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LW High-quality Aluminum Louver Supplier

LW is an ISO-certified company located in China. We deal with aluminum products on an international level. We are specialized in manufacturing all aluminum-based products worldwide.  

We maintained a significant position in the market for more than 15 years and our mission is to continue providing our services in the future on the succeeding level.

We provide the best quality of aluminum products to our customers and aluminum louvers are one of them. We use the best material for the manufacture of the aluminum louver to ensure its quality and stability. 

We also provide free samples to our customers to assure the aspects of the products before purchasing.

LW has been providing high-quality aluminum louvers for years to its clients. We produce aluminum louvers in bulk that have a variety of sizes, designs, and colors to meet your different requirements. You could also custom them according to your needs.

LW Aluminum Louvers

Classification of Aluminum Louver

Stationary aluminum louvers
Stationary Aluminum Louvers

They are both drainable and non-drainable. They have fixed louver blades that have fixed louver blades that protect from wind-driven rainwater.

Adjustable aluminum louvers
Adjustable Aluminum Louvers

They are also referred to as shutter louvers. They are operational to open and close nicely. These are used to control the air regulation and light penetration in the room.

Combination aluminum louvers
Combination Aluminum Louvers

They consist of both fixed louver blades and adjustable louver blades. Combination louvers can incorporate both fixed and adjustable louver blades which are selected based on the action need of the louver.

Air Measuring Aluminum Louvers

They have vertical blades that are ordered in a close position. They are used to control the airflow and for plenum applicationss.


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How Is LW Aluminum Louver Manufacturer and Supplier Different from Others?

One-Stop Service

LW offers a one-stop service that offers a multitude of assistance to its customers, saving them considerable time and effort.

Premium Quality Products

LW is known for the premium quality of its products. We maintained the quality from the start. The satisfaction of our customers is our priority and we always earned it.

Processing of Products

At LW, we have a great team that carries out processes like milling, cutting, fabrication, bending of aluminum products with considerable efficiency.


LW offers a great customization service to fulfill the preference and requirements of its customers. You could customize aluminum louvers in any size, color, and design for us.

Timely Delivery

LW provides timely and secure delivery services worldwide. We start shipping an order within 24 hours.

Customer Care Service

LW offers 24/7 customer care service. We efficiently serve each customer. All the queries are answered on time.

Aluminum Louvers

Pros of Aluminum Louvers

  • Lightweight

Aluminum Louvers are three times lighter than steel louvers. Its lightweight quality coupled with its sturdiness makes it more effective.

  • Durability

Aside from being lightweight, aluminum louvers are highly durable. This durability offers a considerable strength to weight ratio.

  • Corrosion Resistant

Aluminum louvers have oxide coating on them that make them resistant to corrosion and enable them to last for decades.

  • Appealing Look

Aluminum louvers give an aesthetic look wherever they are installed. Due to this property, aluminum louvers are used for architectural beauty purposes.

  • Easily Recyclable

Aluminum louvers are extremely recyclable. After recycling, its quality factors remain the same. 

  • Versatile

Aluminum is an extremely versatile metal. It’s easy to bend, cut, and mold it into other forms. You could customize any design of aluminum louver of your preferences and requirements from us.

Applications of Aluminum Louvers

Aluminum louvers for window
Aluminum louver for door
Aluminum louver for curtain wall
Curtain Wall
Aluminum louver for aluminum framework
Aluminum Framework
Aluminum Louver for roof shading
Roof Shading

LW, A Trusted Company for Aluminum Louvers

LW has been working as the manufacturer and supplier of aluminum products for more than 15 years. From the local level to the International level, we always survive to maintain the quality of our products. 

In this regard, LW has earned the trust of millions of customers due to its efficient services.

We established our reputation in market places worldwide. Our mission is to continue providing premium quality products to our customers. 

Our aluminum louvers are best known in the market. You could have a complete line of quality aluminum louvers under one source.

Aluminum louvers are shutters that have horizontal or parallel blades/slats. They are made of high-grade extruded aluminum. Aluminum louvers possess high potency as compared to wooden, glass, and metal louvers.

They are an effective system to adjust the light penetration, airflow regulation. It is also used for architectural beauty. Its durability, aesthetic look, and lightweight factors are increasing its demand day by day.

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Aluminum Louvers – The FAQ Guide

When you’re in the market and looking for aluminum louvers, you need to some ample research to fully reach your expectations and know what you want.

Here at LW, we compiled the frequently asked questions that we experience and get asked often. 

Read it here:

Aluminum Louvers - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. How Do I Install Aluminum Louvers?

Before you begin installing your aluminum louvers, it’s important to take note that you should proceed with caution.

Make sure to contact an expert first and gear up to avoid any potential injuries that may arise from accidents.

Here are the various ways you can install your aluminum louvers:

Sill Flashing

  1. Check for any damage.The sill of the aperture and the underside of the sill flashing should be well cleaned and free of obstructions. 

Once you receive your aluminum louvers and you’re finally ready to begin the installation, make sure to see if during shipping your aluminum louver may have been damaged.

If so, contact us immediately.

