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LW Aluminum Flight Case Manufacturers and Suppliers

Your trusted brand of aluminum made items. LW has an experience of about 15 years in making aluminum flight cases and other aluminum products. We provide the best quality aluminum products of different shapes along with customization services. We also help other brands to upgrade their business by providing ODM & OEM.

LW is a brand of quality. It provides free samples to their customers, which makes it a trustable company. We provide all sizes, colors and designs of aluminum flight cases. These are used for a wide range of applications and are loved by our customers due to brilliant quality. Our customer care services has helped us become globally recognized as we deal with every customer throughout the world.

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LW Suppluy Premium Aluminum Flight Case

Types of Aluminum Flight Case

Aluminum flight case with Wheels

The wheels are attached with heavy aluminum flight case in order to easily move them around. The small sized wheels are attached at the four corners of the case that helps us move them anywhere we want.

Aluminum flight case with Foam

Some aluminum flight cases are designed to include foams inside them. This form work as a shock absorber. It is used to provide protection to the materials from breaking or any damage. It has the ability to protect the smallest sized items from any kind of damage.

Aluminum flight case with Divider
Aluminum flight case with Dividers

This type of flight case is used to store a bulk of items. It is conveniently used for storing many items due to having dividers that provides more space for storage. These are mostly used for storing cosmetics or jewelries.

Advantages of LW Aluminum Flight Case Manufacturers and Suppliers

Provides Professional Customization Services:

The LW expert team is well trained in customizing the products on your choice. Our customers gets to choose from picking different colors to designs and sizes. You can have all of your needs get fulfilled here.

Many Product choices under One roof

We have designed our LW Platform to be the source of any kind of aluminum made product you want. Here, you will find almost every aluminum made item along with aluminum flight case that can be used for personal and commercial uses.

Quality Control monitoring

LW highly focuses on the quality of its products. We have a quality control team available that solely monitors each manufacturing process and other services. This helps us supply the superior quality, aluminum flight cases throughout the world.

Aesthetic Finishing of products

LW team treats their products on your request to give that pleasing and aesthetic look to the products. It makes the products long lasting. These techniques are PVDF coating, wood effect, sand blasting, powder coating, anodizing etc.

Processing on Demand

LW can process the products on your demand. We provide several processing techniques to choose from like assembling, welding, cutting, bending, tapping, drilling, milling etc.

Amazing Customer support service

LW never fails to communicate with its customers. We satisfy our customers by being in touch 24/7 and providing all the information regarding the product they are interested in. Our after sale services has helped customers saving money and time.

Your Aluminum Flight Case Expert

The aluminum flight case extrusion is used to manufacture flight cases. The alloy grades used to manufacture it are mostly of 6000 series like 6061, 6063, 6082 etc. They are manufactured in multiple colors like black, sliver, golden, blue, pink, white etc. The aluminum flight case is measured in cm like 70×40, 100×50 etc. These are available in different designs in markets.

LW provides high quality aluminum flight cases at affordable price.

  • Various Sizes: 

We provide customizable sizes of aluminum flight cases on customer’s demand.

  • Different Color Choices

LW provides standard as well as customizable color choices for customers. It includes White, Silver, Bronze, Grey, Black, Golden, Champagne Wooden etc.

Applications of Aluminum Flight Case

Aluminum Flight Case for Vanity
Aluminum Flight Case for Camera case
Camera case
Aluminum flight case for storage case
Storage case
Aluminum flight case for toolbox
Laptop case
Aluminum flight case for art case
Art case
Aluminum flight case for CD
CD case

LW Aluminum Flight Case Company that is ISO Certified

LW has met all the standards to pass ISO certification.  We deal with customers from different parts of the world and help them meet their demands. We are a trusted brand for the manufacture and supply of aluminum products.

The aluminum flight case is an enclosure or container to store or protect things and to transport them. They are also called ATA (Air Transport Association) case. The aluminum made flight cases are mostly preferred due to their numerous benefits. They are lightweight, waterproof, UV resistant, non-magnetic and durable.

LW aluminum flight case is a quality product for transporting the products to different areas. It has a lot of properties due to which it is used in variety of cases. LW is highly experienced company that satisfies the customers with their each and every service.

Check our website and email us to get your queries answered.

LW: Your Best Aluminum Flight Case Supplier

Are you looking for some answer on aluminum flight cases?

