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LW Aluminum Frame Suppliers

LW is a metal industry in China. It deals with production and delivery of aluminum made products throughout the world.

It has been working for many years to meet all the requirements of its customers under one roof. We have special departments to control various processes in order to provide quality service to our customers.

LW has a wide range of different aluminum products like aluminum extrusions, aluminum profiles in different shapes and designs. Each design has its specific application and are used largely in different industries.

LW aluminum frames are of excellent quality and various designs. You can also customize them according to your need.

Checkout our catalogue of extruded aluminum frames in our website and contact us for more information.

LW Aluminum Frame

Types of Aluminum Frame Extrusions

L8 aluminum frame
L8 Aluminum Extrusion Frame

The L8 aluminum extrusion frame have 8mm groove. It is the most strong among the types. It used in almost all applications.

L6 Aluminum Frame
L6 Aluminum Extrusion Frame

The L6 has 6mm groove. It is lightweight and is used where strength is required. It is preferred for crowded areas. It is cheaper than other aluminum frame extrusions.

L5 Aluminum Frame
L5 Aluminum Extrusion Frame

The L5 is the smallest having 5mm groove that is used to combine two profiles. It is used for low weight applications. It is also available in open grooves and closed grooves.


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Advantages of LW Aluminum Frame Manufacturer and Supplier

Quality of products is Guaranteed

The Quality Control department of LW keeps in check the quality of all products. The QC experts supervises each step of manufacture and supply thoroughly. This maintains the quality of products like aluminum frames even after the delivery.

• Skilled team

Our LW team is working for more than a decade to manufacture and deliver aluminum products. They are skilled enough and experienced enough to provide excellent services to our customers. They rigorously maintain the manufacture, customization and provision of the aluminum frames.

One-stop Platform

LW not only provides aluminum frames but also other aluminum products. In addition, the aluminum frames are available in different types. We can customize any kind of product you want with all other services like finishing, processing and color customization etc.

Fast delivery worldwide

Regardless of where you live, LW is able to deliver your ordered product in minimum time. We save your time by helping you out with choosing the perfect product you need an then delivering it on time.

Research and Development Department

LW R & D department is highly advanced. It can introduce new designs and products on the demand of customers. We provide various types of aluminum frames like t-slot aluminum profile frames, v-slot aluminum profile frames etc.

Surface Treatment

Though aluminum frames are made of good quality aluminum that does not require surface treatment or finishing. However, we can provide various surface finishing to the products if you want. It includes powder coating, electrophoresis, milling, anodizing, sand blasting etc.

Extra Processing

Processing of the aluminum products also includes our services. We can do tapping, drilling, milling, punching, cutting, assembling etc. to the aluminum frames. You can choose any type of processing technique for you product.

Aluminum Frame

Your Reliable Aluminum Frame Expert

We use aluminum frames due to their high strength to weight ratio, durability, easy machinability, easy assembling, anti-corrosive property and what not. No doubt, aluminum framing is the best choice for low cost work that requires strength.

  • Variety of Sizes: 

They are customized into various shapes and sizes to make frameworks for different items.

  • Color Choices :

Our custom aluminum frames are available in White, Silver, Bronze, Grey, Black, Golden, Champagne Wooden etc.

  • Alloy grades used :

The alloy grade used to make aluminum frame is mostly 6000 series aluminum. Other than that, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100 series are also used.

Applications of Aluminum Frame

Aluminum frame for workbench
Aluminum frame for windows
Aluminum frame for doors
Aluminum frame for railings

Trusted Aluminum Frame Dealing Company Worldwide

LW is working for 15+ years as an aluminum metal industry. ISO certifies it due to their good services. LW produces different designs of aluminum products at economical prices. Our company has a wide range of aluminum made products.

Aluminum has replaced many materials like steel, wood, PVC in industries due to its long list of advantages. Aluminum frames are used in almost every structure. It is used in decorations, furniture, construction, automotive industries, robot industries etc.

Aluminum frame is basically, an extruded aluminum profile that has a t-shaped groove in it. It is also known as T-slot aluminum profile. It is used to make the basic structure for anything and are assembled through fasteners and connectors. There is no need of complicated welding processed to construct and aluminum frame.

There are different types of aluminum frames available in the market and choosing the right one may save your time and money.

