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LW premium quality Aluminum I channel

As one of the most professional aluminum I channel, we had been manufacturing aluminum series products over 15 years. All of our products with international level and pass CE certification. So you don’t need to worry about the quality issue.

LW also provide excellent after-sale service and technical support based on your project. We own a complete range of aluminum products and aluminum channels. Our highly skilled engineers use high-quality extruded aluminum for the manufacture of aluminum I channel.

LW offers a complete range of aluminum I channel. It includes all the sizes, designs, and colors of the aluminum I channel. Our huge collection of the products allows our customers to fulfill their all requirements for one service.

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LW Aluminum I Channel product Classification

1- Marine grade Aluminum I Channel

Marine-grade aluminum I channel

This form of aluminum I channel is used for shipbuilding mainly for hull structures. It has high durability and corrosion resistance capacity.

Standard grade Aluminum I channel

This form of aluminum I channel is made of premium quality aluminum, mainly 6061 extruded aluminum because it has good strength to weight ratio.

2- Standard grade Aluminum I channel
Aluminum Rolled I channel

Rolled Aluminum I channel

This form of aluminum I channel is manufactured by the process of hot rolling, cold rolling, or extrusion. It possesses good strength.


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Why you should choose LW Aluminum I Channel?

One-stop store

At LW, you can enjoy a lot of services and professional help under one store. We value your considerable time and make sure to check to satisfy our customers. So visit us today and save your effort.

Quality assurances

Our quality checking department focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled. In this regard, we have gained the trust of millions of our customers.

Affordable rates

LW provides an Aluminum I channel at a very economical rate than other, aluminum dealers. Moreover, the aluminum I channel is much cheaper than steel and copper I channels.

Made-to-order service

LW offers you infinite possibilities for the customization of your products. Options for customization include sizes, designs, and colors of the products.

High stability

Our aluminum products possess high stability and effectiveness. Our high-quality extruded alloy adds up durability and high corrosion resistance capacity to the products.

Customer-friendly service

Our professional team members have a rapid response time to service requests, respond to all customer feedback, and a frictionless process for getting in touch with support.

Aluminum I channel manufacturer

LW your Aluminum I Channel Manufacturer Expert

LW manufactures aluminum products in a very large quantity. All the products are made of premium quality extruded aluminum and have high stability.

  • Extensive collection 

LW owns an extensive collection of aluminum products. You can get any aluminum-based product from here. From heavy-duty, aluminum products to domestically used aluminum products all are available at LW. You can get aluminum I channel in a different range of grades and sizes of your choice on a custom order.

  • Exceptional services

LW is a well-known brand for its exceptional services. Our excellent services are the root of our success. We have separate departments for each service. Our hardworking team makes sure to get through every process to ensure quality before dispatching the products. We have also got certificates for our services.

Applications of Aluminum I channel

Aluminum I Channel for lead light application
Leadlight application
Constructional work
Aluminum I Channel for aerospace application
Aerospace applications
Marine applications

LW is a well-known Aluminum manufacturer Company

LW has earned a well-known status in the aluminum manufacturer industry. Our premium quality aluminum I channel is made of extruded aluminum alloy which adds up great strength to it and makes it exceptional from the aluminum products of the other dealers.

Our aluminum products are great durable,  corrosion-resistant, and lightweight. These are sold on a large scale because of their exceptional qualities and wide range of applications.

You can choose different grades of aluminum for the production of our products by having a deal with us.

Moreover, LW gives a guarantee of the products. We have a complaint department where you can get registered your complaints regarding products or services.

We make sure to get through all the queries and provide professional help to our customers.

We have been providing the best quality products to our customers from the very start of our business. Maintaining the quality of the products is our priority.

You would not find any fault in the quality of our products. We have regular customers all over the world.

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