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  • Used for multi purposes
  • Hard and firm
  • Extruded
  • Light-weight

LW Manufacturer-Aluminum h channel

Aluminum metal has always been considered a metal that is superior to other metals due to its durability and firmness. 

The aluminum h channels are widely used in constructing windows and doors and in the furniture industry for interior designing and ornamental purposes. 

There is a large variety of aluminum bars, that can be extruded into the aluminum h channel. There are also different sizes available that can be customized according to specific criteria.

Aluminum h channel has a huge demand in the market due to its non- corrosion and anti- resistant properties. It has many applications in the architectural and construction industry.

As LW manufacturers always prioritize their customer’s satisfaction, we have come with diverse sizes and lengths of aluminum h channel that are made for different purposes. 

The quality of our metal is high, metal is extruded with the latest technology to provide security and fresh piece of metal.

Types of Aluminum H Channel

Aluminum h channel divider

Aluminum H channel divider

Aluminum h channel divider material is frequently used in motor drivers, fixture industries, and many other purposes. It is stocked in 12 lengths and is packed carefully in satin and Mill finish.

Extruded aluminum h channel

Extruded aluminum h channel has been used for many purposes like cutting and drilling. The aluminum is extruded into different shapes and sizes according to the requirements and needs.

Extruded aluminum h channel
3.Aluminum h channel supporty frame

Aluminum h channel for the support frame

The h aluminum channel with 6000 series is extruded into the support frame for making windows and frames. They are used for industrial purposes and are easy to bond and cut.

Dual slit aluminum h channel

The dual slit aluminum h channel has double holes and is high-quality and available at affordable prices. It is used in the construction industry.

Dual slit aluminum h channel


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Benefits of Aluminum h channel


One of the main benefits of the aluminum h channel is its sustainability. The aluminum metal is environmental-friendly you can easily reutilize them


Aluminum h channels are lightweight, and their welding, cutting, and joining are also very easy. They are cut into different shapes and sizes, and their installation is also very easy.


Resiliency is another good quality of aluminum h channel. The h aluminum channel is strong enough to support additional weight and bear the heavy load.


Non-corrosion is another great property of the aluminum h channel. The aluminum metal is resistant to corrosion which increases its firmness and strength.

Colorful surface

The extruded aluminum h channel has a shiny and colorful surface. The smooth and shiny surface gives it an appealing and attractive look.

aluminum h channel

The Best aluminum h channel

  • Latest technology

The aluminum h channel is extruded with the latest technology through the process of electrophoresis. We powder coated it to give it a shiny and classy look.

  • Inexpensive

The aluminum h channel is inexpensive and is available at the most reasonable prices. You can get the freshly extruded aluminum channel at low prices.

  • Customization

The LW manufacturer also deals in custom-fit products. An aluminum h channel can be extruded according to the required shape and size.

  • Customer satisfaction

To satisfy our customer’s needs LW manufacturer experts guide our valuable customers in the selection of the right material for their large projects.

Application of Aluminum h channel

.Aluminum h channel in furniture industry
Furniture industry
Aluminum h channel in construction
Aluminum h channel for decoration
Aluminum h channel industry
Industrial areas

LW Manufacturer- Choose which is best for you

As LW Manufacturer always prioritize its customer so our high-quality staff can extrude an aluminum metal perfectly into the aluminum h channel according to the required criteria. 

The aluminum h channel can be extruded for industrial and structural purposes like making doors and windows. Extruded aluminum h channel has also its application in LED lightning such as stairway lighting, railings lightning, etc.

The aluminum h channel is perfectly extruded, and can easily be welded, drilled, and bound. They can be easily welded into different products.

We have a variety of products and have a wide range of thicknesses, shapes, and sizes according to the required space. 

H aluminum channel has a good quality of bearing the heavy load of other tools like notches, holes, and tab. Custom-fit extruded aluminum channels are made in the special demand in the architectural and constructing industry to work on the big projects.