The alloy grade used to make aluminum frame is mostly 6000 series aluminum. Other than that, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100 series are also used. They are customized into various shapes and sizes to make frameworks for different items.

If you are looking for a best  aluminum frame supplier that can provide all of the services of your choice then contact us now.

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Aluminum Frame Manufacturer-LW

 Are you seeking innovative methods to use the aluminum frame in your projects?

 Do you desire a more environmentally friendly alternative to steel and other metals?

 Aluminum is the best option.

 After thorough research, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions concerning aluminum framing and their answers.

 Let’s have a look at it.

Aluminum Frame – Ultimate FAQs Guide

What Is Aluminum Framing?

Aluminum framing is the technique of employing aluminum to create various sorts of enclosure systems.

 Aluminum frames have a clean and polished appearance due to the numerous manufacturing alternatives.

Aluminum framing components are reusable and eco-friendly, making it inexpensive and simple to modify aluminum structures as needed.

Even if you don’t have any experience or complicated gear, you’ll discover that aluminum framing is easier to do.

Aluminum framing does not require further painting or dying because it has a clean appearance.

In the aerospace, architecture, manufacturing, engineering, and medical areas, aluminum frame is highly demanded.

Windows, curtain walls, storefronts, and entrances are examples of enclosures.

How To Screen In A Porch With Aluminum Frame System?

screen in a porsch with aluminum frame

screen in a porch with aluminum frame

You can use the aluminum frame system to construct a permanent and comfortable outdoor living space.

Here are the steps to screening in a porch using an aluminum frame system;

  1. Confirm whether a building permit from the building code department is required in your area.
  2. Make sure that the cross supports and posts are in good working order.
  3. Also, make sure the porch deck is in good shape.
  4. Before framing, be sure that all painting, staining, and repair work has been completed.
  5. To ensure a smooth installation, read the directions attentively.
  6. Identify and layout the components, placing them in the order they should be installed and how they should interact.
  7. Cut the framing components to size and fix the channels according to the instructions.
  8. Make sure the screen fabric is correctly positioned in the channels.
  9. You may secure the screen material in the aluminum base channel with a vinyl cap locking device.
  10. Make sure that all cracks and openings are sealed.

Screening on your porch allows you to relax outside without being bothered by annoying bugs.

 It’s simple to construct and install, depending on the size of your porch.

How Do You Make An Aluminum Frame?

Frames, particularly aluminum frames, enhance the appearance of items.

Aluminum framing is simple to put together and saves a lot of time and effort in sawing and dusting, resulting in a finished product that doesn’t require much finishing.

 If you follow the steps below, it will be relatively straightforward;

  • Assemble the things needed

Assemble your tools, including screws, a square, a drill,  a marker, a hacksaw/chop saw, a ruler or measuring tape, hand gloves, a drill, and a metal file.

  • Measure and cut

Measure the parts of the sizes you’ll need for your frame carefully.

Clamp the metal to the table and cut it, considering the excess length needed for filing.

  • File, and screw the pieces

How to make aluminum frame

How to make an aluminum frame

After cutting the aluminum, file the sharp edges with a file and wash away the marker.

Determine the location of the screws and drill pilot holes, followed by the actual spots, which the screw size will determine.

Screw the parts into the frame one by one until they are precisely aligned.

  • Sealing gaps

Check for any gaps and fill them in.

You can use caulk sealant for sealing the gaps.

screwed on aluminum frame

screw on the aluminum frame

How To Attach Wood To Aluminum Frame

It’s simple to attach wood to an aluminum frame, and it’s something you can do yourself at home.

When measuring the materials, be cautious because aluminum is easily damaged.

 Following these simple methods, attach the aluminum frame after completing the wall construction;

  • Collect items needed

Gather all necessary materials, such as an aluminum frame, sealant, dyno bolt, hinge, hardboard, fisher screw, saw, grinder, cutter, saw, spirit lever, gun sealant, reevet, and water hose.

pieces of aluminum frame

Pieces of aluminum frame

  • Spot and drill the holes

If the holes in the wall do not match the working sketch, use a spirit level to check if the aluminum frame is straight, and if it isn’t, support it with hardboard material.

  • Use screws to connect

Make sure the inside of the wall is smooth, even, and symmetrical if the frame is straight and fastened with galvanized screws.

