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LW Aluminum Pergola Manufacturers and Suppliers

LW is a brand of aluminum based products. It is known as one of the best aluminum made items Production Company for more than 15 years. We manufacture all types of aluminum products for any outdoor purpose like making a living room extension or car-parking porch.

Aluminum pergola also called shading system is made of extruded aluminum. It is made of 6000 grade aluminum alloy, which is of high strength and low weight. The extruded aluminum is shaped into different types of pergola that are widely being used now a days.

LW aluminum pergola is made of high quality aluminum. Aluminum being corrosion resistant and durable is perfect choice for making pergola as it is meant for outdoor purposes. We manufacture variety of aluminum pergolas to make your houses more comfortable and look beautiful.

LW has best customization services. We always take care of our customer’s demands. Visit our website for more information.

Aluminum Pergola Extrusions

Types of Aluminum Pergola

Free standing Aluminum Pergola

This type of aluminum pergola does not need any wall support. It can be installed at any point in the house providing a comfortable and beautiful area for the residents. It is perfect for gardens, pool side and backyards.

Wall Mounted Aluminum Pergola
Wall mounted Aluminum Pergola

It can be considered as an extension in the house. This type of aluminum pergola is installed along with any wall of the house. The space can be used as an extended living room or porch. These are the mostly used pergolas.

Aluminum Pergola with roof
Aluminum Pergola with roof

Pergola is also manufactured with roof. The roof can be fixed or louvered. The fixed roof aluminum pergola is best for cold, rain or snowy weathers. It provides insulation against weather keeping the inner temperature warm.  On the other hand, the louvered roof or roofless  aluminum pergolas are best for summers.

Aluminum Awning Pergola
Aluminum Awning Pergola

It does not have any columns and is made like a shade extended from the roof. It is usually installed over a door, a window, or any other space where a shade is needed.

Aluminum Promenade Pergola
Aluminum Promenade Pergola

This type of pergola is built over a bridge. It provides a classy look as well as shade to the bridge. It can be decorated with flowers or other items providing it natural and pleasing look.

Advantages of LW Aluminum Pergola Manufacturers and Suppliers

Best and Qualified team

LW has the best and qualified team that maintains the proper production and delivery of its products. Our Quality Control department and Research & Development departments are comprehensively working for the production and supplying processes.

Extensive choices for products

LW has almost all types of aluminum made products. We deal with all types of aluminum tubing, aluminum bars, aluminum channels, aluminum pergolas and aluminum profile systems. Other than that, we also customize them on customer’s choice.

Various finishing choices

Our clients can choose any type of finishing treatment for their products. The finishing processes include PVDF coating, powder coating, anodizing, milling, wood effect, sand blasting etc.

Deep processing services

Deep processing of the products are also done on the request of clients. LW is expert in providing drilling, milling, cutting, welding, punching, tapping, bending, assembling etc.

Helping customers with good services

LW provides the best services to their clients. Our team is here to help you with any problem regarding getting a quote or getting information about the products. Along with that, we also save your time by fast delivery.

Your Aluminum Pergola Expert

Our LW team works day and night to provide you with good quality aluminum pergola.

  • Shapes: 

The aluminum pergola extrusion comes in different shapes like flat, round, square etc. They provide great insulation against weather, are durable and easy to install.

  • Colors :

 White, Silver, Bronze, Grey, Black, Golden, Champagne Wooden colored aluminum pergolas are manufactured.

  • Get different Sizes :

The aluminum pergola is also available in different sizes according to the space available. The pergolas having two posts, 4 posts or posts required by the customers is made on demand.

Applications of Aluminum Pergola

Aluminum Pergola for patio
Aluminum Pergola for pool
Aluminum Pergola for Carport
Aluminum Pergola for balcony
Aluminum Pergola for outdoor kitchen
Outdoor kitchen
Aluminum Pergola for restaurant

Worldwide Provision of Aluminum Pergola

LW aluminum Pergola is used by our clients throughout the world. We have aluminum pergolas for all types of outdoor purposes that adds beauty to the view and provides a cozy space.

