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Aluminum Folding Chairs have emerged as a requirement of the modern lifestyle. From picnics to beach days and offices to outdoor events, these chairs are a must.

LW Aluminum Folding Chairs are light portable chairs that fold conveniently into a smaller size. They are lighter than wood but have more holding capacity and are more convenient to use.

The LW Aluminum Folding Chairs can be used for outdoor as well as indoor uses. We deal in the manufacturing and supplying of top quality aluminum chairs nationwide and internationally.

We consider our customer’s satisfaction and trust the top priority and assure you of the quality and reliability of our folding chairs.


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Product Categories

Classifications of LW Aluminum Folding Chairs

Webbed Aluminum Folding Chairs
Webbed Aluminum Folding Chairs

This type of Folding Aluminum Chair is the most widely used. This simple yet elegant chair features strong aluminum construction with a simple backrest.

Zero Gravity Rocking Aluminum Folding Chairs

This high back rocking Aluminum Chair is ideal for you to lay peacefully on, after a tiring day. It surely gives you a calm, rhythmic movement with added back support and a stable aluminum frame.

3 in 1 Beach Reclining Aluminum Folding Chairs
3 in 1 Beach Reclining Aluminum Folding Chairs

The Reclining Folding Chairs are the best option to use at the beach as well as can be used as a lounge or Patio chair. It becomes in 3 reclining positions, a large storage pouch and a waterproof compartment for cellphones.

Outdoor Lightweight Aluminum Folding Chairs
Outdoor Lightweight Aluminum Folding Chairs

This lightweight outdoor chair comes with anti-sink feet to prevent the chair from sinking in sand or grass. Perfect for picnics and travelling with its stability and strength along with the added feature of being lightweight.

The taller Directors aluminum folding chairs comes in multiple height and options for your convenience. You may choose among a variety of chairs having side-table bottle-holder, storage compartments and even foot-rest.

Benefits of Aluminum Folding Chairs

Easy to use

Being lightweight, the LW Aluminum Folding Chairs are easy to use and move around. They are lighter to carry and can well fit anywhere in your car while folded.


LW Aluminum Folding Chairs require very little maintenance and are more durable than other metals and wooden chairs. They possess reliable and solid manufacturing that adds to the factor of durability.

Weather resistance

LW Aluminum Folding Chairs stay strong under harsh weather conditions. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the beach sand or water rusting the chair.


Unlike some traditional wooden chairs, LW Aluminum folding chairs provide you with a wide variety of designs, colors and features to opt from. It also comfy you by adding back support.

Additional Features

LW Aluminum Folding Chairs facilitate you with rare features to improve your experience. Our chairs include cup holders, cellphone compartments, side tables and even leg rests.

Easy to carry

LW Aluminum Folding Chairs come with carrying bags and shoulders makes it easy for you to just fold them and move around and unfold them wherever you want to use them.

Specifications of LW Aluminum Chairs

  • Stylish and Vibrant Look

We manufacture state-of-the-art aluminum folding chairs. They are not only functional but are also stylish enough to enhance the outlook of your space. We can also customize and powder-coat them as per your demand.

  • Height and Weight Capacity

We have multiple height options for every kind of chair. Only our beach chairs come with a maximum overall height of 45 inches. The weight holding capacity of our aluminum folding chairs is as high as 400 lbs.

  • Material

LW Aluminum Folding Chairs are made of premium Aluminum Alloy 7005. You can choose between the nylon mesh which is durable and vibrant and oxford fabric if you want a breathable and light option.

Application of Aluminum Folding Chairs

Aluminum Folding Chairs for Home
Aluminum Folding Chairs for Picnic
Aluminum Folding Chairs for Beach
Aluminum Folding Chairs for Lawn
Aluminum Folding Chairs for Events
Educational institutions

LW Aluminum Folding Chairs- Your Trusted Choice for Years

LW chairs hold a redefined position in the aluminum chairs manufacturing industry. The chairs are lightweight yet stable. The triangular bracket designs in these chairs increase stability and balance. They are corrosion-resistant and have a longer lifespan than other metal and wooden chairs.

We proudly facilitate our esteemed customers by customization the chairs either way. We further assist you in the selection of the best chair according to your needs. LW Aluminum is your one-stop solution from the selection of aluminum folding chairs to customization and then timely delivery to your doorstep.

Visit our website to give a new turn to your imagination of Aluminum Folding chairs.

Professional Aluminum Folding Chairs Manufacturer And Supplier

Are you looking for bulk aluminum folding chairs? Do you wish to make the indoor and outdoor of your client’s property enhanced with comfortable seating?

You must take a look at this FAQ guide and get an answer to all your queries.

Aluminum Folding Chairs - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

How Does An Aluminum Folding Chair Work?

Aluminum folding chairs are meant to turn under the seat of the chair or in some instances, these chairs fold at the seat level too.

In most cases, aluminum folding chairs tend to pivot at the level of the seat.

Folding an aluminum chair

Folding an Aluminum Chair

How Much Weight Can An Aluminum Folding Chair Hold?

An aluminum folding chair has a capacity to hold the weight of 300 pounds to about 800 pounds.

How Can An Aluminum Folding Chair Be Made More Comfortable?

In order to add comfort to your aluminum folding chair you can purchase a cushion the size of the seat and place it on the seat. This way your aluminum folding chair will be much more comfortable.

