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LW Aluminum Fence Your First Priority:

LW Aluminum Manufacturers are serving you from over past 15 years. People trust on us at national as well as on international level. LW Aluminum fencing is affordable, versatile and durable with little requirement of maintenance.  

LW has skilled team of CAD engineers that design aluminum fence to meet your demand. Virtually maintenance free products provide buyer a system to depend on. Further we also ensure the strength and quality of aluminum fence.

Aluminum fence is constructed and shipped in pre-assembled sections that made it easy to install and set-up. We offer you different types of fence finishes like powder coating, liquid paint, anodizing and bright dipping etc that help you to improve its surface quality and attractiveness.

Our services are available 24/7 feel free to contact us and book your order. Make sure to choose us whenever wherever you need aluminum fencing.

LW Aluminum Fence Product Classification

Aluminum fence has a range of fence posts available:

Aluminum Fence Line Post

One of the most common types of fence post having two opposite sides punched located between terminal posts in order to assist the fence.

Aluminum Fence End post

It has been punched from only one side while other edge remains free mostly suitable for gardens.

Aluminum Fence Corner Post

It steer the corners of your fencing having two adjacent sides punched.

Aluminum Fence Gate End Post

Aluminum face gate end although similar to end post having one side punched but build up of thicker aluminum and double in weight that keep animals and children away from the dangerous areas.

Aluminum Fence Blank Post
Aluminum Fence Blank Post

 It is an elegant, classic design suitable for bordering walks, surrounding yards and pools.

LW provides aluminum fencing in variety of styles:

Aluminum Floridian Fence
Aluminum Floridian Fence

 It is an elegant, classic design suitable for bordering walks, surrounding yards and pools.

Aluminum Sierra Fence
Aluminum Sierra Fence

It is a distinguishing design appropriate for the house on hill.

Aluminum Outback Fence
Aluminum Out back Fence

Aluminum outback fence has a horizontal rail on bottom with two upper rails. Its design imparts class and authority.

Aluminum Carolina Fence
Aluminum Carolina Fence

Aluminum Carolina fence is a neoclassical and formal design with a strong rectangular rails appearance worthy for traditional or modern homes.

Aluminum Carolina Fence
Aluminum Appalachian Fence

The each panel of Appalachian aluminum fence has long verticals with three rails crossing them horizontally avoid the ones try to climb it.

Aluminum Castle Fence
Aluminum Castle Fence

It is most famous among our clients due to its distinctive style of peaked aluminum fencing.

Aluminum Commercial Fence
Aluminum Commercial Fence

As name show it can increase the appeal of your apartment or office parks.

Elegant Arch Aluminum Fence

It is available in 4 hoop and 5 hoop designs do consider them for your property.

Elegant Arch Aluminum Fence

It can give your house, yard or pool an elegant and beautiful look with its archways and wonderful architecture.

Advantages of LW Aluminum Fence:

Ensure Safety

Investing in Aluminum fence will allow you to keep any wanderer and animal away from your property as they are difficult to climb or cut. You can make sure that children and pets don’t enter in your pool area as it can be fatal for them.

Elegant Look

It will give your house or area an aesthetic appearance and that will definitely increase its value as well.

Affordable & light in weight:

It is light in weight so easy to install and it is available at affordable costs. Aluminum fence is sturdy so it will remain over years as aluminum doesn’t corrode and can be recycled so it is an economical choice.

Available in variety of colors

Aluminum fence is available in variety of colors including black, white, bronze, green etc mostly people preferred black and deep bronze. We can custom it according to your demand.

Your Aluminum Fence Profile Expert

LW could provide different kinds of aluminum fence for you as below:

Different size:

You could custom the sizebased on your different project.

Different Color:

We could provide black aluminum fence, silver, brown and any other colors.

Different Shapes:

You could custom any aluminum fence shapes for your different purpose.

Applications of Aluminum Fence:

Aluminum Fence for Houses
Aluminum Fence for Yards
Aluminum Fence for Pools
Aluminum fence for Agricultural land
Agricultural lands
.Aluminum Fence for Lining walks
Lining walks
.Aluminum Fence for Parks
Public parks
.Aluminum Fence for Parks
Apartment Complexes

LW Aluminum Fence Manufacturers - A Worldly recognized Company:

With 15 years of experience ,LW Aluminum Fence Manufacturers of China is the most dominating company.

