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We are acknowledged worldwide for our international standards in the manufacturing industry. We have maintained the world-class quality standard for more than a decade and continue to do so. 

We manufacture and supply premium quality Aluminum Heat Sink. Our experience stretches to over 15 years, strengthening our skill and expertise in the Aluminum products manufacturing industry.

Our commitment and dedication ensure our customers of top-of-line Aluminum Heat Sink. That too, while keeping all of your custom requirements in check. 

We make sure to listen, support, and guide our customers or potential customers the whole time with our 24/7 customer support service.

We offer an extensive catalog and various Aluminum products suitable for different industries, like Heatsink in Laptop and so on. So, we assure you that you will find and get just the product you are looking for.

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LW Aluminum Heat Sink

Various Designs and Shapes Available

We provide Round Aluminum Heat Sink in various sizes, both standard and custom. Round Heat Sinks are used in various industries like medical components, household equipment, and others.

Our Square Aluminum Heat Sink is designed to serve different purposes. The product is available in a range of different colors and coats.

LW Aluminum Heat Sink Enclosures could be used for different application industries. They can be used in LED and lighting components, electric and power supply equipment, solar frames, etc.

At LW, we offer Skived Fin, Bonded Fin, and Extruded Large Aluminum Heat Sink. We can also customize the product for you while maintaining the premium quality we are known for.

Our Anodized series Aluminum Heat Sink offers high surface emission and isolation. It can be used in amplifiers, LED lighting, conductors, and other electronic devices. 

Our Pin  Aluminum Heat Sink is designed for extreme conditions, and is well tested. Hence, they are incredibly long-lasting with high mechanical strength. 

We offer Bonded Fin Aluminum Heat Sink manufacturing services as per our customers’ application and industry needs. We make sure to use the latest materials for the product to fulfill your advanced requirements.

Die Casting Aluminum Heat Sink could be used for different project, here at LW. The casting is done with high ratio density. Our Die Casting Heat Sink performs well on anodized surfaces. 

LW could provide high quality motor heat sink based on your different requirements. We could custom them for your with different size, shapes and colors.

Why LW Aluminum Heat Sink Manufacturer?

High Quality

We don’t just maintain and keep the quality of our products in check. Everything from the raw materials we use to the machinery used for the manufacturing goes through a thorough quality check process here at LW.

Custom Aluminum Heat Sink

We understand the needs of our customers. You could custom Aluminum Heat Sink with different design based on your different industry and project.

24/7 Customer Support Service

Our customer support service is available for you to avail of 24/7. We provide thorough, personal guidance to our customers for any query they might have about their Aluminum Heat Sink project.

Expertise and Experience

Our team is equipped with both expertise and experience, which we pour in along with our hard-core dedication into the projects we do for you.

Wide Array of Choices

At LW, you get various Aluminum Heat Sinks to choose from. We offer custom services in case our standard products don’t match your needs.

In House Processing

We provide all types of deep processing for Aluminum Heat Sink manufacturing in the house. These include welding, assembling, CNC machining, cutting, bending, custom fabrication, etc.

Skilled Aluminum Heat Sink Suppliers

LW can provide you with custom-made designs. Besides the standard Extruded Heat Sink catalog, we are here to fulfill your personalized requirements. 

  • Different Surface Finishes 

We offer various types of surface finishes for Aluminum Heat Sink. The fabrication services include polishing, anodizing, silver plating, and others. 

  • Serve for Different Purposes

We design and tailor Aluminum Heat Sink to serve different purposes. These can be used for power supply components, electronic and electric equipment, LED lighting, generators, UPS cooling systems, and so on.

  • Various Types and Sizes:

Our Aluminum Heat Sink range includes various products with different shapes and sizes. All those types are designed and manufactured to serve other industries and have different applications. 

