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LW aluminum gazebo is specially manufactured for you in order that you can have benefit of natural surroundings while maximizing consolation and versatility. Moreover they can be effectively disassembled for ease of cleaning, upkeep and storage.

It provides you with an outstanding open-air sitting area , a magnificent centerpiece that provide you both taste of classics and modern style along with increase your outdoor living area. Our disposition extend extends to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.

With our team of technicians we provide you with reliable services, great stable aluminum gazebo with the perfect aesthetic sense. Create aluminum gazebo that can be fit and can give elegant look to different-sized areas.

LW aluminum gazebo has characteristic plan, competitive price and realistic execution so make sure to choose us.


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Types of Aluminum Gazebo From LW

Aluminum Folly Gazebo
Aluminum Folly Gazebo

It doesn’t provide shade and folly gazebo is a merely decorative piece and it is mostly place in gardens where tulip and vines can climb on it giving it more aesthetic look.

Aluminum Rotunda Gazebo
Aluminum Rotunda Gazebo

Aluminum Rotunda gazebo is a kind of building having circular design and a dome. All of its beauty lies in its structured domed roof that is supported by simple rounded pillars. It is mostly found in public parks.

Aluminum Pavilion Gazebo
Aluminum Pavilion Gazebo

Pavilion gazebo is mostly octagonal in shape but also available in rectangular and oval-shaped or can be costumed according to your wish. One can enjoy fresh air as it is open-sided. They can be used for outdoor dining.

Aluminum Pergola Gazebo
Aluminum Pergola gazebo

They are a little different type of gazebo as they don’t have a floor and standing on a series of vertical post. Further it has a slatted roof that allows sunlight to shine so it is mostly used to provide partial shelter on garden and pathways.

Aluminum Pagoda Gazebo

Pagoda gazebo is a Japanese style gazebo suitable to sit, relax or meditate. It has oriental style with its pointed roof.

Advantages of Aluminum Gazebo From LW

There are many features of aluminum gazebo that made it the best option.

Less Maintenance

LW aluminum gazebo offers worry-free construction with no need of maintenance as it don’t fragment or decay, no need to worry about attack of termites or pest infestation, withstand extreme climate conditions.

Easy Installation

As aluminum gazebo are lighter in weight but that doesn’t means that they are weak in contrast to that they are sturdy and are very easy to install. No large amount of labor is required they are easily carried and fixed.


Aluminum gazebo is an economical choice than the steel and wood ones as it doesn’t require any maintenance and is long-lasting, less labor is required to install so it definitely saves your money.

Timeless beauty

For opulence aluminum gazebo is the best choice because no other material can compete with it in flexibility, excellence, strength and beauty.

High Quality Aluminum Gazebo Manufacturer

LW provides you with different shapes and color of gazebo with various roofing and flooring options that suits your taste.

  • Shapes:

Aluminum gazebos are commonly manufactured in following shapes: rounded, square, hexagon (six-sided), rectangular, oblong, octagonal (eight-sided). These are the most known shapes for gazebo’s and can also be costumed according to your desire.

  • Gazebo Size:

The most standard size is 3m*3m but available in wide range of sizes depending on you that how many people you want to accommodate in it. It ranges from 3m*2m, 3m* 6m, 4m*4m to 12m*12m with seating capacity of 4-7, 12-15, 20-23 to 27-30 while standing capacity of 6-9, 15-18, 24-27 to 49-52. So you can choose as per your requirement.

Applications of Aluminum Gazebo

Aluminum Gazebo for family gatherings
Family Gatherings
Aluminum Gazebo for outdoor dining
Outdoor Dining
Aluminum Gazebo for wedding venue
Wedding Venue
Aluminum Gazebo for swimming pool
Swimming Pool
Aluminum Gazebo for Garden
Aluminum Gazebo for Backyard
Aluminum Gazebo for Lake
Aluminum Gazebo for Beach

LW- Bona-fide Builders & Suppliers of Aluminum Gazebo from China

LW is providing its services from a long period of time. We are well recognized at national as well as at international level.

Our priority is to provide you with aluminum gazebo according to your setting and requirement with no compromise on the quality that’s why we have customers all over the world and we have earned and enjoying good reputation in many countries.

