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LW: Manufacturer of Aluminum Kayak Racks.

Aluminum kayak rack is the most durable and longest lasting option on the market today. It is made from China-made aluminum and has a heat treated finish.

The aluminum utilizes a black powder coating which protects it from rusting, corrosion and cracking. Its unique design allows for easy installation on virtually any vehicle, including SUV’s, RVs, boats and trucks.

Aluminum Kayak Rack is a unique way to transport your kayak from your vehicle to the water.

The solid construction gives you the strength to carry up to 200 pounds of gear.

We are committed to providing the highest level of quality at all times, which is why we strive to exceed your expectations at every step of the way.

LW also offers discounted shipping for multiple purchases and free ground shipping for larger orders.

Aluminum Kayak Rack

Aluminum kayak racks are light, strong, and easy to install. They are especially versatile and can accommodate life jackets and paddleboards without any problem.

If you plan on using your kayak for multiple purposes, then aluminum racks would be the best for you.

A lot of people love the convenience of aluminum kayak racks; they make it easy for them to transport their kayaks from place to place in a very short time with much less hassle than putting them into the car or truck.

Not only that but since they are very lightweight, you can place them easily on different surfaces such as your roof rack or even on top of your car itself if needed.

It is precisely designed to accommodate a wide range of kayaks and their bases, as well as other gear


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Aluminum Kayak Rack Types

Temporary Pads Aluminum Kayak Rack
J Cradles Aluminum Kayak Rack
J-Cradles Aluminum Kayak Rack
Stackers Aluminum Kayak Rack
Stackers Aluminum Kayak Rack
Saddle with Roller Aluminum Kayak Rack
Saddles (W/ Rollers) Aluminum Kayak Rack

LW: Aluminum Kayak Rack Expert

Our quality when it comes to manufacturing is unmatched.

When purchasing an aluminum kayak rack, the quality of the product is critical. Since we've been making kayaks and related gear for well over a decade, you can trust on our superior quality. Our lightweight, corrosion-free, and long-lasting aluminum kayak racks are up to the task of safely transporting your kayaks through even the worst seas. Our unique designs are of the highest quality, and we provide excellent customer service to go along with them!

Wide range of products with high standards and safety features.

We are the true innovators who have created Aluminum Kayak Rack. We offer a wide range of products with high standards and safety features, at an extremely competitive price. We understand that it is important to provide our customers with durable, quality kayak racks that can take on heavy use.

We have been working with clients for more than 15+ years.

Whether you have a single kayak, or multiple ones, we can help you without sacrificing quality. LW is an innovative manufacturer based in China and provides high quality aluminum kayak racks at competitive prices. LW has been trusted by customers for more than 15+ years and has made thousands upon thousands of custom kayak racks over those years.

We are an integrator that works with locally sourced premium materials.

We manufacture aluminum kayak racks from locally sourced materials. We are an integrator that works with manufacturers and carries a wide variety of products for the marine industry. Our goal is to be able to offer all of our customers products that can be customized for their needs, then deliver it in a timely manner.

Aluminum Kayak Rack

Why You Should Utilize An Aluminum Kayak Rack

Maximize your kayaking enjoyment by utilizing an aluminum kayak rack!

If you want to maximize your kayaking enjoyment, then consider adding an Aluminum Kayak Rack to your boat. Aluminum is lightweight and easy to carry. In addition, it also lowers the center of gravity so that you can pull into any area with less effort. The aluminum double kayak rack will help you to easily move your kayak from place to place without worrying about the weight or strength of the rack itself.

The perfect addition for your boat.

This aluminum kayak rack is the perfect addition to your boat. Not only will it look great, but it will protect and secure your boat, while it stays firmly in place. It’s important to be able to safely bring your kayak everywhere you want it to go and an aluminum kayak rack directly solves this problem by ensuring a safe way!

Common Aluminum Kayak Rack Applications

Aluminum Kayak Rack for SUVs
Aluminum Kayak Rack for Cars
Aluminum Kayak Rack for RVs
Aluminum Kayak Rack for Boats
Aluminum Kayak Rack for Kayaks

LW: Aluminum Kayak Rack Expert

Aluminum kayak racks and Kayak accessories are a great way for you to transport your kayak.

Our aluminum boats and kayak accessories are made from high-quality material and can easily hold boats up to 200 lbs.

This is an aluminum kayak rack that you can use on any car, truck or SUV.

We also offer a variety of other specialty products and services like custom kayaks designed by us (designs created specifically to meet your needs), campers with flat roofs that can carry multiple kayaks easily.

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