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The motorcycling community is a closely knit group, with good reason. Those who have been riding know the dangers of the road and understand that they share their experiences with other riders to avoid unnecessary accidents. 

The same logic applies to motorcyclists who have been building custom aluminum motorcycle frames for years. 

Why go through the trouble of designing, building and riding your own custom frame? Because when it comes to strength, durability and style, aluminum motorcycle frames are the best way to go.

Aluminum Motorcycle Frames are an excellent choice for an all-weather, year-round shelter. They can withstand heavy snow, wind, rain and other severe weather conditions. 

They also offer great ventilation making them the top choice when you want to enjoy the outdoors.

Aluminum Motorcycle Frame

The motorcycle frame is one of the most important parts of a motorcycle. It is a structure that keeps your vehicle together, but it also provides strength and stability as you drive. 

Over time, frames take more stress than they should, so they can start to corrode from their base. 

This problem can be avoided with an aluminum motorcycle frame because its coating prevents corrosion from happening. 

Also, these aluminum motorcycle frames are lightweight which means that it won’t affect the speed or performance of your motorcycle at all.

Our aluminum motorcycle frame is the perfect solution for upgrading your motorcycle. 

Not only does it give you a better drive, but it also adds a whole new level of style to your ride as well. It’s easy to install and will create an impressive design that others envy.

Aluminum Motorcycle Frame


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We make sure your needs are met.

A motorcycle frame is the core of any motorcycle. It is needed to support the engine and other components like the electric/fuel system, engine cooling system and fuel tank, as well as passenger(s) and cargo. Investing in an aluminum motorcycle frame manufacturer is a wise decision if you’re looking for a long lasting vehicle that meets your needs.

Exceptional quality control.

Choose the right aluminum motorcycle frame manufacturer for your beloved creation. Quality may be a subjective issue, LW could provide exceptional quality , because we have strict quality control department and quality inspection department. Which make sure that you could high quality products for any aluminum motorcycle frame .

Rigorous manufacturing processes.

LW provide the process of TIG welding provides a stronger bond between the materials than that achievable by other methods such as MIG welding or resistance welding.An aluminum motorcycle frame produces a lighter, faster and more fuel efficient motorcycle.

Nothing but high-quality and high-performance.

Aluminum Motorcycle Frame combines the appearance of a classic motorcycle and the performance of an all-new bike. If you like to stand out from the crowd, then Aluminum Motorcycle Frame is the right choice for you. It's a great way to personalize your bike by giving it an exclusive look.

Aluminum Motorcycle Frame

LW Supply Premium Aluminum Motorcycle Frame

Speed, Power, and Performance

Aluminum Motorcycle Frame is one of the most important components of a motorcycle, especially the race track. It allows each wheel to rotate independently, causing the motorcycle to turn. And it does so with speed and efficiency. It also provides a firm foundation for other components like the engine and transmission.

Lightweight and Long-Lasting

 If you are looking for the best motorcycle frame to go with your custom bike, then you can’t go wrong with aluminum. Aluminum is a popular choice for many motorcyclists and for good reason—it’s lightweight, easy to maintain and does not rust like other metals like steel.

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Aluminum Motorcycle Frame for Racing
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Aluminum Motorcycle Frame for Manufacturing
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Aluminum motorcycle frames are the smartest materials that could be used to manufacture a motorcycle. There are several other strong and durable materials but none can match this type of frame when it comes to smartness, durability, endurance and extreme flexibility. 

The frame can either be made of steel, aluminum or titanium. With aluminum becoming more popular in recent years due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance. 

The strength of an aluminum motorcycle frame is based on its ability to absorb vibrations. You can drive your motorcycle for hours without getting tired because you will be driving on a very stable surface, unlike the steel motorcycle frames that tend to vibrate in different environments. 

The biggest benefit of an aluminum motorcycle frame is that it is easily fabricated, unlike traditional frames that require welding which creates excess material and can weaken the overall structure. 

Indeed, aluminum allows for the construction of longer, lower and more aerodynamic motorcycles than traditional materials such as steel or titanium. 

This sturdy material helps in absorbing moisture from the soil or from any water body even if you go through it with your motorcycle. 

The level of moisture absorption is helpful in keeping the body fluids stable through extreme climate changes during rains or winters when other materials tend to expand