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Aluminum I beam is manufactured based on different series of alloys. LW ensures customers could get them with on-time delivery and high quality.

We are meeting the quality standards of GB/T 6892-2015 for our customers. We assure the quality of products before sending them to you. 

Our production time is usually between 15 to 25 days. We provide a low MOQ facility. 

Specifications can be chosen from our wide variety of products while buying. Whereas customization of aluminum I beam is also available. 

For more information and queries, feel free to ask away. 

Aluminum I Beam 6061

Supply Aluminum I Beam

The most used and produced I beam is the 6061 aluminum I beam. It can easily be weld. LW also can cut, drill, bend, assemble, and punch  aluminum I beam based on your detailed requirements.

It can also be heat treated at a specific temperature of 990 degrees (F). Aluminum alloy 6000 is usually used. At the same time, the temper T4, T5, and T6 are used. LW can use different welding techniques to make this alloy. 

The length of the aluminum I beam is 3 to 6 meters per piece. The other sizes can be customized according to the requirement of customers. The open mold requires 10 to 15 days to design aluminum I beam whereas, the production time needs 15 to 25 days. 

The thickness of the aluminum I beam can be between the size of 3 to 12 inches and can be range up to 300” long. The thickness can also be made according to your specification. 

LW will calculate the load capacity of the aluminum I beam as per the specifications. We can also ship bulk loading, LCL loading, and pallet loading on the demand and requirements of the customers. 

Benefits of Aluminum I Beam Manufacturer


Being light weighted and easy to weld, aluminum I beam is available in different sizes and provides a wide range of products to the customers.

Provides Support

The aluminum I beam is solid and light-weighted. Thus, it provides vital structural frames and other construction applications.

High-Quality Aluminum I beam

Aluminum I beam is also known as structural aluminum beams. 6061 alloy for aluminum is generally used. LW assures to provide high-quality I beams for its customers.

Anodized Process

Aluminum I beam is processed through the anodizing process because if it comes with extreme weather environments, mill finishing cannot save it all alone. Anodizing is done for the aluminum I beam to get improved corrosion resistance.

Customer Service

LW has an excellent and friendly customer service facilitation for you to avail. To customization the products, you can get whatever information you require. Our customer service is available 24/7 for you.

In-House Testing

We ensure to send the best product to our customer. For this, we test our products in labs and assure quality controls, and then the aluminum I beam is ready to supply to the customers.

Aluminum I Beam Specialist

Generally, the aluminum I beam is extruded. Here are some of the standard I beam specifications:

  • Size

Aluminum I beam has a widely available variety of different sizes. It gives a good finishing for a structural base, for instance, framework, structural supports, truck bodies, and other heavy-duty works. On ordering your required sizes, you can custom them accordingly.  

  • Shape

As the name suggests, the aluminum I beam is I-shaped aluminum extruded item. I shape commonly used for ceiling beams as well as for floors. 

  • Strength 

The aluminum I beam is pretty strong. It is used for structural support on being light-weighted, corrosion-resistant, having strong strength, and providing a good hardness level.

Applications of Aluminum I Beam

Aluminum I Beam for Structural Components
Structural Components
Aluminum I Beam for Bridges
Aluminum I Beam for Highly Stressed Applications
Highly Stressed Applications
Aluminum I Beam for Heavy Machinery
Heavy Machinery
Aluminum I Beam for Fabrication Projects
Fabrication Projects
Aluminum I Beam for Framing Automobile
Framing Automobile
Aluminum I Beam for Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
Aluminum I Beam for Aerospace

Forewords for Aluminum I Beam Supplier

The aluminum I beam is manufactured in a wide range to deliver to the customers in high demand. Then I shaped aluminum beam as a traditional shape for the building and other construction purposes. 

The LW is an experienced manufacturer of aluminum I beam. With this vast experience of supplying aluminum I beam, we provide cost-effective material for you to choose from. 

Your designs and specifications can be customized. Before delivering those custom products, we assure products through 6-step quality checking. 

LW has fast-responding customer service. You can check with us anytime with our 24/7 customer service. 

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