LW could offer you with variety of aluminum fencing styles accompanying with easy installation.

We have installed numerous aluminum fences throughout China as well as outside the country.

In order to enhance the beauty of your house and yard by installing aluminum fence communicate with us we ensure on time response and service.

Contact us for more information now!

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Your Best Aluminum Fence Manufacturer

Do you need to use an aluminum fence for your yard or a swimming pool? Or, maybe you have some questions about aluminum fence panels?  

Or, maybe you’re tired of using heavy metals like steel and looking for a better alternative.

If so, then aluminum fence panels may be the perfect solution!

Understanding and using aluminum fence panels for your application requires some knowledge. But fear not.

We have rich experience to study aluminum fences, so you don’t have to search them.

This guide will answer all the commonly asked questions about aluminum fences. So keep reading.

Aluminum Fence – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Is Aluminum Fence Cheaper than Vinyl?

The price difference between an aluminum fence and a vinyl fence is not much.

However, aluminum fences are more affordable and stronger than vinyl.

Aluminum fence vs. vinyl fence

Aluminum fence vs. vinyl fence

In reality, the price of aluminum fences and vinyl fences can depend on factors such as the size of the fence, size of the order, manufacturer, and location.

In summary, the price of aluminum fences and a vinyl fence is comparable.

How To Install Aluminum Fence?

There are different places you would want to install your aluminum fence, such as on a sloped area or around a swimming pool.

This means you have to know how to install aluminum panels for different applications.

1–How To Install Aluminum Fence On A Slope?

Follow the below steps to install an aluminum fence on a slope, hill, or grade:

  • Measure the yard slope:

The first step is to measure the yard’s slope to figure out how to handle the hill or slope.

This is done by measuring the Rise-Over-Run of the aluminum fence.

This means measuring the slopes and rises by the width of the aluminum fence panel.

Also, you need a straight board, a level, and tape to measure it.

Follow the steps below to measure the Rise-Over-Run:

  • You start by placing the board on the ground at the point where it begins to slope.

The board should face the downhill direction where you want to place the aluminum fence.

  • Next, place your level at the downhill end of the board facing the direction the aluminum fence will be installed.

Level placed on board-min

Level placed on board

  • Next, lift the downhill end of your board until the bubble in the level is centered.
  • When the bubble is centered, use a tape and measure the distance between the bottom of the board and the ground.

Rise-Over-run measurement

Rise-Over-run measurement

The distance between the ground and the bottom of the board is the Rise-Over-Run.

  • Install the aluminum fence:

First, locate your property pins to mark your corners and ends.

If you cannot find your pins, you may need an updated survey on your property.

The next step is to run a string line around the perimeter of the area where your aluminum fence will be installed.

A string line

A string line

It is advised to keep the fence just a little bit inside your property lines to avoid conflict with neighbors.

Next, you can start measuring and marking the distances to install your aluminum fence posts.

For example, you can space your aluminum fence posts by 6 feet.

Also, if your runs are not divisible by 6, you may have shorter sections at the ends or corners of the run.

It is also best to begin by setting up the first aluminum fence post from your house during installation.

To dig the holes for the aluminum fence post, you can use a hand post digger or a gas-powered auger.

Gas-powered auger-min

 Gas-powered auger

A gas-powered auger is faster but more expensive. You can consider renting the auger instead of buying.

Usually, the fence post holes will be dug between 24-36 inches deep, depending on the height of the aluminum fence and the length of the post.

Next, the aluminum fence is installed section by section until installation is complete.

Also, you can drop in all the fence posts before installing the aluminum fence panels.

Next, make a mixture of cement, gravel, and sand. Fill up to  3/4 of the hole with the mixture.

Next, use the Rise-Over-run measurement to adjust the height of the sections to follow the slopes in the ground.

You should also keep the aluminum fence section at least 2 inches above the ground to allow for easy weed or grass trimming without damaging the aluminum fence.

After installing the aluminum fence, you can now install the gate.

But make sure that your gates are installed on level ground.  

And also, make sure that the gates do not open facing uphill.

