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At LW, we manufacture hat channels with over 15 years of experience. We manufacture hat channels using equipment that you cannot find anywhere else. Our machines are designed to produce a quality product at an affordable price.

Aluminum hat channels are the ideal choice for many different types of hats and caps because of their light weight, durability and resistance to scratches. Our experts are laser-focused on providing our clients with high quality aluminum hat channels.

Aluminum hat channels are an excellent choice when durability, strength and appearance are a priority in
your construction.

Aluminum hat channels are strong and rust resistant after many years of use.

They have a great deal of strength and are highly resistant to impact, which means they can be used with less
reinforcement than other forms of metal.

Compared with other types of aluminum construction, aluminum hat channels have a unique appearance.

Aluminum Hat Channels

Aluminum hat channels are the most versatile type of aluminum trussing and therefore find use in a variety of applications.

They have a high strength to weight ratio and can be used for both load bearing and non load bearing
applications, making them an ideal solution for all kinds of stage designs.

Aluminum hat channels could support the material for the roof of a building.

They could be used in
residential and commercial construction area.

They provide a sturdy, durable structure that is easy to install, which results in less time spent preparing for the actual installation of roofing materials.

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Aluminum Hat Channels can be used to create a decorative edge with a clean, modern look. They are ideal for use in both residential and commercial projects and can be stained, painted or clear coated to match your project's look. Our professional team of skilled craftsmen have been making Aluminum Hat Channels for the past decade. We can help you choose the best materials for your project and make sure it looks great!

Expert Detail-Oriented Crafting

Your custom Aluminum Hat Channel is crafted using a solid aluminum extrusion and is designed to fit between the deck and side profile of your vehicle. This robust structural component also protects the vehicle's paint from chipping while still allowing for the flexing of the deck rail in cargo carrying applications. Our Aluminum Hat Channels come in a variety of lengths, widths and features to support any deck application on your commercial truck.

Superior Customer Service

It takes years of experience and the right tools to manufacture aluminum hat channels at the size, consistency and quality that they are today. It is our dedication to quality and customer service that has put us on top as industry leaders in aluminum hat channel manufacturing.

Durable and Long Lasting Manufacturing

We are aluminum hat channels manufacturing experts and have been in business for over fifteen years. We use the best aluminum hat channels to ensure our aluminum hat channels are made from high quality materials with strict attention to detail, producing products that are durable and long lasting.

Aluminum Hat Channel

Why You Should Be Using Aluminum Hat Channels

The Economical Choice
Aluminum hat channels are a reliable, economical and durable way to install an aluminum gutter system.
They offer increased resistance to corrosion and wear, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements.
Aluminum gutter channels are available in a variety of colors, including weatherproof black vinyl exterior.

Excellent Ventilation
Aluminum hat channels are the perfect solution for any job where you need your headgear to be well
ventilated. Your employees will remain cool and comfortable, allowing them to get more done with less

Common Aluminum Hat Channels Applications

Aluminum Hat Channels Construction
Construction Sites
Aluminum Hat Channels for Ceilings
Aluminum Hat Channels for Deck Railings
Deck Rail

LW: Why We Are Aluminum Hat Channels Manufacturing Experts

We are experts in making aluminum hat channels for every application, from manufacturing to construction.

Our team can build any style of aluminum hat channel for any industry, keeping your company ahead of the demand curve.

From making a single aluminum hat channel to bulk orders and custom design jobs, we have you covered.

We are the leading experts in aluminum hat channels. We have worked hard to gain the skills and knowledge that it takes to create a high quality aluminum hat channel product.

Our focus is on customer service. We listen to our customers’ needs and provide them with the best product possible.

Our aluminum hat channels are made of high quality aluminum. They are lightweight, rust and corrosion resistant.

Aluminum hat channels offer the strength of steel hat channels but are lighter in weight than steel, making them easier to work with.

We specialize in aluminum hat channel manufacturing and can provide custom sizes upon request