  1. Find where the sill flashing is located.

All broad louvers with more than one part should have sill flashing.

  1. Start cleaning

This is the second action item that you should take.

  1. Apply caulk to the opening’s sill.

Apply caulk to the opening’s sill, and then firmly secure the sill flashing in the caulk to prevent it from falling out.

  1. Caulk the overlapping joints.

Caulk the overlapping joints of the multiple piece sill flashing and ensure it is secure.

Caulk the underside of the sill flashing end cap for it to be securely placed over the top.

Aluminum Louvers Installed

Aluminum Louvers Installation

Aluminum Louver Single Section

  1. Assess the required anchor clips.

 Determine all the anchor clip angles required to ensure that the louvers are at the proper depth and location.

  1. Insert the louver into the opening.

Make sure to carefully insert it.

  1. Use shims to level the louver.

Make sure to keep the sealant seams free.

  1. Prepare your #12 screws. 

Using at least #12 screws, fasten the louver frame to the clip angles after the louver is level and in the correct place.

  1. Install backer rod

2. How Do I Remove My Aluminum Louvers?

Whether you’re replacing your aluminum louvers, or you decided to remove your aluminum louvers, it’s important to know how to uninstall and remove anything.

Here are the steps you should follow when removing aluminum louvers:

  1. Prepare the materials that you need.

When removing aluminum louvers, you’re going to need a hammer, screwdriver, and a power drill.

It’s important that you have these tools as they will ease the whole process and some of them are required.

Moreover, you may also need sandpaper and other cleaning materials.

  1. Remove the glass

If you’re not going to remove the glass first it’s going to be dangerous! 

To secure the glass pane in place, a piece of metal may be curved over the end.

You should be able to bend this back with your hands or with the aid of pliers. This will facilitate the removal of the glass.

Aluminum Louvers Uninstalled

Aluminum Louvers Removal

  1. Grab your screwdriver and loosen the screw.

Once the glass is removed, you’ll see that the mullion (the vertical portion of the window frame) is screwed into the frame. 

These screws may have gotten jammed. Put your screwdriver on the screw. Strike it many times with your hammer. Ensure that you do this. 

If fragments of damaged plastic fall from the handle of your screwdriver, make way to replace it.

3. What Are Aluminum Louvers Made Of?

As the name suggests, aluminum louvers are made from aluminum which is why aluminum louvers are durable and lightweight.

You won’t have to worry about it corroding too quickly as materials made out of aluminum are naturally resistant to the detrimental effects of corrosion.

Aluminum Louvers

Aluminum Louvers

4. Are Aluminum Louvers Good Against Fire?

It depends on what you mean exactly by being good against fire.

Aluminum louvers are not meant to be placed directly in front of fire just like any other item that wasn’t made for that purpose.

However, aluminum louvers won’t melt when placed in a particularly warm environment and will more likely than not block out the UV rays that come from the sun’s rays.

Aluminum Louvers Fire Resistance

Aluminum Louvers Fire Resistance

5. Is It Hard To See Through Aluminum Louvers?

Oftentimes, yes, it is hard to see through aluminum louvers.

But therefore, it’s important to make sure that your aluminum louvers are adjustable and can be opened whenever you can open them.

Aluminum louvers are meant to block out things from outside your home and provide you with privacy and protection all the while improving the appearance of your home.

Aluminum Louvers

Aluminum Louvers 

6. How Do I Maintain My Aluminum Louvers?

To make sure that you have the longest life span possible for your aluminum louvers, it’s important that you make sure to allot routine maintenance just like any other product.

If you fail to properly maintain your aluminum louvers, there’s a chance that you’ll see them degrade more quickly.

Here are the things you can do to properly maintain them:

  • Inspect and make sure that all of the fittings and screws are properly secured before moving on.
  • Make sure that the clips haven’t altered over time by looking at them.
  • If the blade does not feel secure in the clips, tighten them up.
  • Ensure that all of the louver blades may move freely.
  • Ensure that seals are in place and in excellent condition before using.

Aluminum Louvers Maintenance

Aluminum Louvers Maintenance

7. How Do I Clean My Aluminum Louvers?

To slow down the rate of weathering, frequent maintenance of the surface finish is required.

Although cleaning frequency varies according on the environment, it is generally recommended that areas like the beach or industrial areas be cleaned more often, such as every three months.

  • Remove any loose particles with a brush or a hose.
  • Make sure you use warm water and a mild detergent while cleaning. Use a soft sponge or brush to remove any debris. Do not use caustic, abrasive or harsh chemicals in cleaning goods.
  • Refresh with fresh water.
  • Dry it with a chamois.
  • Use a “non-abrasive” vehicle polish to maintain the shine of the paintwork.

Aluminum Louvers Cleaning

Aluminum Louvers Cleaning

8. What Are The Things That I Should Be Remembering When Purchasing Aluminum Louvers?

Before purchasing aluminum louvers or any other product, it’s important that you do some ample research before doing so


Here’s a checklist of the things you should be considering when purchasing aluminum louvers:

  1. The aluminum alloy grade.

Aluminum louvers are made from aluminum and it’s important to assess first what aluminum alloy grade you’ll be using as there is a difference.