This FAQs guide will help you answer all your questions from manufacturing of flight cases to the applications of flight cases.

Read on to get your answers!

Flight Case - The Ultimate FAQs Guide

What Is A Flight Case or Road Case?

A flight case is a robust device that protects delicate equipment while in transit or storage.

While many people know this device as a flight case, others know it as a road, transit, or/ and equipment case. Both mean the same thing.

Generally, these cases are made of plastic or aluminum. Many variants also have extra features like enhanced foam inserts or extra protective padding.

Also, depending on the size of the flight case, it will be constructed from a different material that is most suited to the goods within and the conditions it will be subjected to.

What Are Flight Cases Made Of?

Typically, a flight case is made of aluminum extrusions, recessed butterfly latches, steel corners, plywood, and handles, all riveted.

These are the common parts used in almost every flight case.

Also, flight cases are relatively super strong and can withstand a few bumps.

How Strong Are Flight Cases?

Some high-quality flight cases made of aluminum are built of a robust material that ensures that your item will be well protected inside, even in the worst conditions.

How Do I Lock a Flight Case?

If you build the flight case yourself, you can secure it with a flight case lock, or you can request a lock from the vendor when you buy it.

With this, you can be confident that your belongings are secure. Your flight case will feature an added layer of protection, from little butterfly captures to over-latching butterfly hooks.

What Can You Put Inside A Flight Case?

Fortunately, any delicate object may be placed in a flight case. This ensures that your equipment is well protected, whether it’s a musical instrument, a photography device, or archaeology.

There is always a flight case made to match your needs properly, no matter how big or tiny your item is.

How To Make A Flight Case?

There are several methods to build a flight case for different applications. Some of them are discussed below:

How To Build A Dj Flight Case?

Here you will learn about the tools, parts, and how to get started with the construction of a Dj flight case. Before construction begins, the first thing you should know is the right tools you will need.

  1. The tools

There are some tools you will need to build a Dj flight case, such as:

  • Hacksaw, jigsaw, or circular saw.
  • Electric drill.
  • wood-type pop rivets.
  • wrench
  • miter saw (for cutting accurate angles)

Electric drill

Electric drill

  1. The parts

After you have learned about the tools, it is also essential to understand the different parts of the flight case you will be constructing. Here are the parts of the case.

  • Panels:

You will need 9.5 mm (3/8″) plywood, either pre-laminated or plain, for the pieces. Although pre-laminated is costlier, it is simple and long-lasting. When painting over regular plywood, you can try to use polyurethane-based coating to get  better results.

You should also be aware that MDF is unsuitable for flight cases; instead, choose plywood, which is lighter, more lasting, and more resilient to dings and dents, dampness, and scratches.

  • Close extrusions:

Close extrusions are placed between the case and lid to make a closed case.

 closing extrusion

 closing extrusion

  • Hinges– You will need hinges, and if you are using a removable lid‌ every 4-6 inches, you have to use one hinge. Use about four hinges on a 19 wide case.
  • Handles– A recessed sprung handle may be the best option when picking handles for your DJ flight case. They’re spacious and strong.

A handle

 A handle

  • Corners– Use ball corners whether they are stackable‌ or not. Just make sure they are in the right place.

You could use two prongs or or L-shaped brackets for the lids.

  • Latches– You can use surface-mount latches because they are easier to install.

You can try using recessed latches, but they will be difficult to install and easy to break the extrusion location.

  • Edges– Use 30 mm size “L” or “single angle” extrusions used for edge lining.
  • Brackets– L-brackets, also known as cabinet braces, which is used to conceal burrs and sharp edges on closing extrusions.
  • Dishes– Dishes are used for the installation of switches or cable sockets
  • Caster– If you require casters, choose a braked swiveling variety. For heavy and rugged use, consider a ball-bearing wheel.  



  • Rails– When choosing your rail, consider going for 19 racks used to slide the rail system.


Steps on how to build a Dj flight case

Now that you know what tools and parts you will need let us look at how to build a DJ flight case step by step.

  • Step 1

Starting building a plywood closed box. Although there are different glues in the market, polyurethane or the regular white glue and thin 20 – 25 mm of 3/4 – 1 tacks or nails can be used for this. The nail could keep everything in place when the glue dry.