With our expert team of engineers and modern machinery provide you with such aluminum gazebo in which you and your guests can relax and enjoy fresh air, rain and sunny days of winter along with it increase the beauty of your place.

Feel free to contact us!

Aluminum Gazebos Manufacturer In China

Aluminum gazebos are beautiful structures that are normally placed outside so it’s important that you choose the best material and know to ask the important questions.

Here, we compile our most frequently asked questions when it comes to aluminum gazebos.

Aluminum Gazebos - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. Are Aluminum Gazebos Noisy?

Aluminum gazebos are made to be highly sturdy which could cause them to be quite loud especially when rain falls into it.

How noisy depends on your subjective definition of noisiness and the amount of rainfall.

2. Can I Put A Firepit Under My Aluminum Gazebo?

Firepit Under the Aluminum Gazebo

Fire Pit Under an Aluminum Gazebo

It is a frequent myth that you cannot place a campfire underneath an aluminum gazebo, however this is not true.

The only situation in which a firepit cannot be used is in an enclosed location due to a lack of sufficient ventilation, which might result in a fire.

The following measures should be taken while installing a campfire under an aluminum gazebo:

  • Before purchasing a fire pit, verify with your local authority about applicable rules and laws.
  • Ascertain that the gazebo with the fire pit is not next to overhanging branches, trees, or leaves, or that it is not directly adjacent to your house!
  • Always have a fire extinguisher on hand in case of an emergency.
  • Never leave children unaccompanied around a fire pit without you or another adult present.
  • If the fire pit is still blazing, never leave it alone.

Your gazebo’s ceiling may get discolored or break as a result of the heat created by the fire pit.

3. How To Fix Aluminum Gazebo Framing?

Aluminum Gazebo Framing

Aluminum Gazebo Framing

When armed with the necessary information, skills, and equipment, repairing your aluminum gazebo frame may be very gratifying and enjoyable.

The following are the procedures to take while bracing your aluminum gazebo:

  1. Begin by erecting the gazebo.

Before you can determine what you need, you must first determine what needs to be corrected.

Assemble your aluminum gazebo frame and examine for any issues.

  1. Begin collecting the necessary materials, equipment, and tools.

After examining and inspecting your gazebo, you’ll know what has to be repaired and what is wrong with it.

You will very certainly need a power drill, bolts, nuts, and other accessories, as well as a metal brace.

These supplies are available at most hardware stores.

  1. Begin assembling the metal gazebo frame.

Once you have gathered everything necessary, check the fractured joint once again. To secure the metal brace, you may either position it inside or outside the gazebo poles.

The first step is to ensure that the brace is in the proper location and to indicate the locations of the holes that need to be drilled. 

  1. Remove the brace.

Remove the brace once again and align the holes in both the frame and the brace.

When the project is complete, double-check that all the holes align. Bolts are now available to secure the bracing in place, allowing them to be utilized. 

Nuts secure the bolts. Then, determine if the gazebo can still be folded in the manner intended. 

  1. Re-tighten the bolts.

If everything is functioning properly, you may now re-tighten the bolts.

If your brace is built of hollow poles, avoid over tightening the bolts to the point of failure. When a pole is crushed, another point of vulnerability is introduced into the structure.

  1. Spray paint the brace.

When everything is complete, spray paint the brace to match the gazebo’s color. If it makes no difference to you, the task is completed.

4. How To Clean Aluminum Gazebos?

Cleaning an Aluminum Gazebo

Cleaning an Aluminum Gazebo

Cleaning your aluminum gazebos is an important thing to do to help maintain and keep things tidy and pretty.

Here are the steps you can follow to efficiently clean your aluminum gazebos:

  1. Get all the necessary equipment you can for cleaning.

Cleaning aluminum gazebos can be quite exhausting and time-consuming.

Having the required tools and equipment can easily speed up the process.

If you don’t know what to get, you can use your cleaning materials at home such as brushes or buckets.

  1. Prepare hot water.

Use warm water, a mild soap, and a delicate scrub brush to thoroughly clean the gazebo.

Pollen and grime may detract from the appearance of the gazebo or be detrimental to its health if not cleaned properly.

Spray the roof with water with an outdoor garden sprayer at least once a year.

