn’t a big deal. 

If you have more than one puller, you might want to think about employing an assistant or alternating amongst the three pullers.

Using the pullers, you can now lift the tool’s freeboard.

The metal fascia will bend as a result of this. Then keep going until you have the output angle you want.

9. Can Aluminum Fascia Be Painted

Yes! If you ever decide to paint your aluminum fascia, you can absolutely do so.

You can’t go wrong if you use exterior acrylic latex paint.

10. How To Hang Christmas Lights On Aluminum Fascia

  • Inspect your lights to make sure they’re all working properly.
  • Bring your stepladder with you.
  • Install the first clip and then the rest of your clips to complete the installation.
  • Find out if the lights are working.

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