Please construct in closed box shaped precisely to fit the closing extrusions.

  • Step 2

To avoid scratching your work, you will need to cut off the lid before painting.

  • Step 3

At this third step, if you are not using laminated wood, you have to paint all the pieces of wood with durable, scratch-resistant paint.

For exterior application, use black polyurethane paint preferably. Although you can use any color of your choice, you can not go wrong with black.

You may get good results by using sandpaper to sand the surface before applying the first or second layer of paint.

Always follow the recommendations on the can to get the best result.

  • Step 4

Cut out the outline of dish-type recessed butterfly hinge, handles, and latches, then fit the closing extrusions before fitting the recessed latches. By so doing, you will notice that pre-cutting the dish outlines is more straightforward than making the location extrusion fit properly.

  • Step 5

Next, use a miter saw to cut perfect 45-degree angles.

  • Step 6

Next, use ball corners to cover the corners.

  • Step 7

Next, put the hinges, locks, and handles on the doors. Rivets are only required for huge cases.

  • Step 8

Next, you can use casters by bolting them in place with nuts and washers.

Then you can also apply self-locking nuts to keep them from loosening.

When your flight cases will tip over, you can use another base panel to spread the casters wider apart.

If you put casters on quick-release plates, they can be easily removed. At the same time, you could use casters on top of wheeled cases, which allow them could be stacked.  

The DJ flight case is built to be tough and durable, with resistance to various accidents and pressures that can occur during transit.

DJ flight case

 DJ flight case

How To Build Your Own Flight Cases?

The first thing you should do is figure out how big the case is. For example, the overall measurements of a product might be 520 x 435 x 400 mm (width x depth x height).

Below is a step-by-step tutorial to guide you in building your own flight case:

Step 1: Get Your tools and parts ready.

The first step is to get all your tools and products parts ready.

 Below are the tools and hardware items that will be used:

  • Plywood panels with a thickness of 10 mm: 2x Panel 520×435 mm, 2x Panel 380×415 mm, and 2x Panel 520×380 mm.
  • 5x Angle 20×20 (1 m)
  • 2x Male aluminum profile (1 m)
  • 2x Butterfly clasp
  • 215x aluminum rivet D4 x 10 mm (80 is for the bonnet, while 135 is for the base)
  • 2x Recessed handle
  • 8x Ball corner
  • 2x Stop hinge
  • 2x Female aluminum profile (1 m)
  • 8x Corner reinforcement

Plywood panels

Plywood panels

Step 2: Assembly of the woods

Assemble the woods, then cut the panels and make a line of 5mm from the edge.

The thickness is divided by two, so this will be used for the ends. Next, fix small nails around every 8cm.

Remember to glue the panels together before nailing them.

Step 3: Make the cuts.

Draw a line all the way around the box where you want the base and lid to meet.

Then try splitting the box in half with a handsaw. Also, you must consider the location of the latches before cutting.



Step 4: Prepare the junction profiles.

Next, you will use a miter saw to make 45° angles on the junction profile. After that, make sure the handles are securely fastened.

Junction profile

Junction profile

Step 5: Paint

Next, apply two layers of wood paint after sanding the surface to make it smooth.

 Alternatively, you may consider using pre-laminated panels, which are also available, but they are a bit on the expensive side, but you can buy them if you can afford them.

Step 6: Fix the aluminum profiles

After the box has been painted, you can put it together by riveting the following profiles:

  • junction profiles
  • aluminum angles
  • the eight reinforcements
  • the eight ball corners

Step 7: Fix the handles and clasps

After that, rivet the two handles together. Before riveting, you can try adjusting the claps on the front “closed hood.”

Step 8: Fix the hinges

Next, you can fix the hinges after closing the hood and securing the hood with claps.

Step 9: Ready to use

Your work is over, and your flight case is ready to go. Enjoy the result of your hands!

How To Make A Flight Case For An Amp?

9mm plywood is used to construct the flight boxes. Also, it is always good to know how much wood you need to buy by drawing a plan.

Here you will learn how to make a flight case for an Amp.

Tools you will need for the construction:

  • Jigsaw
  • Rivet gun
  • Ruler and square
  • A couple of clamps
  • Bench
  • Drill

Once your tools are ready, take the following steps to construct an Amp case:

Step 1: Cutting of the wood

You can use a jigsaw to cut the wood and a plane or sanding paper to smooth out any uneven edges and surfaces.