  1. Inspect carefully both the interior and exterior.

In the spring and summer, inspect the interior and exterior of the gazebo for pests and webs once a month.

Remove webs using a long-handled broom. Spray nests, such as wasp nests, with an insecticide to eradicate them.

Allow the spray to operate for the specified period of time specified on the spray’s directions.

Before you use the broom to knock down the sprayed nest, check to see if there is any more activity.

  1. Protect the aluminum.

It is critical to safeguard the gazebo’s construction components.

Apply a waterproof sealant to an aluminum gazebo every two to four years to keep it dry.

Apply the sealant on the aluminum gazebo using a paintbrush.

The waterproof sealant fortifies and protects the aluminum gazebo against flaws.

5. How To Reinforce My Aluminum Gazebos?

Reinforced Gazebo

Reinforcing an Aluminum Gazebo

It’s important to reinforce your aluminum gazebos in case of natural extremities.

To keep your aluminum gazebo strong and reinforced, here are the steps you can take:

  1. Build a small deck around the aluminum gazebo.

Use 2-inch wood screws to attach your gazebo to it. Numerous gazebos have anchors that you may drive into the ground to secure your tent. These anchors will assist you in preventing your tent from shifting.

When the wind comes up, you can’t hold your gazebo in place because the soil is insufficiently sturdy.

  1. Secure the L-brackets.

Secure the L-brackets in place by gluing them to the frame’s upper corners. 

Numerous gazebos have their top parts fastened in place with very thin metal strips.

6. How To Paint On Aluminum Gazebos?

Although LW provides the coloring options already for aluminum gazebos, if you want to paint on your aluminum gazebos and change the color here are the steps you can take:

  1. Clean the aluminum gazebos thoroughly.

You can follow the steps as mentioned earlier.

  1. Choose the proper paint.

Preferably, latex paint is the way to go for aluminum gazebos.

Moreover, make sure to use the right color you want.

Painted Aluminum Gazebo

Painting on an Aluminum Gazebo

  1. Make sure that the weather is nice and clear.

Rain will make the pain drip and not turn out well.

  1. Apply primer.

Fill a roller pan halfway with primer before painting a gazebo, but do not fill the pan all the way to the top. Only enough to cover the bottom of the pan.

  1. Fill an empty paint can.

 Fill an empty paint can with about 2 or 3 inches of priming before painting with a brush. 

Dip a large brush into the paint until it covers approximately 2 inches of the bristles.

  1. Start brushing.

Use long, steady strokes to cover the whole surface. 

Before you begin painting, make sure the primer is completely dry.

At least two coats should be applied. 

Keep at least one gallon of paint on hand in your garage or basement in case the paint must be touched up.

7. How To Maintain Aluminum Gazebos?

If you care for and maintain your aluminum gazebos correctly, you can expect them to last a long time and be robust.

The following are some of the reasons why maintenance of your aluminum gazebos should be a top priority:

  • Maintaining your aluminum gazebos properly will keep them feeling fresh every day.
  • Your safety and security will be unaffected.
  • The gazebo’s accessories will endure a long time.
  • Your property’s worth will grow.

Properly Maintained Aluminum Gazebo

Properly Maintaining an Aluminum Gazebo

To effectively maintain your aluminum gazebos, follow these steps:

  1. Keep an eye out for rust.

Rust is the primary source of risk for a large number of structures, particularly metal ones. Although aluminum is rust-resistant, adequate maintenance is still necessary.

  1. Begin washing them with a gentle soap and water solution.

Regularly cleaning your aluminum gazebo can keep it looking like new.

  1. Make use of sandpaper.

If you see any evidence of rust or corrosion, immediately take some sandpaper and begin scratching the areas.

8. Can Aluminum Gazebos Withstand Strong Winds?

How your aluminum gazebo reacts to strong winds is dependent on how well it’s installed.

However, even without proper support, a lot of aluminum gazebos can withstand strong winds due to their strong builds.

9. Will Aluminum Gazebos Kill Grass?

An aluminum gazebo will almost certainly damage your landscape.

You may remove your gazebo and replace the dead grass with pea gravel and stones if you choose. When the rocks are empty, you may additionally cover them with moss to conceal them. 


To make matters even better, the patches will be fully concealed. This implies that the lawn’s natural green characteristics will be restored.