Allow a 5-10mm gap in the hole for simple mounting of the frame on the wall.

Install the frame in the holes and secure it with fixing screws.

  • Attach the wooden door or window

Using a hinge hanger to plant a hinge on one side of the frame makes it very simple to select the wooden door.

Is A Carbon Frame Better Than Aluminum?

Unlike carbon frames, an aluminum frame will withstand more impact and be robust after impact.

 On the other hand, a carbon frame is stiffer and easier to tune than an aluminum frame.

 A carbon frame is lighter than an aluminum frame, yet a low-grade carbon might be heavier than a high-grade metal.

Carbon frames tend to be more expensive as their labor-intensive fabrication requires more expensive mold than aluminum.

 If you’re going to perform a lot of bolting and welding, a carbon frame is better than an aluminum frame since it’s more compliant.

 Carbon frames are considered strong in terms of ratio strength, assuring you of long-term durability.

 The decision between the two is based on your requirements.

Can Aluminum Frame Be Welded?

If you’re a pro, you can weld an aluminum frame, but keep in mind that the heat employed weakens that particular portion.

It is possible to weld a fractured aluminum frame, but you should be aware that it is expensive and time-consuming.

However, the welded frame will become too heavy and impossible to weld in other cases.

Welding on top of an existing weld is not possible because the entire area is affected and weak.

welding aluminum frame-min

Welding aluminum frame

 A filler patch will be required, which can be done by a welding specialist or if you are an expert.

It’s also worth noting that the area surrounding the weld will be stripped of paint, coating, and possibly other features, requiring repainting or recoating.

The welded section may also not last for a long time, as the frame’s other components may eventually fail.

You’ll have a hard time finding a workshop ready to weld aluminum frames due to cost and liability costs.

How To Screw Into Aluminum Frame

self tapping screw

Self tapping screw

Self-tapping stainless steel screws are the ideal screws to use on aluminum.

 Self-tapping screws don’t require predrilling and can be quickly removed without causing damage to the metal; you can reuse the screws reused.

 The screws have a sharp head and are long enough to prevent denting in thin metals like aluminum.

Drilling holes for screws

Drilling holes for screws

Take a look at how you can screw into an aluminum frame.

  1. Clamp the aluminum to the table with a clamp.
  2. Place the screw directly on the aluminum sheet.
  3. To prevent the screw from tilting while going in, make sure it is stable before twisting it into the aluminum.
  4. Continue turning it all the way through, allowing the thread and sharp tip to make their holes.
  5. To minimize screw breakage and aluminum damage, don’t over-tighten the screw.

What Is Butted Aluminum Frame?

When it comes to improving the strength of aluminum walls, butting alters the thickness of the walls.

There are three kinds of butting: 

  • Single butted: One end of the tube is thicker , another side is thinner than it than the other. At the junction with another tube, it could provide strength providing strength
  • Double-butted: The two sides of end are thicker, which  could provide additional strength for these two sides. The middle part is thinner to reduce weight.
  • Triple butted: There are three different kinds of wall thicknessin this instance.

Can Aluminum Frames Be Hung With Wire?

Yes, you can use wire to hang aluminum frames.

You can use a variety of wire kinds, but galvanized steel wire is the best.

The galvanized steel wire is zinc-coated to keep it from rusting.

You can also utilize stainless steel wire, which is a steel-chromium alloy.

The mixture inhibits rusting and corrosion of the wire and staining of the aluminum frame.

Regardless of the steel you pick for your wire; it must be twisted or braided.

Braided wire is more flexible, and twisted wire is more robust but less flexible.

wire kit for aluminum frame

Wire kit for aluminum frame

Can A Bent Aluminum Frame Be Straightened?

Straightening a bent aluminum frame is not recommended.

 When the aluminum frame bends, it will crack, and straightening it will cause it to break even more.

 You can straighten it as much as you can if it’s a little break and you need to bend it back.

 Place it on a flat surface, preferably concrete, and straighten it as it heats up.

 You can use a rubber mallet hammer to eliminate irregularities from bent aluminum.

Can A Car Frame Be Aluminum?

 Because of the numerous advantages of aluminum, most cars currently on the road have aluminum frames.

 Aluminum, a lightweight metal, will reduce the weight of your vehicle, making it easier for you to control your vehicle’s steering and brakes on the road.

