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LW Aluminum Lighting Trusses Providing Company:

LW aluminum lighting trusses are made of lightweight and superior quality aluminum. They are molded into different shapes. Their different designs make them applicable for any purpose like hanging lights on stages etc.

LW is gaining its experience in aluminum products manufacturing for more than 15 years. This has made us capable of producing any type of aluminum product, that too with good quality.  We also provide OEM & ODM to small businesses to support their growth.

Our LW Aluminum lighting trusses are largely used for providing a support systems to various lighting and stage equipment. They are made in different designs that are used for different purposes. We have 2 chord lighting trusses, 3 chord lighting trusses, and 4 chord lighting trusses. You can get customized trusses too.

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Product Categories

LW Aluminum Lighting Trusses

Classification of Aluminum Lighting Trusses

Ladder Lighting Trusses

These are 2 chord truss systems.  They are so-called due to their ladder shape. It has a high strength to weight ratio and is meant for lightweight applications. Ideal for storing items like hanging projectors.

Aluminum Triangular Lighting Truss

These triangle shaped trusses contain 3 chords. These are heavy-duty lighting truss system, which are used for decoration. They are used for stage decoration in outdoor events.

Aluminum Box Lighting Truss
Box Lighting Trusses

These box shaped lighting trusses contains 4 chords. This type of system is used to pass cables through the system.  You can get them customized according to the size required.

Advantages of LW Aluminum Lighting Trusses Manufacturers

Standard Quality Products:

Our LW aluminum products are of high quality. Our bran is trusted worldwide for providing the standard quality aluminum lighting trusses. Our professional Quality Control personnel keep check and balance on all the manufacturing and supply processes of the products.

Outstanding team

The LW team is highly experienced and outstanding in its performances. We monitor each step in manufacturing processes as well as supervise the before and after delivery services. They are skilled in various different techniques.

Good Customer Support services

The team LW is available for the customers throughout the day and all night. We keep in touch with our clients 24/7 to clear all their doubts and answer all their queries. We also provide free samples to the customers so that they can check the quality of the products before buying.

Different Choices

LW is a platform that meet all of your requirements. We provide wide range of choices to our customers to help them get the product they desire. They can choose from various designs different colors and sizes.

Skilled R&D Department:

LW has a professional and well-trained team belonging to R&D department. They try to bring out the unique designs and different kinds of aluminum made products. Our team also conducts various surface treatments over aluminum lighting trusses on customer’s demands. They include anodizing, electrophoresis, powder coating sand blasting etc.

Deep Processing:

LW deep processes aluminum lighting trusses on your choice. You can do punching, milling, bending, welding, cutting and various other techniques.

LW an Aluminum Lighting Trusses Expert Company

They consist of various different designs each having a common use. Our team can provide the best customization services that meet all your requirements. We can manufacture aluminum lighting trusses in any shape you want like square, paragon, trapezoidal, triangular, rectangular etc.

  • Color choices:

Our customers can get color of their choice. We can provide the best quality aluminum lighting trusses of any color you want. The color choice includes silver, black, bronze, golden, white, champagne etc.

  • Different sizes to meet you requirements:

LW tailor the aluminum lighting trusses in different sizes. They are used for almost all decorative functions. The size is adjusted according to its use. The customers can customize the sizes as well as can get the standard sized products.

Applications Aluminum Lighting Trusses Manufacturers and Suppliers

Aluminum Lighting truss for church
Aluminum Lighting Truss for theme park
Theme Parks
Aluminum Lighting truss for studio
Aluminum Lighting truss for arena

ISO Certified Aluminum Lighting Trusses Suppliers

International Organization of Standardization has certified LW, due to their quality services.Our experience is exceeding more than 15 years of age. This has made us capable of being among the top aluminum lighting trusses providing companies.

 The LW Aluminum lighting trusses are support systems used for holding lighting objects. They are made of good quality aluminum that is 6000 series aluminum alloy. They are used for stage decoration and to provide space and support to lighting equipment.

They are durable, have high weather resistant, hence perfect for outdoor installation and are stronger. Even though they are anticorrosive but they are also surface treated to enhance their durability and to make them pleasing to eyes.

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Supply Aluminum Lighting Truss Manufacturer In China

Do you need to use a lighting truss for your business? Or, do you have questions about lighting trusses such as installation or application?