Industry Uses of Aluminum Heat Sink

Aluminum Heat Sink for Communication Devices
Communication Devices
Aluminum Heat Sink for Electronic Devices
Electronic Devices
Aluminum Heat Sink for Electrical Devices
Electrical Devices
Aluminum Heat Sink for Medical Industry
Medical Industry
Aluminum Heat Sink for Military Industry
Military Industry
Aluminum Heat Sink for Automotive Industry
Automotive Industry
Aluminum Heat Sink for UPS and Generators
UPS and Generators
Aluminum Heat Sink for Laser Power Equipment
Laser Power Equipment

Custom Aluminum Heat Sink Supplier

Aluminum Heat Sink is used in various industries and for numerous applications. We have designed our Heat Sink range according to the myriad of purposes the product serves. 

However, if our customers come up with different requirements, we provide Aluminum Heat Sinks with designs and sizes tailored to the specific application requirements our customers have.

The quality of our custom products remains intact and uncompromised, just like our standard off-the-shelf products. More than a decade of experience in the global manufacturing industry accounts for the world-class quality standards we provide and will continue to provide.  

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Aluminum Heat Sink - FAQ Guide

There are a lot of important things to consider and frequently asked questions that are raised when purchasing aluminum heat sinks. It’s important that you’re informed and well-aware when purchasing things such as aluminum.

Here, we answer your FAQs.

Aluminum Heat Sink - FAQ Guide

1. Why Are Heat Sinks Made Of Aluminum?

Aluminum Heat Sink

Aluminum Heat Sink

In creating and manufacturing heat sinks, it’s important that the material chosen should be a good thermal conductor which is exemplified by aluminum.

When considering affordability, aluminum is also employed because of how inexpensive the material is.

2. Are Aluminum Heat Sinks Better Than Copper?

When talking about heat sinks, yes, aluminum heat sinks are indeed better than copper heat sinks.

Besides thermal conductivity, aluminum trumps over copper heat sinks at every other feature.

3. Can You Wash An Aluminum Heat Sink?

 Aluminum Heat Sink Being Washed

Aluminum Heat Sink Being Washed

Yes of course, aluminum heat sinks can be washed with soapy water even.

That is if you also make sure that the aluminum heat sink is the one being washed exclusively.

4. How Are Aluminum Heat Sinks Made?

Aluminum Heat Sink Being Manufactured

 Aluminum Heat Sink Being Manufactured

Depending on the specific materials and required lengths, aluminum heat sinks can be made through a lot of manufacturing processes.

Here are the common manufacturing methods used to create aluminum heat sinks:

  • Extrusion

Aluminum Heat Sink Extrusion

 Aluminum Heat Sink Extrusion

This is the most employed method as it also includes plate fins.

  • Cold forging

Aluminum Heat Sink Cold Forging

 Aluminum Heat Sink Cold Forging

This method is very accurate that takes into consideration the integrity of the microstructure.

  • Stamping

Aluminum Heat Sink Stamping

 Aluminum Heat Sink Stamping

When looking to create a heat sink that are tall you use the stamping method.

  • Skiving

Aluminum Heat Sink Skived

Aluminum Heat Sink Skived

This method is mostly utilized to create specialized heat sinks.

  • Die Casting

Aluminum Heat Sink Die Cast

Aluminum Heat Sink Die Cast

For complex heat sinks and unique shapes.

  • CNC Machining

Aluminum Heat Sink CNC Machine

Aluminum Heat Sink CNC Machining

An expensive manufacturing method that produces the most complex heat sinks.

5. How To Clean Aluminum Heat Sinks?

  1. Start off by preparing hot soapy water for the aluminum heat sink.
  2. Make sure that you soak your aluminum heat sink for quite some time.
  3. Immediately after, rinse off the dirt that surrounds your aluminum heat sinks.
  4. Make sure to target in between the fins to ensure that you’re not missing out on any leftovers.
  5. Leave your aluminum heat sink to dry for 1-2 days.

6. What Grade Of Aluminum Is Used For Aluminum Heat Sinks?

When selecting aluminum alloy grades for aluminum heat sinks, the thermal conductivity and hardness of the material must be considered.

These are the alloys that have a high heat conductivity and a high degree of hardness.

  • Aluminum Alloy 1050
  • Aluminum Alloy 6061
  • Aluminum Alloy 6063

7. What Does An Aluminum Heat Sink Do In A Computer?

For computers, aluminum heat sinks remove the heat from inside the computer by making them flow outside.

