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The rapid advancement in people’s lifestyles has given rise to substituting the Iron gates with appealing yet reliable aluminum gate. Gone are the days of heavy and rusted iron gates. 

The modern houses are adorned with stylish and polished aluminum gates to add beauty. And we, LW manufacturers, truly understand the art of aluminum. We are honored to produce the finest quality gates for any purpose.

We make sure to consider the demands and requirements of the consumers while making the aluminum gate. 

We further customize the gates according to the nature of use and climatic conditions. We also provide the service of making customized aluminum gates per the customer’s requirements.

Varieties of Aluminum Gate

We provide different styles to meet your diversified needs.

Driveway Double Aluminum Gate

It is the most popular choice for residential use. This stranded gate is made with two doors opening outward. It is preferred for larger openings.

Free-Standing Sliding Aluminum Gate

The free-standing sliding gate is designed for industrial use with a high opening frequency. It has high corrosion resistance with low maintenance and longer service life.

Vertical Sliding Aluminum Gate
Vertical Sliding Aluminum Gate

The vertical sliding gate is specifically for sites with insufficient space around the entrance for opening. It has a smooth up and down movement with steel counterweights along the vertical support to balance the weight of the gate.

Glass Sliding Aluminum Gate

This trendy and eye-catching aluminum and glass infusion gate has glass panels installed and is a pure blend of beauty and elegance.

Folding Aluminum Gate
Folding Aluminum Gate

It is a collapsible gate operating through a rail with two wheels and two gates to open or close. It’s your choice to open the single door to enter or collapse it entirely for the vehicle’s entry.

Farm Aluminum Gate
Farm Aluminum Gate

This gate is mainly used for restricting the territory of your farm or land. They are wider to allow the entry of large vehicles.

Benefits of Using LW Aluminum Gate


The affordability factor is one of the leading reasons for the aluminum gate to be the best option. They give you the look same as its costly metal competitors at lower prices.


We have come up with various aluminum gate designs and colors to choose from. Depending on your taste and preferred style, you can opt for a more classical look or an ornamental one.


Thanks to their light-weightiness, LW aluminum gates are easy to install and are easier to open and close, thus reducing the pressure on the base structure.


LW Aluminum gate offers maximum security and protection, especially with spear toppers to keep the intruders away. They are also strong enough to resist the forced attempts.


The aluminum gate is counted among the most reliable metal gate as neither has it deteriorated over time, unlike wood and iron, nor is it affected by sunlight and humidity.


Unlike iron, the aluminum gate does not rust and can stand up to the rough and harsh weather conditions for decades, and the coatings applied to them are far more vibrant and durable than paint.

LW Aluminum Gate Stands Out

  • Solution to Almost Every need

We manufacture aluminum gates that may be swinging, sliding, or folding and are mainly used for driveways and main entrances. 

  • Uniqueness and Customization

Each and every detail of the gate is unique and even tailor-made as per your requirements.

  • Your reliable choice

The entire manufacturing process is carried out with utmost care and dedication so that the finished product speaks of quality and reliability. 

  • Thickness

The thickness of the gates vary from 70 mm to 160 mm.


Applications Of Aluminum Gate

Aluminum Gate for Residential Houses
Residential Houses
Aluminum Gates for Hotels and Inns
Hotels And Inns
Aluminum Gate for Hospitals
Industrial Units
Aluminum Gate for School
Schools And Colleges
Aluminum Gate for Restaurants
Aluminum Gate for Farms or Lands
Farms Or Lands

Why Choose LW Manufactures For Aluminum Gate?

The broader range of types and finishes offered by us has made it an excellent yet economical choice of masses. We have expert customer service readily available to give you a detailed and customized solution to your queries.

LW is at your disposal to customize the gates regarding the thickness and dimensions according to your specifications. Our vast experience and expertise are fair enough to gain your trust. 

You can always count on LW for the solution to your quest for the best aluminum gates in the market.

Feel free to contact our sales team for more queries.

High Quality Aluminum Gate Manufacturer

Do you look forward to revamp the exterior of your house with a nice looking aluminum gate? Or, looking to start aluminum gate business? 

In any case, there are a lot of designs and factors to consider!

Well, this FAQ guide should be taken a look for at once and your questions about aluminum gate would all be answered here.

Aluminum Gate - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are Aluminum Gates Strong?

Aluminum gates are strong but obviously, you cannot compare their strength with steel gates. Steel gates are very heavy too hence; aluminum offers to be a suitable light weight and strength oriented alternative.

These gates would have a very long life and even after being installed for years and years it won’t look old, steel will offer more strength but pulling the gate becomes difficult with steel due to its excessive weight.

Are Aluminum Gates Better Than Wood?

