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LW is one of China’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of aluminum flat bar. Our aluminum-based products have been recognized both locally and internationally for the best services they provide.

We have been providing service to our customers for about 15 years and more. 

We manufacture and supply the best and guaranteed quality aluminum flat bars of different varieties, sizes, and shapes that meet our customers’ requirements. 

Our motto, since day one, is to:

  • Maintain the quality of the products 
  • Supply our products to the customers in the best and most professional way

We ensure fast and on-time delivery even in peak seasons, and that too with 24/7 customer care service.

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Aluminum Flat Bar Series

6061 Aluminum Flat Bar

6061 Aluminum Flat Bar

It is the most versatile product but second to 6063. It is the most commonly used alloy, having 97% aluminum and a small amount of silicon and magnesium are present in it.

The 6061 aluminum flat bar is used for structural components, aerospace, and medical assemblies.

6063 Aluminum Flat Bar

The 6063 aluminum flat bars have a little more aluminum, 98%, and less Silicon and magnesium than 6061.

It is also known as architectural aluminum, so as the name indicates, it is used in construction and decorative items like furniture and frames and for creating marine vessels.

6063 Aluminum Flat Bar


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How Is LW Aluminum Flat Bar Manufacturer Beneficial for You?

Guaranteed Quality

We at LW ensure the quality of the aluminum flat bar to be of good strength, machinability, conductivity, and corrosion-free. Everything from raw material to the final product is checked under professional supervision.

Variety of Products

At LW, different series of Aluminum flat Bars are available. We provide any type and shape according to the requirements and demands of the customer. We have a variety of aluminum flat bars that fit any purpose.

Customer Care

We do care about our customers. You can avail of our 24/7 customer care service for whatever queries the customer has about the quality and type of aluminum flat bar product.

Experienced Team

.To give our customers the best service and products, we have gathered a team of expert and experienced professionals to ensure good manufacturing and supply of products.

All Types of Processing

LW also deals with all types of processing required for aluminum flat bar products. These processes range from extrusion to cutting, bending, welding, fabrication to CNC machining, etc.

Aluminum Flat Bar

Custom Aluminum Flat Bars

The LW Aluminum flat bars are customized according to the need of customers by our team. We offer:

  • Surface Protection

Though aluminum has an anticorrosive property in extreme environments, it needs extra protection. Our LW team uses different techniques to provide that extra care to the aluminum flat bar, such as mechanical finishing, chemical finishing, anodizing and powder coating, etc.

  • Surface Finishing

Finishing helps in protection and enhances the appearance of the material. As the 6063 aluminum flat bars are used in interior designing projects, a beautiful surface finishing will add a little more charm. 

Applications of Aluminum Flat Bars

Aluminum Flat Bar for Construction of Machines
Construction of Machines
Aluminum Flat Bar for Architecture
Aluminum Flat Bat for Aircraft and Vehicle
Aircraft and Vehicle
Medical Assemblies
Aluminum Flat Bar for Telecommunication
Aluminum Flat Bar for Furniture
Aluminum Flat Bar for Kitchen Appliances
Kitchen Appliances
Aluminum Flat Bar for Sports Goods
Sports Goods
Aluminum Flat Bar for Military

Globally Recognized Aluminum Flat Bar Manufacturing Company

We, the LW Aluminum flat bar manufacturers and suppliers, never compromise on the quality and maintenance of the products and our services.

With over a decade of manufacturing experience of aluminum flat bar, our team has been working day and night to provide you with all your needs. Our customer support service answers any product queries, and all the dealings are done thoroughly. 

Aluminum flat bars are alloys of aluminum mixed with any other element. LW mixes these elements to enhance their strength, conductivity, machinability, and corrosion resistance. 

These elements are:

  • Magnesium
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Silicon
  • Iron
  • Lithium
  • Zirconium

They are extensively used for making machinery, vehicles, construction, building construction, robotics, etc. These are the perfect choice for any purpose where strength is required.

Aluminum flat bars come in different series of four-digit number alloy designations ranging from 1xxx to 8xxx, indicating the type and amount of element used in it to be identified for the use of different purposes.

Aluminum flat bar tempers also determines how they should be treated. Whether they are heat treatable or not or are suitable for fabrication, strain hardening, etc. 

 The temper designations help us identify what type of treatment this alloy is capable of. Temper designations are alphanumeric and are added to four-digit alloy designation numbers. E.g., 6061-T6. 

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