By drawing away the heat, aluminum heat sinks makes sure that your computer doesn’t overheat and runs as smoot as possible.

8. Is Aluminum Or Steel Better At Cooling And Dissipating Heat?

When it comes to cooling and dissipating heat, aluminum is certainly better than steel.

Thermal conductivity is important which is something that aluminum excels at, but steel doesn’t.

9. Which Is Better, An Aluminum Heat Sink Or A Fan?

Aluminum Heat Sink Fan

 Aluminum Heat Sink Fan

Heat sinks and fan share a common purpose which is to make sure that they cool things properly.

On a stand-alone basis, heat sinks require less maintenance but don’t really do the job quickly. Fans require more maintenance but do it almost instantly.

However, it’s important to note that these two things are often employed together to achieve proper thermal regulation.

10. Can I Use Aluminum Heat Sinks To Make My House Cooler?

In theory, you can but it requires a lot of wind to carry the heat away from your house so the final answer is no.

11. Where Does An Aluminum Heat Sink Stay In A CPU?

Aluminum Heat Sink CPU

Heat Sink in a CPU

Heat sinks normally stay on top of a computer chip. 

You can easily locate where a heat sink is if you manage to immediately spot the CPU.

12. How Do Aluminum Heat Sinks Work?

A lot of heat sink fans work by absorbing the heat and then transferring them away via the fan.

Heat sinks fans function to instantly circulate the heated air to outside.

13.Will Reducing An Aluminum Heatsink Fin Length, Reduce The Performance?

Yes, it will.

A larger aluminum heat sink often entails a larger surface area when compared to a smaller aluminum heat sink.

By reducing the aluminum heatsink fin length, you are also reducing the surface area.

14. Will Reducing An Aluminum Heatsink Fin Length, Reduce The Performance?

There are a lot of heat sinks that come pre-installed and aren’t replaceable. 

Oftentimes, you’re better off just purchasing a new one.

However, you can watch this video if ever you believe it’s better to just replace.

15. What Are The Design Factors Of Aluminum Heat Sinks?

When designing heat sinks, these are the factors that are often highly considered and given importance:

  • The thermal resistance and conductivity
  • The material used
  • The configuration of the fins
  • The size and the shape of the fins
  • How well the fin functions
  • How the heat sink will be attached
  • The thermal interface material.

16. What Is The Difference Between An Aluminum Heat Sink And A Heat Spreader?

Aluminum Heat Spreader

 Aluminum Heat Spreader

Heat sinks and heat spreaders both aim to cool the temperature but do so in different ways.

Heat sinks function as a traditional cooling method that dissipates heat away to the air whereas heat spreaders work by transferring the heat away from the source to a cooler spot.

18. What Will Happen To A Processor If There Is No Aluminum Heat Sink Or Fan?

Without an aluminum heat sink or a fan, a processor is bound to deteriorate faster and function way worse overtime.

The biggest challenge a lot of devices have, and pieces of technology face is overheating.

Overheating has a lot of problems that hamper the longevity of technology.

Lacking a proper method to properly manage temperature, processors won’t work well.

19. Can There Be A Laptop Without A Heat Sink Or A Fan?

Aluminum Heat Sink in a Laptop

Aluminum Heat Sink Found Within A Laptop

No, a laptop without a cooling fan, a heat sink, or any other method to cool down will not work more than 2 hours maximum.

Laptops of today run as smooth and as fast as they are right now due to proper cooling systems and methods.

Without it, they are bound to deteriorate rapidly and will shut down on its own almost instantly.

20. Why Does An LED Panel Need A Heat Sink?

LED panels often require the usage of a heat sinks because they need a way to properly redirect the heat to travel from the LED panel to the outside world.

21. What Is An Aluminum Heat Sink On A Motherboard?

A heat sink on a motherboard is just a heat sink placed on top of a motherboard to regulate temperature.

22. Is An Aluminum Heatsink Typically Soldered On Top Of A CPU?

Yes, an aluminum heat sink is indeed typically soldered on top of a CPU.

This is because by placing the aluminum heat sink near the CPU, it can easily redirect the heat coming from the CPU to the outside air.