2–How To Install Aluminum Fence Around A Pool?

In reality, the ground around your swimming pool varies. Usually, the floor around your pool is either wooden, cemented, or made of sand.

But remember that you must never try to install swimming pools on areas with significant slopes.

Follow the process below to install aluminum fence panels around your swimming pool.

  • Cement ground:

To install your aluminum fence panels on the cement ground, you need to use dynabolt screws to fix your fence post to the cement floor.

First, set up the aluminum fence post, then screw them to the ground.

Next, you fix your fence brackets to the panels then screw the brackets to the fence post.

Now you can fix the gate to finish the fencing.

  • Wooden ground:

To install your aluminum fence panels on a wooden ground, you need to use special timber screws to fix the aluminum fence post to the ground.

First, you measure, mark, and set up the string lines to indicate the area where you will install the aluminum fence.

Next, simply set up your aluminum fence posts and screw them to the wooden ground with timber screws.

Next, attach your fence brackets to the ends of the aluminum fence panel.

Now, screw the brackets to the fence posts to connect your panels to your posts.

Repeat this process to complete the aluminum fencing around your pool.

Lastly, fix the gate for your aluminum fence.

  • Sandy ground:

To install your aluminum fence panels on a sand floor, you need to dig holes for the fence posts.

First, you measure and mark the points you want to put on the aluminum fence post.

Next, you place the fence posts in the hole on the ground.

Next, you attach your fence brackets to your fence panels to connect them.

Next, screw your brackets to the fence posts to make the fence.

Next, you mix cement to fill the holes where the aluminum fence posts are installed.

Avoid using quick-drying cement to be able to adjust the position of the aluminum fence.

Finally, you can fix your fence gate to complete your aluminum fencing.

3–How To Install Aluminum Fence On Concrete?

Installing aluminum fence panels on concrete requires you to use a dynabolt to screw them to the concrete ground.

Follow the process below to install the aluminum fence on concrete:

  • First, you need to ensure that the concrete is good and strong.

If the concrete is weak, the screw will break the weak concrete.

  • Next, you need to measure and mark the areas where you want to install the aluminum fence panels.
  • Next, you screw the aluminum posts to the concrete ground.
  • Finally, you can fix the panels to the post to complete the aluminum fence.
  • How To Install Aluminum Fence On Retaining wall?

You can either install an aluminum fence on the side of the retaining wall or the top of the retaining wall.

You will need an aluminum flange post to install your aluminum posts on top of a retaining wall.

In contrast, you will need a wall bracket to install aluminum panels to the side of a retaining wall.

Top of retaining wall:

Follow the steps below to install your aluminum fence on the top of a retaining wall:

  • Firstly, mark the holes you will use to fix your aluminum flange post to the ground.

Welded flange post-min

Welded flange post

  • Next, use a masonry drill bit to make the holes in the concrete floor.

Masonry drill bit-min

Masonry drill bit

  • After drilling the holes, you use a tapcon or a concrete wedge anchor to fix your aluminum post to the top of the retaining wall.
  • Finally, you can add all the posts, panels, and gates to complete the fence installation on your retaining wall.

Side of retaining wall:

Follow the steps below to install your aluminum fence to the side of a retaining wall:

  • Firstly, you need to install a wall mount bracket on the retaining wall with a drill and masonry screws.

The wall mount is used to fix the aluminum fence panels to the retaining wall.

Wall mount bracket-min

 Wall mount bracket

Also, you should try to install the wall mounts at the center of the wall.

  • Next, you fix the aluminum fence panels inside the wall mounts.

Next, you fix all the fence posts and panels to finish the aluminum fencing.

How Much Does Aluminum Fence Cost?

The cost of aluminum fencing depends on various factors such as the type of metal, location, the size of the fence, and the size of the order.

Aluminum fences can also be priced by kilogram (kg), pound (lbs), or meter (m).

You may also get a discount from the aluminum fence supplier if you buy in bulk.

You should consult a professional aluminum fence supplier such as LW to determine the exact price of the aluminum fence you need.

As one of the best aluminum fence suppliers, LW is also the perfect place to buy premium quality aluminum fences.

You can visit our website to check for aluminum fences with the best prices.

How To Trim Grass Around Aluminum Fence?

