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LW has the best quality aluminum fence panels available. We have become a trusted China based brand of aluminum products. We deal with any kind of aluminum made product throughout the world. Our team uses excellent quality raw materials in the manufacture processes. We also maintain the quality of the products even after their manufacture.

We deal with different designs and types of Aluminum fence panels. They are also customized into various colors and sizes according to the need of customers. LW has the best engineering team that easily tailors their products in any shape you want. The customers use our products worldwide for more than 15 years with great satisfaction. 

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LW Aluminum Fence Panel

Types of Aluminum Fence Panel

Residential Aluminum Fence Panel
Residential Aluminum Fence Panel

 This is limited to residential areas only. These aluminum fence panels are lightweight and are easily installed at any surface like flat or irregular. They are usually installed in front or back yards, swimming pools and gates. 

Width: 5 to 7 inches.

Length: 3 to 6 inches.

Commercial Aluminum Fence Panel
Commercial Aluminum Fence Panel

The commercial aluminum fence panel is heavy and strong as compared to residential fence panels. It is good choice for crowded areas like offices and shops etc. It provides more protection and safety.

Width: 6 inch and 8 inch.

Length: 3 to 6 inches.

Industrial Aluminum Fence Panel
Industrial Aluminum Fence Panel

It is heavy-duty aluminum fence panel. It gives even more protection and is stronger. It has thick pickets. It is used in schools, hospitals and industries etc.

Width:  6 inch and 8 inch.

Length:  4 inches to 8 inches.


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Advantages of LW Aluminum Panel Fence Manufacturers and Suppliers

A Trusted Brand of Quality Products

LW has a highly professional Quality control department that helps producing the high quality aluminum panel fence. It also maintains its quality, during production, after production and after delivery.

Best tailoring team

LW team can tailor your product in any shape and size you want. We have many different products of various designs of aluminum fence panels that are made on the demands of our customers. Our team helps our customers to find the product of their choice here.

Availability of Color Customization services

LW provides many color customization choices to their customers. We deal with aluminum fence panels in different colors like black, silver, white, grey, bronze etc. You can choose any color you want or you can also get them customized into others.

Get your queries answered anytime

LW customer support service answers their customers within seconds. We keep in touch with the clients all the time in order to help them clear their doubts. We have always provided satisfactory customer services to our clients.

Surface treatment of the products

LW offers all types of product surface treatments. You can treat aluminum fence panel with any kind of treatment you like. The treatments include anodizing, powder coating, milling, sang blasting, wood effect, electrophoresis etc.

Provides Deep Processing

LW also deals with all kinds of deep processing techniques. We can provide you with welding, cutting, tapping, drilling, bending, assembling etc. Our customers can process the aluminum fence panel with the technique of their choice.

Quality Aluminum Fence Panel Providers

Aluminum Panel fencing is used for the protection and building a perimeter around any area. It is being used for more than a decade.  Panel fences can be made of many different materials like wood, vinyl, iron etc. but aluminum is the best choice for them. 

Aluminum fence panels provides many advantages to their users. They are low maintenance, durable, versatile, affordable and easy to install. You also do not have to worry about the weather as they are highly weather resistant. Aluminum is a strong metal so aluminum fence panels are quite strong and can even stay firm in a hurricane

  • Colors Variety

They are manufactured in various designs like fences with spears, rings or aluminum fence panels with single pickets or double pickets etc. They are also customized into various colors usually black and other colors like beige, white, silver, bronze etc.

Applications of Aluminum Fence Panel

Aluminum fence panel for yard
Back or Front Yard
Aluminum fence panel for pool
Swimming Pool
Aluminum panel fence for gate
Aluminum fence panel for balcony

Internationally Recognized for Providing Aluminum Fence Panel

LW has become a platform that provides all types of aluminum fence panels internationally to their clients. Our quality products are used for many commercial, residential and industrial purposes. 

LW is a one-stop shop that provides all of the services to their customers. We deal with affordable prices of aluminum products that help you get the quality result and save money at a time. 

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