If so, this ultimate guide will help you answer common questions about lighting trusses and how you can apply them to your business. So keep reading.

Lighting Truss – Ultimate FAQs Guide

What Is A Lighting Truss?

A lighting truss is a structure used to set up and hang lights or automated fixtures in any location and position you choose.

Lighting trusses are usually made of metals such as aluminum or steel.

Aluminum lighting trusses are good are for applications that require a quick and easy set-up and teardown because aluminum is relatively light and easier to transport and set up than steel.

But, steel lighting trusses are suitable for applications that require high load ratings.

Steel is also suitable for permanent lighting truss applications because it is stronger than aluminum.

Also, a light truss that is hung overhead is called flown, but a light truss that is supported from the ground is called a ground supported truss.

There are different types of lighting trusses such as:

  • Ladder Truss
  • Box truss
  • Space Saving truss
  • Custom Truss
  • Xlite Truss
  • Corner Blocks
  • Diamond Truss
  • Circle Truss / Oval
  • Triangle truss


Types of lighting truss

Lighting trusses can be used for various applications such as:

  • Concerts
  • Race Finish Lines
  • Stadiums
  • Theaters
  • Theme Parks
  • Movie Sets
  • Tradeshows
  • Restaurants
  • Exhibits

What Is Stage Lighting Truss?

A stage lighting truss is a type of truss used specifically to hang and suspend stage lights and other equipment such as speakers and video equipment.

A stage lighting truss is usually made of metal such as aluminum or steel.

Stage lighting truss

Stage lighting truss

How To Build A Lighting Truss ?

You can build different types of lighting trusses for various purposes. Your light truss can either be fixed on the ground or hung overhead.

A light truss or stage light truss mounted on the ground is known as ground supported.

Meanwhile, a light truss hung overhead is called a Flown truss.

You can build various structures with a light truss, such as a box truss arch which can be used for DJ set-ups.

Follow the process below to build a light truss box arch:

A box truss arch

To build a box truss arch, you will need the truss parts such as the base plates, truss sides and tops, truss spigots, pins, and safety clips.

You will also need some tools such as a hammer, safety glasses, and earplugs.

Start by laying all the truss pieces on the floor in the order they are meant to be connected.

Light truss parts

 Light truss parts

Next, you join all the tops and sides using the spigots.

Spigots, pins, and safety clips

Spigots, pins, and safety clips

Put the spigots inside the end holes in the truss.

Next, you insert the pins in the spigots and insert the safety clip through the end of the pin.

Repeat this process to join the tops and sides of the box truss arch.

Next, connect the box truss arch frame to the base plates using the pins and safety clips.

Now your box truss arch is fully connected.

Finally, you can stand the box truss arch and start attaching your lights to the truss.

Aluminum trusses are lightweight and easy to assemble.

How To Calculate Lighting Truss Load ?

Before installing a light truss, you need to know the load ratings of the truss to avoid severe damage or injury to life or property.

Any lighting truss should have published load ratings and allowable load tables to prevent heavy equipment from falling or the truss breaking.

To calculate a lighting truss load, you need to understand some terminologies listed below:

  • Dead Load:

Dead load is the weight of the light truss and all the materials permanently fixed to it.

  • Live Load:

Live load is load that is temporarily fixed to the light truss.

  • Universally Distributed Load:

UDL or Universal Distributed Load is a load or weight equally spread throughout the light truss.

For example, a video wall is an example of a universally distributed load.

Uniformly distributed load

 Uniformly distributed load

  • Center point load:

Center point load is the maximum load that can be fixed to the center of the light truss.

Center point load

Center point load

  • Third point load:

The third point load is the two maximum loads that are fixed to each third point on the light truss.

Third point load

Third point load

  • Quarter point load:

Quarter point load is testing the three maximum loads that are fixed at each quarter point along a light truss.

Quarter point load

Quarter point load

  • Fifth point load:

The fifth point load is testing the four maximum loads fixed at each fifth point on the light truss.

Fifth point load

Fifth point load

  • Dynamic point load:

Dynamic loads are loads such as ice loads, shock loads, and wind loads. Dynamic loads are usually not included in the calculations of the load tables.

Also, the dead load of a truss is not added to the provided load rating of the light truss.

