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Aluminum PCB enclosure is a lightweight and strong product. It is the best material that can be used to make small electronic devices or PCB. 

You can use it in small electronic devices, PCBs and other similar products. When it comes to enclosures, aluminum is the industry standard which is why we make aluminum pcb enclosures.

Our aluminum PCB enclosure provides the best combination of cost, strength and heat dissipation for use with electronics. 

Aluminum enclosures are an ideal solution for many applications including industrial controls, home appliances and even cell phones. 

With aluminum PCB enclosures you can rely on a strong and durable product that will withstand years of use in harsh environments.

Many of these clients have returned multiple times because they know they can rely on us to provide excellent products that meet their needs and get the job done correctly.

Aluminum PCB Enclosure

They are not only lightweight and rugged, but they are also oil and water resistant. The extruded aluminum PCB enclosure is made of a high-quality material and has a good surface treatment. 

It is non-toxic, corrosion resistant, non-magnetic and has excellent thermal conductivity. 

Therefore, the extruded aluminum PCB enclosure is not only durable but also resistant to electromagnetic interference, providing you with a long operating life. 

Extruded aluminum PCB enclosures are a perfect solution if you need to keep your circuit board safe. 

It is a small, compact and lightweight enclosure that can protect your PCB while still allowing easy access to the pins and connectors.


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LW: Aluminum PCB Enclosure Experts

Extensive assortment of aluminum goods.

We can deliver aluminum PCB enclosures manufactured to order at affordable pricing. We are an experienced producer of them with a diverse product line, ranging from tiny aluminum PCB enclosures for one or two boards to medium and large size for over ten boards.

Excellent Manufacturer

It is a professional producer and distributor of them with the highest quality. When it comes to the production process for high-quality aluminum PCB enclosures, our organization can deliver custom-designed aluminum enclosures.

Aluminum PCB Enclosures at the Lowest Cost

Our professional expertise, experience, and attention to detail are not the only factors that set us apart from the competition. You may take advantage of our knowledge and save money since we also provide the lowest pricing. You may feel confident that the quality of our Aluminum PCB Enclosures is exceptional.

We Are an Internationally Esteemed Manufacturer

Our primary concern is your extruded aluminum PCB enclosures. We provide prompt pricing, fast production, and speedy delivery. From prototype to full-scale manufacturing, our quality assurance and customer service are unparalleled. Our quality reputation is supported by positive feedback from clients around the world who are pleased with our products.

Aluminum PCB Enclosure

Why You Should Use a Aluminum PCB Enclosure

Meet Any Industry-Specific Requirement or Demand

Consider employing the aluminum PCB enclosure if you are constructing an embedded system. It is a basic enclosure that may be tailored to your specifications with extra features. The aluminum material permits simple access to the components and connections, decreasing danger during assembly, testing, and maintenance. A gasket is provided as an option for a secure fit and protection of dust-sensitive components such as microcontrollers and sensors.

Add Resilience and Value

Utilizing aluminum PCB enclosures is a fantastic method to increase the longevity and value of your product. Similar to plastic enclosures, aluminum PCB enclosures feature a thin metal shell that may provide great protection against short circuits for your electrical project. They are also quite lightweight and available in enormous sizes, making it simple to complete your next job effectively.

Common Aluminum PCB Enclosure Applications

Aluminum PCB Enclosure for Electronics
Aluminum PCB Enclosure for Residential Applications
Residential Applications
Aluminum PCB Enclosure for Industrial Applications
Industrial Applications
Aluminum PCB Enclosure for Aerospace Industry
Aerospace Applications

LW: Aluminum PCB Enclosure Experts

Aluminium PCB Enclosure is a necessary part of your electronics project, which needs PCB shielding if you want to do it right. 

Using this aluminium PC enclosure it will make sure that the components are inside a box and away from high-voltage lines or anything else that can damage them. 

When designing a PCB you need to carefully consider how it will be placed in the external environment. 

Because of the instability and electromagnetic interference problems arising from weak electronic parts, the product can be damaged easily by the external electromagnetic interference and vibration. 

So when choosing a thermal carrier for heat dissipation, we must choose an insulating material with good vibration damping and heat dissipation capabilities, such as aluminum alloy or glass fiber board. 

In addition, due to the characteristics of aluminum as an insulating material, it can effectively prevent foreign objects from entering easily and has electrical conductivity characteristics which makes it easy to produce conductive circuits.

With LW’s aluminium pcb enclosures, you can achieve a perfect enclosure for your product.

It’s perfect for many electronics applications as well as other commercial uses such as medical applications, industrial control panel boxes, automotive panels and printed circuit boards.

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