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LW Manufacturer- Aluminum mirror frame

Whenever you first get into someone’s room, bathroom, and wardrobe, the first thing you will be going to see in the mirror. Mirror adds beauty and attraction to our homes and areas where we go and do work so it is necessary to make the right choice of a mirror whenever you are trying to remodel or renovate your home or workplace.

When you are decorating your place, you must consider the aluminum mirror frame as the LW manufacturer has high-quality frames with exclusive designs and multi colors. An aluminum mirror frame is more durable, rigid, and firm than any other metal. This makes aluminum a prior choice for making an aluminum mirror frame.

Aluminum mirror frames are also used in the production of both residential and commercial mirror frames. 

The aluminum mirror frame can be made into a unique and curved design according to the requirements of the client.

Classification of Aluminum Mirror Frame

1.Gold-plated Aluminum mirror frame

Gold Aluminum mirror frame

A gold-plated aluminum mirror frame is one of the trending aluminum mirrors. It comes in oval, round and square shapes. It can be used for decorating rooms or bathrooms

Smart Illuminated Aluminum mirror frame

You can decorate your place with a smart illuminated aluminum mirror frame. The light is mounted on the frame which makes it smart and enhances your bathroom look.

2. Smart illuminated Aluminum mirror frame
Stylish Aluminum mirror frame

Stylish Aluminum mirror frame

The stylish aluminum mirror frame is perfectly polished and refined with aluminum metal. It has a thickness of 1mm, its shape is rectangular and it is simply used in homes, rooms, or hotels.

Table decorate aluminum mirror frame

Another type of aluminum mirror frame is used for decorating tables and dining tables. They are unfolded, fire free, and hangable. It has many shapes and it is used for ornamental purposes in hotels, restaurants, and homes.

Table decorate Aluminum mirror frame
Dual coated Aluminum mirror frame curved shape

Dual coated Aluminum mirror frame curved shape

Curved-shaped dual-coated aluminum mirror frame is used widely for decorating commercial and residential places. The curved-shaped mirror frame is flat and can be used for making windows and door frames.


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Advantages of an Aluminum mirror frame


The aluminum frame made from aluminum is waterproof. Its water-resistant property made it a premium choice for bathroom walls.

Multi colors

There are multicolor options available in an aluminum mirror frame. The varieties of colors make it a premium choice to decorate your wall, enhance the overall organization of the space, and decorate it according to the requirements and combinations of your walls and windows.

Unique designs

There are many designs available in the aluminum mirror frame. You can select the frames of your own choice according to your bathroom or room color and texture, and you can also personalize them according to your specific need.

Attractive appearance

The aluminum mirror frame has an attractive appearance, and it adds beauty and charm to your bathroom or room walls. The eye-catching design is being installed in both residential and commercial places for ornamental purposes.

Easy installation

Another quality of aluminum mirror frames is that they can be fixed with other materials like wood or steel, can easily be fit into any design, and their installation is also very easy.

LW Manufacturer believes in Customer usefulness and customization

  • Careful handling of products 

Aluminum mirror frames are packed under the supervision of our high-quality staff. The mirror frames are packed in a container and transported carefully to our valuable customers.


  • Customized products

LW manufacturer also deals in custom mirror frames. The mirror frames are made according to the 

area needed and the space available to your bathroom and the color combination of your choice.


  • Reasonable prices

We provide high-quality aluminum mirror frames at the most reasonable prices. You can get good quality products at the most affordable prices.

Applications of an Aluminum mirror frame

Residential places
Interior designing
Aluminum mirror frame in ornamental purposes
Ornamental purposes

LW Manufacturer- Beautify your place

LW manufacturer deals in all kinds of aluminum mirror frames with exclusive designs and multi colors. The mirror frames are also customized according to customers’ needs and requirements.

The aluminum frames are of high quality, and they are highly reflective, their visual appearance is very aesthetic and can be used in both residential and commercial places for decoration. It has different shapes like oval, round, curved, or any of your choice.

There are many varieties of sizes in aluminum mirror frames from a small flat table decorative mirror to the large wall mirror for your bathroom. We have many diversities and unique designs.

Our first-class staff is always there for our valuable customers to guide them about the specific material and help them choose what is best for them.