The load rating of a light truss usually comes with a deflection. Deflections are defined as the degree of displacement caused by a load.

As the tolerances into the truss, the actual deflection of the truss may be higher

How To Hang A Lighting Truss ?

Hanging a lighting truss above ground can be very dangerous if you don’t do it properly.

To successfully hang a light truss, you need to pay proper attention to the load ratings of the truss and the equipment hanging on the lighting truss.

Lighting trusses that are above ground are usually referred to as flown trusses.

You also need to know the proper methods and principles for installing and hanging a lighting truss.

● How To Hang Lighting Truss From Ceiling Pipe:

You can hang a light truss from different types of ceiling, such as a ceiling with a visible steel pipe structure or the ceiling in your living room.

You can usually find a ceiling with a steel pipe structure in stadiums or airports.

Steel ceiling pipes

Steel ceiling pipes

These steel structures can usually carry more weight than the ceiling in your living room.

You will use clamps to attach the light truss to the steel ceiling pipe to hang them.

Meanwhile, a professional must drill holes and put anchors in a concrete ceiling to hang the light truss.

Remember to calculate the total load before hanging a light truss from a ceiling regardless of the type of ceiling.

How To Make A Light Truss ?

A lighting truss is made through a process of extrusion where different shapes are formed from metals such as aluminum or steel.

After the extrusion, different extruded aluminum pieces are welded together to create the light truss parts.

How Do You Power Your Truss Lighting ?

You will need to power your lighting truss before it is ready for use.

Follow these easy steps below to add your power cords to the light truss:

  • First, use a clamp to attach the light to the truss.
  • Next, assemble all your wires.
  • Connect your wires to the lights.

When you are wiring and powering your lights on a truss, the wires can get very messy.

The wires can easily get tangled during installation and teardown.

To prevent your wires from tangling, you should use a tie-line to tie the wires to the frame of the light truss.

Also, if you regularly use the same light truss set-up and wiring, you should tape the frequently used wires together.

You can also increase set-up and teardown time by taping the frequently used wires together.

This is because you don’t have to waste time arranging wires during set-up and untangling wires after set-up.

How Much Does Lighting Truss Weigh ?

The weight of a lighting truss varies because light trusses are built to be used for different applications.

A lighting truss can weigh between 20-200 kg depending on the metal, thickness, and size of the individual pieces used to make the truss.

Also, steel trusses are heavier than aluminum trusses of the same size.

How To Assemble Lighting Truss ?

To assemble a light truss, you will need to gather all the parts of the truss, such as the base plates, the truss top and sides, and the truss spigots, pins, and safety clips.

You will need to arrange all the truss pieces then use the spigots, pins, and safety clips to connect the truss parts together.

Next, connect the truss frame to the base plates using the spigots, pin, and safety clips.

Now your light truss is assembled and ready for use.

How Do You Put Lights On A Truss?

You can put lights on a standing truss or a hanging truss.

To hang the lights to the truss, you will need to use clamps such as a C-clamp, J-clamp, half clamp, trigger clamp, or a super clamp.

Types of clamps

Types of clamps

You will also need to attach a safety cable to prevent the lights from falling even if the clamp fails.

Different types of lights can be hung on the truss. But truss or stage-specific lights come with pre-made holes at the top used to connect the clamp.

Follow the process below to hang lights on the truss:

Start by gathering the materials such as the lights, the clamps, or the wrenches you need for the installation.

Next, you remove the screw from the clamp and insert it in the hole at the top of the lights.

Next, you attach the clamp to the screw at the top of the truss light.

Next, tighten the screw and ensure that the clamp is fixed correctly to the light.

Next, you take the clamp attached to the light and clamp it to the truss to hang the light.

Finally, tighten the clamp screw to fix the light on the truss properly.

After hanging and clamping the light, you can connect the cables to power the light,

Also, try to arrange your wires to prevent them from getting tangled, which can cause a huge mess.

Lights hung on light truss

 Lights hung on light truss

How To Install A Lighting Truss ?

There are different ways you can install a light truss for various applications.

You can install a ground-supported lighting truss mounted to the ground.

Or, you can install a flown truss which is hung overhead.

To install the Ground-supported truss, you need all the truss parts such as the base plate, the truss sides and tops, and the spigots, pins, and safety clips.