Yes, they are! Wooden gates look beautiful and their sight is pretty much attractive as compared to aluminum gates. However, they require continuous maintenance and despite that, they are easily corroded.

Wooden gates demand high maintenance and aluminum gates may work for years and years even if not or very less maintenance is conducted, hence aluminum gates are better than wooden ones.

In addition, there is no impact of weather on aluminum gates, whereas the wooden gates are very badly impacted with the changing weather and especially in the places where rainfall is common wooden gates rot quickly.

Aluminum Gates Better than Wood

Aluminum Gates Better Than Wood

How To Fix A Sagging Aluminum Fence Gate?

Aluminum gates are durable, but due to the force of gravity, they do face some sort of sagging as they are pulled downwards. Well, you can easily fix them back using a few of these tips suggested below:

  • Fixing the Wires

Sagged aluminum gates usually have broken wires to be fixed. If your aluminum gate also has these wires losing out or in a broken condition, first remove them and replace with new ones fixing them properly.

Wherever there is a break in the wires use double wires to fix that by bending and twisting them properly and use a hammer to tighten the joint.

  • Welding Metal Pieces

In case your aluminum gate also has some worn out metal pieces coming out of the gate, make sure to weld them back and fill in those empty spaces to give the gate a proper structure back again.

  • Fixing the Hinge

In most of the cases, aluminum gate hinges tend to get either loose or damaged. In case if your aluminum gate hinge is loose make sure to fix it back by tightening the hinge on the gate as well as on the gatepost.

In case if the aluminum gate hinge has totally been damaged you may need to replace it as well.

  • Paint the Gate

Lastly, when you are done with all the replacements and welding you will need to paint your aluminum gate. The wires, metal pieces and hinges will all be giving an uneven and prominent look and to blend them painting is necessary.

Sagged Aluminum Gate

Sagged Aluminum Gate

How To Adjust Aluminum Fence Gate?

Adjusting aluminum fence gate requires adjusting the hinges, this account for hinges on the fence gate as well as on the gatepost.

  • You need to first check and measure the difference between the hinges that need adjustment and then you can decide about their position.
  • First, unscrew the hinge on the gatepost and slide it upward or downward depending upon the required adjustment according to the hinge on the aluminum gate, screw it back as soon as it is adjusted.
  • Now, similarly you have to unscrew the hinge on the fence gate, adjust it as well by sliding it outward or inward as per required position and fix it back by screwing it.

This is how you can easily adjust your aluminum gate that is featured with a fence layout and all you need is a good screwdriver only.

Adjusting Aluminum Fence Gate

Adjusting Aluminum Fence Gate

How To Install An Aluminum Gate?

Aluminum gate may easily be installed in no time, there are different techniques over which this installation process may depend upon and the most common ones are discussed below:

How To Install Aluminum Driveway Gate?

You can install your driveway gate by following these steps:

  • Measurements are very important for installation of aluminum gates because the width of your gate, the opening space everything matters a lot when you are installing an aluminum driveway gate.

               Make sure to take measurements and mark positions for the installation of gateposts.

  • You will be required to dig holes for the gateposts; these are going to be very deep holes so that they give a strong post structure to hold sufficient gate weight.
  • The distance between the two gateposts will be highly dependent upon the width of your gate and this job should be done very carefully.
  • Once the holes are ready you will be required to fix the gate posts, this you will do using concrete as this amounts to be the most strength oriented approach for the installation of gate posts.
  • Next, you have to install the latches and hinges over which your gate will be fixed; you should at this point decide whether your gate would open inwards or outwards because you will install hardware accordingly.
  • After you have installed the hinges now with the help of a screwdriver anchor your hinges with the aluminum gate and fix it properly.
  • Make sure your gate is fastened properly and tightly along with all the latches and hinges.

 How To Install Aluminum Fence Gate?

Installation of aluminum fence gates also requires posts to be installed at first, also before you attach the fence gates to your posts make sure the concrete is hard and settled in.

Before you start fixing the fence gate, make sure you have the right installation hardware around you. Start fixing the latches on the posts and before you do this assess the swing of the gate if it is inward or outward.

Fit in the fence with the gateposts by anchoring it to the hinges, move your gate in the swing direction and check if it is moving properly.

How To Install Aluminum Gate With Three Inch Gap?

The process of installing the aluminum gate with a three inch gap is not much different as compared to the usual installation of an aluminum gate.

In order to achieve this gap you may use a three inch collar for the gate as well as the post along with its bolt set. You may use screws to fix in with the hinges so that it is fastened properly.

This collar must be fixed with the post as well as gate accordingly so that the gap between the post and the gate of three inches may be achieved.