Step 2: Making of the box

Next, make a box by using wood glue and timber screws to fix the box together.

Step 3: painting

You can paint it any color you choose at this point. However, black is a good option because it looks better and more professional.

Step 4: Fitting of aluminum

Next, you can start installing the aluminum after you finish painting the box.

The aluminum angle will need to be 30mm x the total length of the sides of the box.

Step 6: Work on the corners

Next, use L brace plates for the inner corners of the box.  

You will also use ball corners for the outside corners of the box.

 Ball corners

Ball corners

Step 8: Fix latches

Next, you fix the latches to the box. Latches come in different shapes and sizes.

It will help if you are careful when picking suitable latches for the box.

Step 8: Fix handles

Next, fix the handles. You will need to create the space for the locks and handles.

You will need a drill for the holes, and a saw to carve the proper shapes for the handles.

What Is A Flight Case For A Musical Instrument?

A flight case musical instruments are used to protect and prevent damage to your musical instrument.

Flight cases for musical instruments are unquestionably the best choice for touring musicians, providing

protection and durability against travel, storage, and general wear & tear.

Flight case for musical instruments

 Flight case for musical instruments

How Heavy Is A Flight Case?

The size of the item that needs to be stored inside determines the weight of the flight case; nevertheless, a flight case can be as big or little as you need it.

Its primary purpose is to provide solutions to various storage and transportation requirements.

Flight cases are made of plastic and steel. However, the weight of the case when it is empty or full varies depending on the size of the case and the contents.

To determine the weight of your flight case, weigh it both with and without your product inside on a scale so you have a precise sense of the case for the task at hand or to satisfy your curiosity.

How Much Does A Guitar Amp Flight Case Weigh?

A guitar amp flight case weighs approximately 23.5kg or 52 Ibs.

How Much Does A Standard Guitar Flight Case Weigh?

A standard guitar flight case weighs about 10kg or 22 Ibs.

What Kind Of Foam Is Used In-Flight Cases?

Polyethene foam is a strong, lightweight, and resilient closed-cell foam that can be used to patch a hole in a flight case or entirely reline a new one.

Are Flight Cases Worth It?

The goal of utilizing a flight case is to keep sensitive items safe. So, if you use your gear frequently, you should consider investing in one.

However, if you rarely travel around with your gear, let’s say it is only used once in a while; you can skip it if you cannot afford it but buy when you can afford it.

Flight cases serve as both transportation and storage containers.

Are Guitars Safe In-Flight Cases?

For maximum protection of your guitar, it is best to put them in flight cases to keep them free from harm and damage. So, guitars are by far safe in flight cases.

Flight case for guitars

Flight case for guitars

How Big Is A Flight Case?

The size of a flight case is determined mainly by the equipment meant to be stored inside.

As a result, some of them are large while others are small.

Each case is made to fulfill a specific function. So, it could be large or even extremely large, or small, or even very small.

How To Put Wheels On A Flight Case?

Each flight case features two panels and four castors. The wheel panels must be cut to the same width and length as the case.

You might use 18mm plywood. Paint the wheels the same color as the casing if possible.

The first step is to drill the holes in the wheel panel that is required.

Wheels on a flight case

 Wheels on a flight case

Ensure that the 3cm long bolts pass through the holes you bore in the flight case. After that, try to fix the inside of the case with tee nuts.

Make the short 2 cm bolts pass through the holes. You can drill through the wheel panel and fix the tee nuts between the wheel panel and the flight case.

 Wheels on a flight case

Wheels on a flight case

Why Are Flight Cases So Expensive?

Today, an average road case in the market may be pretty expensive for some people.

This is because, for aluminum cases, there are lots of quality and premium materials used for the construction. So this makes it relatively costly.

Are Flight Cases Waterproof?

Water and other liquids cannot enter a waterproof case because it is made of aluminum.

As a result, they are the best case for preserving your equipment and gear.

Of course, there are several occasions when these cases come into touch with water or other liquids while being transported or stored.

As a result, having waterproof flight cases can help you avoid these scenarios without losing value for your money.

However, you should know not all flight cases are waterproof, so be deliberate and particular about the type of case you want before choosing one.

 Waterproof flight case

 Waterproof flight case

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