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LW Aluminum Patio Covers Manufacturers and Suppliers

LW is a company that provides you with the best quality aluminum patio covers. We are internationally recognize for providing the best aluminum products in unique designs. With an experience of more than 15 years, we stand in one of the top aluminum made product suppliers in China.

Our team is highly professional and skilled in manufacturing the good quality aluminum patio covers and in dealing with the customers. We provide low MOQ to the customers. Our company also provides ODM & OEM to the customers on demand.

You can get all of your services under the roof of LW aluminum patio covers suppliers, as we are a one-stop platform. Get your product customized and processed according to your choice.

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Product Categories

Classifications of LW Aluminum Patio Covers

Retractable Aluminum Patio Cover
Retractable Aluminum Patio Cover

These are specially designed for summers. You can enjoy the summer air in evening and get yourself protected from the extreme heat at noon. The retractable patio covers can be retracted through the remote control or manually.

Glass ceiling Aluminum patio cover
Glass Ceiling Aluminum Patio Cover

These are designed for summer as well as cold weather. They are preferred for cold weather as you can enjoy the winter sun without having to bear the cold wind. The glass ceiling will help you protect from the wind and filter out the sunrays.


Shaded Aluminum Patio cover

This type of patio cover is ideal for shading purpose. The fixed roof doesn’t allow the sun rays to filter as well as is good for protecting your furniture. You can also install fans to keep the heat away.

Advantages of LW Aluminum Patio Cover Manufacturers and Suppliers

Quality Assured

LW has assured quality aluminum patio covers. Our company deals with the best quality products and never compromise on it. Our products are made of lightweight and durable aluminum due to which they last longer.

Satisfactory Services for Customers

We at LW work day and night to satisfy our customers with our services. We communicate with you anytime you want and clear all your doubts regarding the products. Along with this, we also claim to deliver our products in least time possible.

A One-Stop Company

LW is a one-stop company that meets all of your requirements. It can provide you with any type of customization services like different colors choices, variable lengths according to your need and different designs to choose from.

Experienced and Proficient Team

LW has highly experienced and proficient workers who work day and night to manufacture good quality aluminum patio covers. They are experienced enough to tailor them in all latest and unique designs. They also monitor them to maintain the quality before and after delivery.

Surface Treatment

Many customers demand for finishing the products with the help of surface treatment. Aluminum Patio covers can be treated with different techniques like sand blasting, milling, anodizing, electrophoresis, PVDF coating etc.

Deep Processing Services

Along with surface treatment the customers also demand for deep processing of the products. We have experts to provide you with various deep processing techniques like cutting, welding, milling, punching, bending tapping etc.

Your Trusted Aluminum Patio Cover Suppliers and Manufacturers

  • Get different choices of colors:

LW has a professional department that deals with the customization of their products. You can choose from our catalogue of colors as well as can customize according to you choice. Our range includes silver, golden, black, white, bronze, champagne, grey or any color of your choice.

  • Unique designs:

LW can design aluminum patio covers in unique and latest designs. You can also customize according to your interest. Be it louver type roof, retractable covers, fixed or shaded all of them are manufactured by us.

Applications of LW Aluminum Patio Covers

Aluminum Patio Cover for Pool
Aluminum Patio Cover for Courtyard
Aluminum patio Cover for lawn
Aluminum patio cover for balcony

LW Aluminum Patio Covers Manufacturers

LW is an aluminum product manufacturing company that deals with the manufacture and supply of aluminum patio covers throughout the world.  Our products are budget friendly and of guaranteed quality. We have an experience of 15+ years that has helped us pass the ISO certification.

We deal with different types of aluminum patio covers like retractable or glass shaded that helps customers choose the one they desire. We also provide different customization services like to choose from different colors and different sizes that meet the requirements of customers.

Aluminum Patio covers can be used for shading purposes on different places like our homes, restaurants and shops etc. It not only protects from heat and extreme weather but also adds to the beauty of the places.

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