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LW Premium Quality Aluminum Hollow Bar

LW is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Aluminum products and has obtained ISO certification and other qualifications all over the world. LW is considered a highly established company around the world. We have a tremendous experience of 15 years in the aluminum production industry.  

LW is the leading well-recognized name in the field of the aluminum industry. LW manufactures the best quality aluminum products and the aluminum hollow bar is one of them. We use high-quality extruded aluminum for the manufacture of the aluminum hollow bar. 

We have gained immense industry knowledge of manufacturing and dealing with a large bunch of aluminum hollow bar. We provide aluminum hollow bar in multiple shapes, colors, and sizes depending on your requirements.

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Classification of Aluminum Hollow Bar

1- Aluminum bronze hollow bar

Aluminum bronze hollow bar

The aluminum bronze hollow bar has a hollow circle from the center of the bar, also named an aluminum round hollow bar. It is used for oil refineries, valves & fittings, etc.

Aluminum rectangular hollow bar

It has a rectangular-shaped hollow section. It has diverse applications in electronics, mechanical and home, etc. 

Aluminum rectangular hollow bar
3- Aluminum square hollow bar

Aluminum square hollow bar

The aluminum square hollow bar has a square-shaped hollow section. Different shapes and sizes are used for different purposes.


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How is the LW Aluminum hollow bar Manufacturer Different?

One-stop service

Valuing our customer’s time and expectations, LW provides one-stop service. Visit us and have a good deal.

Budget-friendly products

Our aluminum products are of good quality and highly cost-effective. LW always aims to satisfy its customers with quality and favorable prices.

Rich quality products

LW uses pure extruded aluminum for the manufacturing of its products. Generally, Alloy 1100 is used for this purpose as it is pure aluminum which ensures the quality of our products.

Custom service

LW offers custom services to its customers. You could customize aluminum products in different sizes, shapes, and colors from us according to your requirements.

Processing of products

LW has a highly professional engineering team that uses different procedures to process the aluminum products including milling, cutting, fabrication, bending, etc of the products.

Customer care service

LW offers 24/7 thoughtful customer service to the customers. Our team is available to ask about your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction.

Aluminum hollow bar manufacturer

LW your Aluminum Hollow Bar Expert Dealer

LW offers an aluminum hollow bar that are light and tough with a wide range of sizes and styles. 

  • Numerous sizes

LW manufactures and supplies aluminum products in a bulk all around the world. Every aluminum product is customized in several different sizes and shapes.

  • Designs

Keeping in view the contemporary requirements, LW manufactures a wide range of designs for aluminum products. You could also custom any design from us.

  • A diverse range of color

LW provides high-quality aluminum hollow bar in diverse colors including white, golden, black, silver, blue, and other colors to suit your requirements.

Applications of Aluminum hollow bar

Aluminum hollow bar for air compressor
Air compressor
Aluminum hollow bar for gas spacer
Gas spacer
Aluminum hollow bar for connection components
Connection components
Aluminum hollow bar for automotives
Aluminum hollow bar for seal floor and sealing
Seal floor and ceiling
Aluminum hollow bar for linear actuator
Linear actuators

LW an Internationally Recognized Company

LW is offering its services for over the past fifteen years. We are well recognized in the national and international market.

We are fitted with diverse machinery and the facility of the CAD system. Our aluminum products are of exceptional quality and are cost-effective.

LW have earned the trust of millions of our customers all around the world by providing full process and butler services to our customers.

These qualities make people prefer us and with our incredible services, we deserve your trust.