Making Aluminum Chair More Comfortbale

Making Aluminum Chair More Comfortable

Are Aluminum Folding Chair Suitable For Outdoor Use?

Aluminum folding chairs are great for outdoor use. They are very light in weight and hence moving them from one place to another is very easy, this is needed usually for the outdoor placement.

Moreover, these chairs also have the property of being very much suitable in an outdoor environment. These don’t rust nor they corrode, so when you keep them outside you can be rest assured that they won’t damage easily.

Aluminum Chairs for Outdoor

Aluminum Chair for Outdoors

Which One Is Better Aluminum Or Plastic Folding Chair?

`When you choose to invest in an aluminum chair you can find it durable as compared to the plastic one. The plastic chairs are not sturdy enough and even they can’t hold as much weight as aluminum folding chairs do.

Moreover, if you plan to keep your aluminum folding chairs outdoors, you can be at peace that they won’t rot or get damaged due to their durable nature.

However, plastic folding chairs when kept outdoors may rot in sometime; they won’t be able to deal with the consistent sunshine and rain or moisture that makes them not capable for outdoor storage in the long run.

Where Can I Buy An Aluminum Folding Chair?

You can bulk buy aluminum folding chairs at a very reasonable rate from china. The global distribution of aluminum folding chairs in bulk is offered here and that too with versatile options.

LW offers a variety of styles and colors available in aluminum folding chairs and hence investing in them could be a great decision. To have a look you can check our website and view the collection to order in.

Are Aluminum Folding Chairs Durable?

Yes, aluminum is one of the most durable choices in every aspect. In case of aluminum folding chairs, too you will find it to be the most long lasting choice as compared to other available options.

Aluminum folding chairs are capable of tolerating all kinds of weather conditions and these even tend to offer sturdiness, even if you add some extra weight on them they won’t rot.

If left outdoors in moisture there is no chance of mold or mildew to grow over it and cause any harm. Therefore, you can invest in them once and use them for years and years.

Do Aluminum Folding Chair Get Hot In The Sun?

Yes, an aluminum folding chair will get hot in the sun but it won’t trap the heat for long, so it will get back to the normal temperature pretty fast as soon as the sun goes down.

Aluminum Chair Gets Hot in Sun

Aluminum Chair Gets Hot in Sun

Does An Aluminum Folding Chair Rust?

No it doesn’t. Aluminum is a rust free material and no matter you wash it, leave it in the sun and air outdoors or let moisture gather over it, it won’t rust away.

Is an Aluminum Folding Chair Better Than a Wooden Folding Chair?

If you compare an aluminum folding chair with a wooden one there will be pros and cons for both.

  • Aluminum folding chair would be suitable to deal with all weather situations and won’t rot, whereas a wooden chair won’t be able to hold the pressure of weather and will rot due to moisture and rain.
  • Aluminum is lighter than wood, hence it becomes much easier to move it from one place to another, whereas in case of a wooden folding chair it is a bit heavier and moving may be a tough task.
  • In the case of comfort level you will find wooden folding chairs more comfortable than the aluminum ones but you can add comfort to aluminum folding chairs by placing a cushion on the seat and back.

How To Choose The Right Aluminum Chair?

When choosing the right aluminum folding chair, you would have to consider a few things beforehand.

  • First of all decide for what purpose you are buying it, if indoors you can invest in a bit heavy aluminum folding chair as it won’t be required to move every now and then.

However, if you are buying it for outdoor use, you might be needing it to move here and there and hence you should have the lightest one.

  • There is always an option for indoor aluminum folding chairs and outdoor aluminum folding chairs in terms of designs, so you can buy them according to the purpose.
  • Make sure to know the measurements required by you for the purchase of the aluminum folding chair, this way you will be able to assess if it suits your required dimensions or not.
  • The color options are also versatile in terms of an aluminum folding chair so you can match it along with the rest of the interiors and exteriors so that it blends well.

What Is The Height Of A Standard Aluminum Folding Chair?

The standard height of an aluminum folding chair is about 17 to 18 inches.

Height of Aluminum Folding Chair

Height of Aluminum Folding Chair

What Are The Dimensions Of An Aluminum Folding Chair?

The dimensions of every aluminum folding chair would vary depending on the option chosen in terms of design and layout.

However, a standard aluminum folding chair would have a dimension of back height being about 21.5 inches, seat width of 20.75 inches, height of chair from ground about 15 inches subject to variations in chair chosen.

Is Aluminum Suitable For A Folding Chair?

Yes definitely! Aluminum is one of the most suitable options for a folding chair because of its seamless properties of being rust free and corrosion free.

It is very light in weight and does not rot easily so tends to be a very suitable option to invest in no matter whether you purchase it for indoor use or outdoor use. It is also very durable and hence once you buy it, it will be used for years and years.

 Is Aluminum Suitable for Folding Chair

Is Aluminum Suitable for Folding Chair

Are Aluminum Folding Chairs Sturdy Enough?

The sturdiness of the aluminum folding chair is incomparable with any of the other materials used. You can add a lot of weight on them and yet they won’t break out.

Aluminum folding chairs are very strong and even if subjected to the worst weather conditions they don’t give up easily and you can use them without any substantial wear and tear for a long time.

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