23. Are The Number of Fins Important When It Comes To Aluminum Heat Sink Performance?

Yes, the number of fins are important when it comes to the performance of aluminum heat sinks.

Having more fins means that the aluminum heat sinks has a wider surface area, which means that it can redirect more heat than one with a smaller amount of fins.

24. What Are The Available Surface Treatments For Aluminum Heat Sinks?

When it comes to the available surface treatment options for your aluminum heat sinks, there are many to choose from and many different benefits and effects as well.

Bright surface finishes are normally employed to improve the reflective capabilities towards heat, while those that are typically dull improve the retention of heat instead.

25. How Do I Choose The Best Aluminum Heat Sink?

There is a lot of things that you should be considering and taking note when choosing aluminum heat sinks,   all of them are dependent on the things you want to achieve.

  • Alloy types

Take note that the alloy itself is one of many factors that you should be considering when selecting.

  • Thermal conductivity

From aspects such as thermal conductivity, how hard you want it to be and the amount of surface area you want it to be encompassing. These are just mere examples.

  • Types of heat sinks

There are two types of heat sinks which are aluminum heat sinks and copper heat sinks and both have varied features and varied advantages and disadvantages.

You will be able to choose the most appropriate aluminum heat sink for your application if you keep these considerations in mind.

26. What Steps Should I Take So That I’ll Be Able To Extrude Aluminum Heat Sinks?

Here is how you extrude aluminum heat sinks:
Step 1: Prepare the Materials You Need

  • Initially, start up with creating and designing how you want your aluminum heat sink to look like.
  • Immediately afterwards, begin the preparation for the die so you’ll be able to finish things faster.
  • Then heat the die to 450-500°C.
  • While the die is being heated, make sure to keep producing aluminum. So that the metal keeps moving and the heat is continued.
  • It’s important to take note that you should be pre-heating the aluminum billet while you’re doing so and then you insert the die inside the aluminum press.
  • Heat the aluminum billet to 450-500°C to shape it.
  • Apply a releasing agent to the malleable aluminum billet. Then you put it in the heat press.

Step 2: The Official Extrusion Process

  • At this point, a 15,000-ton hydraulic press will begin extrusion. Once pushed against the extrusion die, the extrusion will make sure that it takes on the shape of the die you prepared. How you shape the die is what determines the final shape to be.
  • Once finished, the product will then be squished and then quickly withdrawn. Cool it in a water bath or using table fans.
  • Then cut the extrusion to the table’s length and cool it to room temperature.
  • Align the extrusion after stretching it. Extrusion forms will be extended.

Step 3: The Secondary Machining Process

  • Even though you’ll have a final product, it’ll need to be further machined. The aluminum heat sink will now be modified via the use of secondary machining.
  • Additional options for the aluminum heat sink include: applying a surface finish,punching holes and creating pockets in it.
  • Finally, you will put the aluminum heat sink through its paces before packing and shipping it.

27. Is There A Difference That Differentiates Extruded Aluminum Heat Sinks From Bonded Aluminum Heat Sinks?

Extruded Aluminum Heat Sinks

  • Extruded aluminum heat sinks can take on any form or shape that you want, while not exerting much effort into the whole process and not costing quite a bit.
  •  How it performs varies which is highly dependent on the  final products specifications .
  • However, the only drawback most extruded aluminum heat sinks possess is the fact that the maximum extrusion width determines the dimensions.

Bonded Aluminum Heat Sinks

  • When it comes to having a lot of aluminum heat sinks, most often, people will recommend that you buy bonded aluminum heat sinks.
  • The combination of both aluminum and copper fin materials makes a distinct design that you’ll be able to notice immediately.
  • The primary disadvantages are low performance and hefty expenses.

28. How Do I Separate and Identify What A Stamped Aluminum Heat Sinks From Skived Aluminum Heat Sinks?

Stamped Aluminum Heat Sinks

  • Ideal for low-power applications.
  • It’s considered to be the simplest and cheapest aluminum heat sink design.
  • Cheap cost and high automation.

Skived Aluminum Heat Sinks

  • Made from copper materials typically.
  • Flexibly and is very dense when it comes to its fins.
  • It’s on the heavier and sensitive side.

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