Installing Aluminum Gate

Installing Aluminum Gate

Are Aluminum Gate Elbows Toxic?

No, aluminum gate elbows are non-toxic. If you compare aluminum elbows with other kinds like steel, they have several advantages. Along with being light in weight, they are made in a very non-toxic manner.

Can I Use a Galvanized Chain Link On My Aluminum Gate?

Yes, installing a galvanized chain link on your aluminum gate is a good approach. It will give a very uplifted look to your gate and also being galvanized it won’t damage your post in any way.

Chain Link on Aluminum Gate

 Chain Link on Aluminum Gate

Could A Wood Post Support An Aluminum Gate?

Wood post won’t be a suitable choice to consider when it comes to supporting an aluminum gate. Aluminum is a strong material and needs a strong post as well.

Whereas, wood has a natural and aesthetically appealing look but is not as durable as concrete or metal. As the time passes on wood will rot and therefore it won’t be able to hold your aluminum gate.

Wood Post for Aluminum Gate

Wood Post for Aluminum Gate

How To Hang An Aluminum Gate To A Wood Post?

To hang an aluminum gate on the wooden post you will need to follow these steps:

  • On the pre-installed wooden gate post, drill the holes for installing the aluminum bolts on the wooden posts and start attaching them to the post once the holes are drilled.
  • You will have to install the bolts on the wooden posts at two places one would be at the top and one at the bottom of the post.
  • The aluminum gate will also have a bolt attached and this will be fastened with the collar installed on the wooden post.

This is how an aluminum gate can be attached to a wooden post and make sure to check it by swinging it in the direction of opening.

How To Attach Hinge To Aluminum Gate?

You can attach a hinge to an aluminum gate very easily; make sure to have a screwdriver, hinges and screws to carry out this entire task.

  • First of all, decide where you have to install hinges on the gate and mark the positions.
  • Keep your hinge at the marked position and at the places where you have to fix screws mark those points on the place of installation.
  • Remove the hinges and start drilling the points.
  • After you have drilled them, secure hinges with the screws and they are all set to hold the aluminum gate.

Attaching Hinge on Aluminum Gate

Attaching Hinge on Aluminum Gate

How To Attach Aluminum Fence To A Roll Gate?

In order to attach aluminum fence to a roll gate you need an angle to be attached on the gate and mounted with the fence. This helps rolling the gate on the sides of the fence.

Make sure you have also installed a stopper on one side so that your rolling gate has a limit to be stopped on one side or else it will keep on rolling.

Attaching Fence to Rolling Aluminum Gate

Attaching Fence to Rolling Aluminum Gate

How To Make An Aluminum Gate?

To make an aluminum gate you need to first analyze whether you need an aluminum fence gate or the aluminum sheet gate.  After you have decided it, you can easily install the gates.

  • The very first thing is installing the post; post is the main structure over which your gate will be dependent upon.
  • You can have a concrete post, wooden post or metal post whichever you think is suitable for you.
  • While creating posts make sure, there are no drainage lines under the ground where you will be digging the holes for posts.
  • Now attach bolts on the posts by fixing them with the screws and attach collars as well. Similarly, you need to attach the same bolts on the gate as well which is going to fix in with the posts.
  • When you are done with attaching the bolts on the posts and the gate, fix them together. You need to first make a decision of opening the direction of the gate too before you fix the hinges and bolts.
  • To incorporate the gap between gate post and aluminum gate make sure you have attached the latch and collar accordingly.

How To Paint Aluminum Gate?

Painting an aluminum gate will bring a new aesthetic look to it and to do so you can follow these steps suggested below:

  • Prepare the Gate Surface

You cannot immediately start painting the aluminum gate; you need to prepare the surface first. Make sure to remove any rust or old paint using a wire brush and wash it thoroughly, let it dry completely.

  • Application of Primer

It is very important to prime every surface before you paint. Primer brings a new and improved finish to it and also allows improving the lifespan of the paint, making sure the prime coat dries completely before you paint.

  • Application of Paint

Lastly, when your gate is primed and is dry completely, you can start off with the painting task and make sure it gets dried before touching or using it.

Painting Aluminum Gate

 Painting Aluminum Gate

What Is Better A Steel Gate Or Aluminum Gate?

Aluminum gate and steel gate, both of these have their own pros and cons. If you consider having a gate in terms of strength, you may choose to have a steel gate.

However, if you need something non-corrosive and light weight aluminum gate offers to be a suitable option.

Many people these days prefer installing an aluminum gate because these are far much better in several ways especially in terms of weight; you don’t have to apply force in opening and closing the gate.

Will My Aluminum Gate Work With A Magnetic Door Stopper?

Yes, a magnetic door stopper will work very well with an aluminum gate. In fact, installing it will protect the wall behind the gate as well as the aluminum gate.

