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LW Manufacturer- Aluminum L Bracket

LW manufacturer is one of the top-most companies leading in all kinds of aluminum products that are made under the supervision of well-qualified staff using highly innovative techniques.

All the products are made from high-grade metal, and all the latest techniques and procedures are used to carry out the process after the research by our high-qualified team.

An aluminum l bracket made the aluminum stronger than any other metal. The 90 degree aluminum bracket can be made by welding the aluminum bar into the sheet or by a die-casting process that only requires the melting of aluminum metal into liquid.

There are different methods and procedures for manufacturing aluminum brackets. There are also a lot of different kinds and sizes available for aluminum brackets.

The large l bracket can also be made on the demands and requirements of clients. The sizes are made according to the specific criteria required for the specified tasks.

Aluminum Boat Edge Trim Similar Products

Heavy duty aluminum l bracket

Heavy duty aluminum l bracket

The heavy-duty aluminum l bracket made for shelves and walls is resistant to dust and germs. The l-shaped pair of brackets is suitable for home décor and office use. It is thick and capable of holding maximum load and used as structural support for reinforcing corner brackets and is widely used in furniture and windows.

Solar panel aluminum l bracket

It is also used for solar mounting and tin roof mounting. This safe the roof and its foot stick to the mount of a root, easy to install with accurate and concise design. It also saves 40% on installation at one time.

2. Solar panel aluminum l bracket
Aluminum right angle bracket

Aluminum right angle bracket

The aluminum right l bracket is designed in such a way that it provides you a 90-degree mount option for using it for your shelves, top-to frames, and many other projects. It has mounting holes and 3 engraved supports to provide additional strength. The aluminum 90-angle bracket is made from freshly cut aluminum metal and then coated with zinc to make it sustainable and corrosion free.

T slot aluminum L bracket

T slot aluminum right angle bracket is made from high-quality aluminum metal, nickel plated coating prevent it from rust and germs. It is used for reinforcing right-angle joins of aluminum extrusions. T slot aluminum l bracket comes in different sets and series.

T slot aluminum l bracket


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Benefits of Aluminum l brackets

Temperature resistant

Aluminum brackets are resistant to low temperature due to the inclusion of aluminum metal, they are resistant to low temperature.


The aluminum l bracket is inflexible and provides support. One limb is vertically fixed to the wall while the other limb is horizontally standing out to provide support, or you can also hang the load on them.


One of the benefits of 90 degree aluminum bracket is sustainability and ease to reuse. It also does not cause any harmful effects or pollution after it gets discarded.

Easy installation

The aluminum angle bracket required process is easy drilling, punching, and all other process are easy. Due to easy installation, the aluminum l bracket has many applications.


The 90 degree aluminum bracket is of high strength if it is made from high-quality aluminum metal. The aluminum l brackets that are made from aluminum are used to perform multitask, there are many varieties of aluminum brackets like a right angle, t slot l bracket surface, and many more and are used for decorating purposes as well as holding load or providing supports to the mounting walls.

Get the highest quality extruded aluminum L brackets

  • Premium quality

The aluminum 90 angle brackets is of high-quality that and is made from highly innovative techniques like die-casting or welding metal into sheets.

  • Unique designs

There is a wide range of series of aluminum l brackets with unique and attractive designs. The aluminum bar is extruded into different styles such as t slot l bracket and can also be customized according to the client’s choice.

  • Careful shipping

All the 90 degree aluminum brackets are shipped carefully to the desired location under the supervision of our staff.

Application aluminum L brackets

Solar panel
Aluminum l bracket in connector
Hanger bolt
Aluminum l bracket in furniture

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