  1. The climate where the aluminum louvers will be placed in.

The alloy you’ll be using will indicate what climates are appropriate.

  1. How much you’re willing to spend on aluminum louvers.

Some aluminum alloy grades are more expensive than others.

9. How Does LW Ensure That My Aluminum Louvers Are Of Excellent Quality?

To guarantee that your aluminum louvers are of the finest quality possible, LW adheres strictly to the most stringent requirements of quality and legislation.

Our quality control processes include the following:

1. Routine Quality Checks

On a regular basis, the quality of the product is checked and verified.

The chemical composition of the raw material must fulfill or surpass our specifications as soon as it is received by us.

We next begin the extrusion of metal louvers.

After the project is completed, we pay close attention to the aesthetics to make sure everything looks good and works well.

It went through a comprehensive measuring procedure again to guarantee that its dimensions were correct for you.

2. Laboratory for the analysis of aluminum on site

LW does all laboratory testing in-house, unlike other factories and manufacturers.

To ensure that our aluminum louvers meet Chinese regulatory standards for aluminum manufacture, LW’s engineers and experts test them in the lab.

10. Are Aluminum Louvers Easy To Break?

On average, aluminum louvers aren’t that easy to break since they are made from durable materials.

However, if you fail to properly maintain and clean your aluminum louvers, they may take a lot of damage from this.

How easy your aluminum louvers break depends on how well you take care of it.

11. Are Aluminum Louvers Good To Use In All Weather Conditions?

Yes, aluminum louvers are typically good to use in all weather conditions since aluminum is very durable and flexible.

However, for highly extreme weather conditions such as extreme cold and extreme heat, it’s not that advisable.

Aluminum Louvers Outside

Aluminum Louvers Outside

12. Are Aluminum Louvers Good For Insulation?

Yes, aluminum louvers are an excellent choice if you’re looking to insulate your home.

Here are the benefits of insulating your home by adding in aluminum louvers:

  • A trademarked sandwich design that incorporates excellent insulation.
  • Insulating your home by using aluminum louvers will make it so that you’re going to have an increased quality in air ventilation and privacy.
  • It will help reduce the cost of your energy bills.
  • You won’t have to worry too much about the dangerous UV rays.

Aluminum Louvers for Insulation

Aluminum Louvers for Insulation

13. How Heavy Are Aluminum Louvers?

Aluminum louvers are super lightweight and should weigh no more than 50kg.

14. What Are The Surface Finishing Options Available For My Aluminum Louvers?

Aluminum louvers come in a variety of surface treatments, so you may pick and choose what you want.

Aluminum louvers may be coated in a variety of ways. A few of the most common methods for completing the surface of an object include:

Surface Treatment Option: Anodizing

Anodizing is a common finishing technique for aluminum louvers because it increases the metal’s corrosion resistance while also improving its aesthetic appeal.

Surface Finishing Option: Liquid Paint

Wet painting is widely used by those who want to change the color of their metal. It’s just cosmetic, therefore there’s nothing more to do except change the look on the outside. It is possible to reuse the different colors.

Surface Finishing Option: Powder Coating

Aluminum louvers are recommended for outdoor application because to the powder coating process’ resistance to abrasions produced by outside surfaces. Powder coating is easy to be shaped once it has been applied to the whole metal bar.

Aluminum Louvers Surface Finishing Options

Aluminum Louvers Surface Finishing Options

15.What Are The After-Sale Services That LW Provides For Every Aluminum Louver Order?

LW’s aluminum louvers come with after-sale services just like any other product that you’ll be ordering from LW. 

Though the services vary depending on the product, generally there are:

  1. Warranty for your aluminum louvers for safety.
  2. Design services that let us turn your concept into a reality
  3. Easy installation.
  4. Full customization.

After Sale Services

LW After-sale services

16. What Are The Popular Aluminum Alloy Grades Used For Aluminum Louvers?

For aluminum louvers, the most popular aluminum alloy grades used typically come from the 6000 and the 2000 series.

This is because these series are considered A+ when it comes to making aluminum louvers because of both the durability and the flexibility.

17. How Long Does It Take For LW To Accomplish My Aluminum Louver Order?

In general, it does not take long for LW to complete aluminum louvers since they are often purchased in regular sizes based on the size of the window.

However, individuals asking for certain measurements and other characteristics may have to wait a little longer for their order to be completed.

Because LW has a stringent policy on manufacturing requirements, it may take up to a month for your bespoke aluminum louver to be completed.

LW will make sure that you will only get the best grade aluminum louver.

18. Does LW Offer Standard Sizes For Aluminum Louvers?

Yes, LW offer aluminum louvers that can be bought in standard sizes that are typically used in the market.

These standard sizes however are limited to the amount of stock we have but it’s a rare occurrence when we don’t have stock due to our vast inventory.

19. How Long Do Aluminum Louvers Last?

Aluminum louvers have a lengthy lifespan that you won’t have to worry too much about them being destroyed.

However, please do note that the aluminum louver’s lifespan is highly influenced by how well you maintain and clean it.

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