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Aluminum gate frames have a high resistance to corrosion and strong mechanical properties. Because of this, aluminum is an excellent material to use when making products that are exposed to the elements. 

Examples of such items include: railings, window frames and doors, roofs, automobile parts and much more. Another advantage of aluminum is that it can be molded into many shapes while still retaining its strength. 

This allows for stronger construction that can withstand greater loads than its steel counterparts.

Lightweight aluminum gate frames add a nice touch of design to your wrought fence. 

They are easier to install and maintain than traditional steel frames, and they also allow you to build custom gates without requiring any welding or cutting. 

Aluminum frames are versatile enough to fit any home or business gate.

Aluminum Gate Frame

Our aluminum gate frame is a smart choice for any gate, fence or enclosure. It’s lightweight, yet durable and rust resistant. 

Don’t waste valuable time welding canisters together when our aluminum gate frame sets up quickly and easily with fewer connections. 

They are affordable and come with a limited lifetime warranty against rust perforation.

Aluminum gate frames are the strongest and most durable option you can use to replace your old wooden or steel gate frame. 

Aluminum has been proven to last longer than most other materials, which means that you won’t have to spend time, money, and effort on new gate frames any time soon.

Aluminum Gate Frame


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Aluminum Sliding Gate Frame
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Aluminum Turnstile Gate Frame
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Aluminum Swing Gate Frame
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Aluminum Retractable Security Gate Frame
Aluminum Retractable Security Gate Frame
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LW: Aluminum Gate Frame Experts

Competitive aluminum gate frame pricing.

We are the best aluminum gate frame manufacturer because we offer competitive pricing and outstanding customer service to every customer. We'll answer questions, help you decide on the right gate frame style and materials, and deliver your completed order within our promised timeframes.

Stringent quality control and processes.

Aluminum gate frames are a popular choice for builders and architects who want a sturdy and durable yet lightweight component that can be worked into virtually any design. The aluminum gate frames we produce at our factory are always made in line with the most stringent quality and production standards. As a result, these products are durable, reliable and stylish.

Our craftsmanship lasts.

Aluminum gate frames are popular in the market because aluminum is light and strong, but cost-effective. This makes it easy to operate the gates, especially if they have a large proportion of glass to the frame. It also makes them very popular as they are aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable.

We save you time and money.

Aluminum Gate Frames by LW are made with 100% aluminum. This means they are the strongest and most durable gate frames possible. If you want the best, there is no comparison to aluminum gate frames which will last for decades, saving you money and looking great at the same time

Aluminum Gate Frame

Wholesale Aluminum Gate Frame in China

Longevity is a guarantee.

 They are very durable and will never rust or corrode so your gate will stay looking good for years to come. They do not need as much maintenance or upkeep as other materials have to have so you won’t be spending money on repairs all the time either. Plus these frames are strong enough that you can place them against walls without worry

Protect your friends and family while looking nice.

Aluminum gate frames are the ultimate choice for homeowners who want to protect their homes from outside intruders. For decades, aluminum gate frames have been the best thing that happened to homeowners all over the world. They ensure safety and security for your family members, pets and property. You can use them both indoors and outdoors.

Common Aluminum Gate Frame Applications

Aluminum Gate Frame for Decorational Applications
Decorational Applications
Aluminum Gate Frame for Residential Areas
Residential Areas
Aluminum Gate Frame for Suburbs
Suburban Areas

LW: Manufacturing Aluminum Gate Frame Experts

LW is recognized as the world leader in aluminum gate frames. We manufacture high end, decorative aluminum gate frames at a fraction of the cost of steel and iron. 

Our unique, patent pending designs are both beautiful and functional. Our aluminum gate frames are made from 6061-T6 aluminum extrusion that is much stronger than standard tubing.

Our aluminum gate frame is a durable, high-quality product that is designed to help you get your job done with ease. 

Are you looking for Aluminum Gate Frames? LW Metal Fabrication is a leading expert in manufacturing custom Aluminum gate frames. 

Our gate frames are built to last and feature superior workmanship. We offer a wide range of colors, shapes, styles, and sizes that will complement any home, building or business.

Before choosing an aluminum gate frame manufacturer you need to make sure that they have quality control programs in place, will guarantee their work and lastly offer a great range of services at an affordable price.

When you think of aluminum, images of long-lasting and long-used items are what may come to your mind. This is because aluminum is such an amazing material! In fact, you can find it in airplanes, boats and even in high performance cars. 

It makes sense then that people would want a gate frame made out of this durable but lightweight metal. Why should you choose aluminum gate frames? For one thing,

If you have questions about our products details and service, you could  feel free to contact us at any time!