Especially for the driveway gates, having a magnetic door stopper would be very helpful because you won’t need someone to hold the gate while the car is being driven out and the stopper does the job.

Magnetic Door Stopper for aluminum Gate

Magnetic Door Stopper for Aluminum Gate

How Much Are Aluminum Gates?

The cost of aluminum gate may vary depending upon the style you choose, whether it is a basic fence gate or a sliding one.

However, the price may range between $150 to $800 for the material and installation cost is separate that will be charged by the contractor who will install the gate.

How To Make Louvers For Aluminum Gates?

If you want to have a nice looking aluminum gate and at the same time wish to maintain your privacy, you can make the use of an aluminum gate with louvers.

To make this you can easily use the usual aluminum gate frame structure and in the middle of that border install the louvers in slant position; you need to drill the holes in the border keeping this slant position in mind.

The louvers should have sufficient length to cover the vertical height of the gate and make sure to secure them properly on the upper side as well as lower side.

Louvres for Aluminum Gate

Louvers for Aluminum Gate

Are Aluminum Gates Any Good?

Aluminum gates prove to be an excellent choice for several reasons, they have a long lasting life span and this makes them more desirable.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about them being corroded with time or getting brittle during the change of weather. You can actually use them for years and years with no or very less wear and tear.

Aluminum gates are very much suitable in the areas where rainfall is common, as these aluminum gates do not take away the pressure of moisture.

Other kinds of materials may rot in no time due to moisture or mildew or mold growing over them.

How Much Does An Aluminum Gate Weigh?

Considering the weight of aluminum gates, it may be around 8.3lbs/ft. This weight may vary a little by being higher or lower depending upon the style chosen and obviously the size.

Will An Aluminum Gate Rust?

Aluminum gates are chosen for their anti-rust property. They are made with powder coat paint which doesn’t let them rust so easily. However, other metals like steel do rust over a period of time but aluminum doesn’t rust.

Will Aluminum Gate Rust

Aluminum Gate

How Do I Reduce The Noise Of An Aluminum Gate?

Noise production in aluminum gates could be due to many reasons, sometimes the hinges and other moving parts end up making a noise and sometimes it is any damage on the gate that produces the noise.

You must at least once in a year lubricate your gate’s moving parts. However, before you do so make sure to remove any old lubricant if present and then apply a new coat.

Even after lubrication if your gate doesn’t stop making noise check for the damages if any. Sometimes the damages on the part of the gate also cause noises.

There may be certain ends of the gates that need any sort of grinding and grating as it helps reduce the noise. 

Can I Get a Matching Fence with My Aluminum Gate?

Yes, to complete your outlook in a single tone you can get your fence matched with an aluminum gate. The fencing in that case is being fabricated with the same paint as your aluminum gate has.

 Matching Fence with Aluminum Gate

Matching Fence with Aluminum Gate

Are Aluminum Gates Environment Friendly?

Yes! When installing an aluminum gate you can be rest assured that you will be investing in an environmentally friendly product. The aluminum material meets sustainability guidelines very well.

Are Aluminum Gates Sturdy?

The strength and sturdiness of aluminum gates as compared to any other metal is exceptional. They are very strong, long lasting and tough to deal with almost all sorts of weather conditions.

The best thing about these gates is that they offer security as well and are not easy to break or damage for theft or robbery at all. They will be capable of protecting your property very well.

Sturdiness of Aluminum Gate

Sturdiness of Aluminum Gate

What are the Advantages of Choosing Driveway Aluminum Gates?

Driveway gate selection needs to be on point and should be done very carefully, since you have to open and close them every now and then, a lot of things require consideration.

Choosing aluminum gates for driveway proves to be a beneficial approach for several reasons.

  • Aluminum is very light in weight, so when you have to open and shut the gate again and again you don’t have to exert much force, you can easily do the job without any hassle.
  • Consistent opening and closing of the gate doesn’t wear out the aluminum gate, you can comfortably move them without worrying about its deterioration or the deterioration of any of its hinges.
  • Weather conditions do not affect aluminum gates at all, so you can always be comfortable with the idea that your aluminum gate will stay in the same condition no matter what the weather condition is.

    Driveway Aluminum Gate

    Driveway Aluminum Gate

How To Keep Aluminum Gates Clean?

Since aluminum gates are rust free, you don’t have to worry about using water over it at all. In order to keep your aluminum gates shiny and clean you can wash them whenever you want.

You can also mix lukewarm water in a dish cleaning soap and clean your aluminum gate using a soft sponge, after that rinsing the aluminum gate would leave it sparkling clean. In addition, it won’t rust in any way, so it’s suitable.

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