To trim the grass around your aluminum fence, you need to provide a space of at least 2 inches between the fence and the ground.

This allows you to trim under the bottom of the aluminum fence without damage and allows easy maintenance.

You can use a line trimmer to trim the grass under the aluminum fence.

How To Make Aluminum Fence Private?

You can make your aluminum fence private to maintain privacy around your property.

Below are some options you can use to make your aluminum fence private:

  • Use fence slats
  • Use tall shrubs or trees
  • Grow vines on your fence.

How Hard Is It To Install Aluminum Fence?

Installing an aluminum fence is usually straightforward.

You only need a few tools such as:

  • Aluminum posts and panels
  • Fence brackets
  • Drill and screws
  • String line
  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdrivers
  • Hack saw or angle grinder
  • C clamp.

You may also need a straight block to place under the fence panels to hold them straight while you install them.

You need to measure and mark the areas you want to install the fence.

Next, add a string line to indicate the areas you marked.

Next, fix your fence post, brackets, and panels together using a drill and screws.

Next, fix your fence posts to the ground either by screwing them to the ground or burying and cementing the bottom part to the ground.

Finally, install your gate. Now, your aluminum fence installation is complete.

Sometimes installing fences can be challenging on sloped areas with sharp rises and sharp dips.

But, you can always measure the Rise-Over-Run to help you easily install the aluminum fence on slopes.

How Long Does Aluminum Fence Last?

Aluminum fences are made to last for many years without severe damage.

In fact, aluminum fences can last for up to 50 years without replacing them.

But, you may have to repaint your aluminum fence after some years to help its corrosion resistance and retain its texture.

How To Cut Aluminum Fence?

You can use different tools to cut your aluminum fence, such as a hacksaw, an angle grinder, or a band saw.

Also, remember that you need to leave a little space for the bracket when you cut the aluminum fence panels.

Follow the process below to cut your aluminum fence properly:

It would help to start by marking the point you want to cut.

Use a light marker for a dark-colored fence to make it easier to see while cutting.

Next, you use your hack saw or angle grinder to cut the aluminum panel.

Using a Hacksaw-min

Using a Hacksaw

Remember to wear a face shield to protect your face when cutting the panel.

Using an angle grinder

 Using an angle grinder


How To Clean White Aluminum Fence?

Cleaning a white aluminum fence can be easily done by following the steps below:

  • Use detergent or soap:

You can easily mix detergent and use a damp cloth or non-abrasive sponge to rub the surface of the aluminum fence to clean it.

  • Use vinegar and soap:

You can mix a little vinegar with washing soap to clean the aluminum fence and the aluminum oxidation that forms on the fence.

How To Remove An Aluminum Fence?

You will need a drill to remove the bolts of the aluminum fence panels and posts.

But you may have a problem when trying to remove an aluminum fence post from a concrete floor.

Follow the steps below to remove an aluminum fence:

First, you use a drill to unscrew the bolts of the fence brackets to disconnect the fence panel from the fence post.

Next, you unscrew the fence posts from a wooden or concrete ground using a drill.

Removing in-ground posts may be difficult if it is cemented.

Also, removing a welded aluminum fence is more challenging and requires you to cut the fence to remove it.

Is Aluminum Fence Cheaper than wood?

A wood fence is cheaper than an aluminum fence of the same size.

But remember that an aluminum fence is cheaper than a wooden fence in the long run.

This is because an aluminum fence is easier to maintain than a wooden fence, and it also lasts longer.

Aluminum fence vs. wooden fence

Aluminum fence vs. Wooden fence

Some aluminum fences can even last for up to 60 years without replacing them.

In summary, wooden fences are cheaper than aluminum fences at first, but a wooden fence may be more expensive than an aluminum fence in the long run.

Are Aluminum Fences Good For Dogs?

Aluminum fences are a good option for dogs because of the following:

Aluminum fences are metal, not wooden, so your dogs will not be able to chew them.

Aluminum fences are very strong against storms which means you don’t have to worry about your dogs escaping because your fence fell over.

Aluminum fences come in sizes of up to 6-8 feet tall. This means that your dog will not be able to jump over it.