When you drive a lightweight vehicle, your fuel consumption decreases, saving you money on gas.

An aluminum body frame may absorb more energy from a crash than a steel body frame.

Because iron is heavier, aluminum has supplanted it as the preferred material.

Aluminum car rim

Aluminum car rim

Can Aluminum Frame Support Weight?

Yes, the weight may be supported by an aluminum frame.

 Although aluminum is a lightweight material, manufacturers construct thicker and larger frames to withstand the weight.

 Aluminum frames can withstand weights of up to 360 pounds.

 Most manufacturers include a load tolerance limit, which you should adhere to.

Which Is Better Alloy Or Aluminum Frame?

An alloy is a metal that has been combined with other chemical elements to increase qualities such as stiffness and strength.

Aluminum frames do not have a fatigue limit, so even minor stresses will cause them to break.

While alloy is malleable and can be molded in any way, aluminum is not so flexible and can break if pushed too far.

 Alloy frames corrode but do not rust, whereas aluminum frames do not rust but are highly corroded.

 While an alloy will not break suddenly, aluminum will crack and break under any stress without warning.

 The cost of an aluminum frame is higher than an alloy frame.

 Aluminum frames are sturdier than alloy frames.

What Is The HS Code For Aluminum Frame?

The HS Code for the Aluminum frames are

  1. Imports
  • 7610- Aluminum structures
  • 76101000- windows, doors, and their frames
  • 76109030- Aluminum plates, rods, profiles, tubes
  • 7616-Other articles of Aluminum
  • 9606-prefabricated buildings
  1. Exports
  • 83063000- photograph, picture, or similar frames, mirrors

How To Assemble Your Custom Aluminum Frame

In today’s world of interior design, aluminum frames are becoming the norm.

 They’re beautiful, and customizing your aluminum frame is simple.

  • Gather your materials

Prepare the four frame pieces, a bag of screws, and a screwdriver.

Assembling should be done on a flat, soft surface to avoid scratching the aluminum frame.

Arrange the four pieces on the surface as you want to fix them.

  • Put the four pieces

Use your screws to secure the corners; don’t tighten them too much at first.

Slide the picture in between the channels before screwing the last component.

If you use glass, use plexiglass which is the best for metals as regular glass will break.

Fix the screws for the final component and the remaining frame simultaneously.

You can now tighten the screws while double-checking that the frame is in place.

  • Install hangers

Install hangers on the channels’ vertical sides.

Hangers should be placed about a third or a fourth of the way down from the top.

Make sure the spring clips are appropriately positioned along the frame’s edges.

The springs will keep the frame’s content from sliding from front to back.

Do You Prefer A Steel Or An Aluminum Frame For Your Guns?

Aluminum is lighter than steel, making it excellent if you don’t want to carry a heavier gun.

Aluminum is considered versatile and less expensive, so consider buying an aluminum gun if you don’t want to spend a lot on buying a gun.

On the other hand, steel is more durable and stronger than aluminum.

Steel is a better choice for handling automatic slide recoiling into the flame.

Aluminum guns are more popular, but it also depends on the type of activity you wish to do.

Steel, unlike aluminum, does not rust quickly and scratches rarely.

Most people believe that steel gun frames are superior to aluminum sun frames, but it depends on your intended use for the weapon.

aluminum gun

Aluminum gun

Which Is More Comfortable, A Bicycle With A Steel Or Aluminum Frame?

Choosing the appropriate material for your bike can make a big difference, especially while you’re out on the road.

Although steel and aluminum have differing qualities, both are acceptable materials for bicycle frames.

Steel frames are prone to flex, making them less rigid.

When riding on a bumpy road, the steel has less stiffness, which allows it to absorb shock and vibration.

When you hit a pothole, you don’t feel the impact, and your arm doesn’t feel the vibrations.

Steel frames can withstand any type of impact, such as denting, scratching, or bending, without losing structural integrity.

A steel-framed bicycle can withstand impact better than an aluminum-framed bicycle.

stainless steel frame

Stainless steel frame

Because aluminum is fragile, it tends to break on impact.

 A steel frame makes it easier to alter various parts on your bicycle since it bends more easily to accommodate adjustments.

When you require welding services, finding someone who can weld your steel frame is more manageable than finding someone who can weld aluminum, which might be difficult.