Follow the process below to install a Ground-supported truss:

  • First, arrange all the pieces of the light truss how it is meant to be installed.
  • Next, insert the spigot into the end holes of the truss parts.
  • Next, then pins into the holes of the spigots.
  • Next, insert the safety clips into the holes of the pins.
  • Next, attach the next truss piece to the other end of the spigot and connect the pins and safety clips to join the two truss parts together.
  • Next, you connect the truss frame to the base plates to join them together and complete the truss.

There are different ways to install a flown truss.

You can install a flown truss on steel ceiling pipes such as the type found in stadiums and exhibits by hanging the light truss on the steel pipes using a clamp.

You can also install a truss to a concrete ceiling by creating a hole and attaching an anchor.

This anchor is where the light truss will be connected to the concrete ceiling.

How To Transport A Lighting Truss In A Van ?

If you are transporting your lighting truss in a van, then you must take some safety measures to protect your truss from damage, such as:

  • You must arrange your truss to prevent it from moving while it is in the van
  • You must avoid any form of collision that can deform or damage the light truss as it is in the van.
  • It would help if you also tried breaking your truss into individual pieces to make arranging and transporting easy.
  • Do not place heavy items on the light truss in the van to prevent damage.

Will My Lighting Truss Be In Projector Sightline ?

Yes, your lighting truss may appear within the projector sightline depending on how you install the light truss and how close or far it is from the projector’s view.

Why Use Triangular Truss For Stage Lights?

Triangular trusses are good because the triangular shape spreads load equally throughout its body.

This ability to spread the load equally around its body makes it ideal for applications with significant weight load, such as hanging many lights, video, and sound equipment on the light truss.

Triangular truss

Triangular truss

What Should I Pay Attention To When Buying A Lighting Truss?

Before you buy a light truss, you have to pay very good attention to the suppliers and manufacturers of the light truss.  

You should always purchase light trusses from reputable lighting or stage truss manufacturers.

Your manufacturer must always have a published load rating and load tables for the lighting truss.

Also, purchase only from light truss manufacturers that are legally certified to do their business.

There are cases of damages to life and properties because of a poorly built light truss.

Also, illegal light truss suppliers can lie about the load rating, which will mislead the rigger into thinking the light truss can carry more load than it really can.

You can prevent this. But how?

Always buy from top-quality light truss suppliers such as LW.

LW is among the most professional light truss suppliers in China and worldwide.

For many years, LW has strived to make premium-quality light trusses in less than the usual time to satisfy the global demand for quality and quantity.

What Are The Features Of The Lighting Truss?

There are different types of lighting trusses, but they all have common features they share.

Below are some common features of light trusses:

  • Light trusses are used to hold equipment such as lights, audio, and video devices.
  • Light trusses are usually made of metal, such as aluminum or steel.
  • A light truss can be used for both indoor and outdoor events.

What Are The Precautions For The Lighting Truss?

When you are working with lighting trusses, you must take several precautions to prevent any damage to life and properties.

You can take various precautions before, during, and after use of the light truss.

Follow the precautions below when you are working with a light truss:

  • You must ensure to calculate and read the load ratings and load tables of the light truss before installation.
  • Before use, you should always check if the light truss is deformed or damaged.
  • You must ensure to only buy lighting trusses from reputable manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Ensure consult an engineer and professional rigger when you are setting up your truss and installing any overhead equipment on the light truss.
  • Check to see if there is any crack on the welded areas of the light truss.
  • Check the spigots, pins, and safety clips for any form of damage, such as deformity or corrosion.
  • All personnel must use a safety belt when climbing up to work with the light truss.
  • You must also wear a safety helmet to protect your head from damages such as a falling object.
  • Prevent any form of collision to the light truss to protect it from damage when transporting them.
  • Never allow people to stand under the light truss during the lifting process.
  • Store the light truss away from rain and chemicals. Always store your truss in a dry environment.

Can Electricians Install Truss Lighting?

Yes, electricians should be able to install the lights on the truss because it is an electrical installation job.

You may be able to install the lights for your truss on your own for DIY projects, but it is always best to work with electricians when it comes to electrical work.

Your electrician may not have worked with a light truss before, but they can easily understand all the requirements it takes to install the lights on the truss.

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