Also, you can choose an aluminum fence with blunt spikes instead of sharp spikes to prevent your dog from injury if they try to jump over the fence.

Aluminum fences can come with a puppy panel to prevent tiny dogs from escaping from the space under the fence.

Aluminum fences also come with panels to prevent your dogs from seeing and barking at neighbors.

Is Aluminum Or Steel Fence Better?

Aluminum fences and steel fences both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Steel fence:


  • Steel fences are better for heavy-duty applications because they are stronger than aluminum fences.
  • Also, steel fences usually outlast aluminum fences because they are more durable and resistant to physical damage or abuse.


  • Steel fences are heavier than aluminum fences making shipping more expensive.
  • Steel fences usually need to be painted to prevent them from corrosion.

Aluminum fence:


  • Aluminum fences are lighter and cheaper to buy and ship than steel fences.
  • Aluminum fences have high corrosion resistance.
  • Aluminum is also easier to bend than steel, making them easier to use for different applications.


  • Generally, aluminum is more expensive than steel, which will affect the price of the fence.
  • Aluminum fences are not as strong and durable as steel fences.

Do Aluminum Fences Rust?

Rust is iron oxide. Aluminum fences do not rust because they essentially contain no iron.

Aluminum fences are also resistant to rust due to the oxide layer formed on them.

How To Attach Aluminum Fence To Wood Post?

You need to use a wall bracket to attach an aluminum fence to a wood post. You will also need a timber screw for wood.


Follow the steps below to attach your fence to a wooden post:

  • First, you need to install and screw the wall brackets on the wooden post using timber screws.

    Timber screws

    Timber screws

  • Next, you attach the fence panels to the wall brackets.
  • Next, you can use self-tapping screws to connect the fence panel to the fence post at the point they meet. This makes the connection stronger.
  • Finally, connect all the posts and panels to complete aluminum fencing.

How To Bend Aluminum Fence?

You should not try to bend your aluminum fence because bending it will deform and damage the fence.

The only time you should bend your aluminum fence is when it is already bent, and you need to try to bend it back into its original shape.

How To Fix Bent Aluminum Fence?

You can fix bent aluminum fences by replacing the panel or post used for the aluminum fence.

You can also try bending the aluminum fence back to its original shape, but this can lead to more damage and deformity to your aluminum fence.

How To Paint Aluminum Fence?

Follow the steps below to paint your aluminum fence:

  • First, you must wash and clean your aluminum fence to prevent dirt, dust, grease, or grease from sticking to the paint.
  • Next, you must apply a primer that is suitable for aluminum fences.

This primer is a paint product that better helps the paint adhere to the aluminum fence and increases durability.

  • Finally, paint your aluminum fence with a suitable paint meant for metal.


    Painted aluminum fence

    Painted aluminum fence

How To Repair Aluminum Fence?

Different parts of your aluminum fence can be broken, bent, corroded, or spoiled somehow.

This means you have to fix different parts of the aluminum fence.

Follow the process below to learn how to repair different parts of the aluminum fence:

  • Aluminum fence post:

If your fence post is bent or broken, you will most likely need to replace the post to repair the fence.

You can replace the fence post by unscrewing the fence bracket and fence panels from the post using a drill.

Next, you have to remove the fence post from the ground by digging it out or unscrewing it from the floor.

Next, you take a new fence post and connect the fence brackets and panels to join the fence.

Finally, you need to attach the fence post to the ground by burying and cementing the bottom part to the ground or screwing it to the concrete or wooden floor.

  • Aluminum fence panel:

If your fence panel is bent or broken, you will have to repair it either by bending back into its original shape or replacing it.

To replace your aluminum fence panels, you need to unscrew the fence brackets from the fence posts.

Next, you remove the panel and replace it with a new one.

Next, you screw the fence brackets to join the aluminum fence.

If your aluminum fence is slightly broken at a joint, then you may be able to weld it back together.

Also, if your aluminum fence is slightly bent, you can try adjusting it by bending it to its former shape.

  • Aluminum fence bracket:

If your aluminum fence bracket is damaged, you will need to replace it.

To replace your aluminum fence bracket, you start by unscrewing the bracket from the fence post.

Next, remove and replace the fence bracket.

Finally, you screw your aluminum brackets to the fence post.

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