Steel triumphs over aluminum bicycle frame any day for bicycle frames.

What Golf Carts Have Aluminum Frames?

Only one offers golf carts with aluminum frames among the three well-known companies.

The other two businesses, both competitors, make golf carts with steel frames.

The golf carts with aluminum frames have smooth suspension systems and do not rust.

Aluminum-framed golf carts are highly recommended in humid environments since they are resistant to wear and strain.

Because they are low in weight, they are easier to maneuver through even the most difficult situations, and they travel faster.

aluminum golf carts

Aluminum Golf Carts

Club car golf carts come in a variety of styles.

  • Onward lifted four passengers.
  • Onward two passengers
  • Club car new
  • Adjusting wheel
  • Villagers 2+2 LSV

How Can I Electrify An Aluminum Frame House?

While aluminum isn’t ideal for electrical wiring in your home, there are a few things you can do to make it safe.

  • A single wire coming from the panel should not carry too much load, i.e., don’t use the single wire to power multiple rooms.
  • Consider adopting LED lights that run at a lower temperature.
  • Add a smidgeon of copper to the connection at the end of the Aluminum wire.
  • Receptacles that are safe for Aluminum wiring should be installed.

How Do You Remove An Aluminum Frame From A Brick Wall?

Before the brick wall covering the outer wall is erected, builders usually add aluminum frames on the wood frames.

Without removing the brick walls, removing the windows and doors becomes impossible.

But it is still doable, and here’s how to go about it:

  1. Remove the sashes and doors from the window frames and door hinges.
  2. Insert a pry bar behind the window or door taps with a hammer, making sure to remove every hardware until you reach the Aluminum frame.
  3. Cut the caulk seal around the inside of the aluminum frame with a utility knife with a sharp blade.
  4. Remove mortar and any grout between the aluminum frame and the brick aluminum frame with a chisel and a hammer.
  5. You can bend the metal frame toward the outside with a pry bar or tap it with a hammer until it bends towards the brick.
  6. Slide a metal cutting blade-equipped reciprocating saw between the wall sheathing and the bent frame.
  7. Cut any studs, sheathing, metal screws, and nails holding the frames together.
  8. Pry the center of the door or window frame to release the aluminum frame.
  9. Pry the remaining sides apart.

Could You Produce Anodized Aluminum Frames?

You’ll need to do the following if you want to anodize aluminum parts at home:

  • Collect together all the items you need like

 ➔         a tub to submerge your aluminum pieces,

➔         some aluminum pieces,

➔          special dye for anodizing for better results,

➔         baking soda,

➔          rubber gloves,

➔         distilled water to fill your tub,

➔         battery acid,

➔         lye,

➔         two cathodes,

➔         constant supply of 20 volts,

➔         degreaser product

➔         roll of aluminum wire.

anodised aluminum parts

Anodized aluminum parts

  • Clean the metal with soap and water, then use a degreaser to remove any remaining oil.
  • In a tub, combine equal parts of water and battery acid.
  • Turn on your power source and connect your aluminum wires to your power supply.
  • After 45 minutes, remove the power supply and mix your color.
  • In a warm dye bath, place the aluminum pieces.
  • Remove the metal piece from the bath and soak it in hot water for 30 minutes before extracting the components and drying them.

      NB: Things that you need to note are:

  • Pour the water first, then the acid, and cover any spills with baking powder.
  • When dealing with acid, use a respirator or a mask, and if you have a fan, turn it on to ventilate the space.

  • Before turning on the power supply, make sure the area around your tub is absolutely dry and that your body is entirely covered.

Which Accessories Will Be Better When I Want To Buy Public Lockers, An Aluminum Frame Or Stainless Steel?

If you’re looking for durability and affordability, stainless steel is a better option.

These two characteristics will be critical where the lockers are used frequently and subjected to abuse.

Because stainless steel is nonporous, it’s simple to clean and maintain.

Stainless steel public lockers are more resistant to corrosion and rust than aluminum lockers.

stainless steel lockers

Stainless steel lockers

When a stainless steel frame has been subjected to heavy use, removing graffiti and buffing any scuffs or scratches is simple.

Stainless steel retains its luster and shines even after extended use.

Stainless steel can be reused or recycled once the public lockers are no longer in use.



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