10. Are Aluminum Gazebos Worth It?

For your aluminum gazebos to be considered worth it is highly subjective and depends on what you consider worthy.

If you’re looking for something that’ll house some furniture and keep it well protected against harsh sun rays and extreme weather conditions such as typhoons, then yes.

However, if you’re looking for something that’ll house plants or something else not related to that, an aluminum gazebo may not be something you’re looking for.

11. Do Aluminum Gazebos Rust?

Yes, aluminum gazebos do indeed rust. 

Rusty Aluminum Gazebo

Rust on Aluminum Gazebos

However, when you do routine maintenance and clean them on a regular basis you won’t have to worry too much about your aluminum gazebos rusting.

They are made from aluminum alloys which are already resistant to corrosion.

12. What’s Better: Aluminum Gazebos Or Wood Gazebos?

Aluminum gazebos and wood gazebos are the common gazebos available in the market.

However, there are key differences between the two besides the material used to make them and what’s better is subjective and depends on each and everyone’s needs and wants.

Aluminum Gazebos

Objectively, aluminum gazebos are more durable and stronger than wood gazebos because of the metal used.

However, wood gazebos are more preferred sometimes because aluminum gazebos are often compared to wood gazebos in terms of aesthetics and a majority of people prefer design over efficiency.

If you’re looking for something durable, aluminum gazebos might be the one you’re looking for instead.

Aluminum Gazebo next to Wooden GazeboAluminum Gazebo next to Wooden Gazebo

Aluminum Gazebos next to Wood Gazebos

Wood Gazebos

Wood gazebos are highly versatile and seemingly timeless when it comes to visual choices.

Wood gazebos are a popular choice for those looking for a classic or almost homely appearance for their gazebos.

However, these gazebos are highly susceptible to damages from extreme weather conditions because they’re made from wood.

If you’re not really a fan of wood textures, then you can skip on wood gazebos and focus on aluminum gazebos which are more durable.

13. Are There Surface Treatment Options Available For Aluminum Gazebos?

Surface Treatment Options for Aluminum Gazebos

Aluminum Gazebos Surface Treatment Options

Although aluminum naturally has anti-corrosion properties and is already durable on its own, there are surface treatment options that can amplify these properties and make it better than it already is.

Here are the typical surface treatment options utilized when making your aluminum gazebos:

  1. Coating
  2. Surface Functional Treatment
  3. Anodic Oxide Coating
  4. Coloration
  5. Mechanical Surface Treatment
  6. Enamel Coating
  7. Gloss Treatment

14. Are There After-sale Services That Come With Aluminum Gazebos?

Yes, there are after-sale services that come with aluminum gazebo orders from LW such as:

The following services are included with LW’s aluminum gazebos:

  • Warranties.
  • Provide architectural services and accommodations.
  • Simple installation.
  • Product direction.
  • Customization for your needs.
  • And plenty others!

15. Can I Choose What Color I Want My Aluminum Gazebo To Be?

Yes, LW can fully customize what your aluminum gazebo to look like including the color.

The color you choose can be added along with our surface finishing options.

16. How Long Does It Take For LW To Accomplish My Aluminum Gazebo?

In general, it doesn’t take a long while for LW to accomplish aluminum gazebos as they are typically bought as is in standard sizes.

However, for those looking for specific dimensions and other features, it might take a while for the order to be finished.

Because LW has a strict policy when it comes to manufacturing standards, the time it takes for your customized aluminum gazebo to be accomplished might take up to a month.

However, please rest assured that you’ll receive nothing but the highest quality aluminum gazebo.

17. Does LW Have Standard Sizes For Aluminum Gazebos?

Yes, LW offers standard sizes for your aluminum gazebos.

18. Are Aluminum Gazebos Sturdy?

Yes, aluminum gazebos are typically highly sturdy because of the aluminum build.

However, please take note that your aluminum gazebos’ sturdiness is highly dependent on how you properly maintain it and if you clean it from time-to-time.

If you lack any proper maintenance, your aluminum gazebo will deteriorate faster than if you don’t.

19. Can I Install An Aluminum Gazebo In Snowy Areas?

Aluminum Gazebo in Snow

Aluminum Gazebos in Snowy Areas

Yes, you may install aluminum gazebos in snowy areas.

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