We also customize them into various different designs and sizes according to your need.

The aesthetic designs make it easy for the clients to choose the one they desire. We also deal with all kind of aluminum alloy grades like 20, 30, 40 up to 100 series providing one-stop platform for the customers.

We are also known for best after delivery services that has helped us become one of the best aluminum industry worldwide.

If you want a unique aluminum pergola with a wide range of benefits then contact us now.

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LW:Your Advanced Aluminum Pergola Manufacturer and Supplier

Looking forward to enhancing the beauty of your patio? Want to install an aluminum pergola at your client’s residence?

Alternatively, want to order aluminum pergola in bulk?

Well, this FAQ guide is going to help you a lot in several ways to solve all the queries you may have in mind.

Aluminum Pergola – Ultimate FAQs Guide

What Is An Aluminum Pergola?

Aluminum pergola is a beautiful roof style patio that may be created or installed in your garden, at the terrace or if you have a deck near the entrance of the house or near your swimming pool.

Aluminum pergolas are even installed at the restaurants these days because they have a tendency to enhance the ambiance of a place in no time.

People may spend their time outdoors in a lounge under aluminum pergola enjoying chit chatting and even food. Aluminum pergolas looks beautiful and improves the aesthetic beauty of every palace.

These may be accessorized with swings, hammocks and plants so that they appear to be more beautiful. These pergolas may be made out of several materials like wood and vinyl as well, but aluminum is the finest choice.

What Are The Benefits Of Aluminum Pergolas?

The biggest benefit of installing an aluminum pergola is that it gives your house uplift and you get a good place outdoors to spend time, however, other several benefits come along with aluminum pergolas.

  • The entire structure created out of aluminum is always a strong one. People are usually worried when installing aluminum pergolas that what if wind blew them away.

If you are installing aluminum pergolas properly with right posts anchored in place there, is no need to worry about them blowing away?

  • Aluminum is a very light in weight material, hence you won’t have to face any kind of weight on the post by the aluminum pergola and it won’t even harm the posts, also installation is easy due to less weight.
  • Aluminum pergolas are free from rust and corrosion. Therefore, when you get them installed you can be assured that you don’t have to deal with such issues and it looks perfect even after years.
  • Cleaning aluminum pergola is an easy task. You don’t have to do much scrubbing, just wash the aluminum pergola with water or use a mild detergent and it will shine sparkling clean.
  • Aluminum pergolas are available in a massive variety, even if you want an aluminum pergola in wood like finish you may get it coated that way and it would give a look of wooden pergola.
  • Weather doesn’t affect aluminum pergola in any way, no matter if it is snowing, raining, dry weather or humidity, no mold will grow on your aluminum pergola.
  • Installing aluminum pergola is a long lasting choice, if you want something durable aluminum pergola could be the best choice.

Benefits of Aluminum Pergola

 Benefits of Aluminum Pergola

How To Hang String Lights On Aluminum Pergola?

If you are looking forward to adding some lightning in your patio and want to hang string lights on aluminum pergola you can follow these simple steps.

  • Install Hooks and Clamps

The very first thing to do when it comes to installing string lights on aluminum pergola is to install a wire clamp at the extreme ends first. Now, install anchor points with a screw hook on the roof.

  • Pass on Wire

Starting from the first wire clamp by clamping the wire you need to pass it to the screw hooks and then this string is drawn until the other wire clamp. Your structure is ready!

  • Fix the Bulbs

Make sure to purchase outdoor string bulbs, with the help of their strings fix them with the wire using cable ties, and connect to light up.

Your patio with aluminum pergola is all set to light up and make your evening an amazing one.

Hanging Lights on Aluminum Pergola

Hanging Lights on Aluminum Pergola

How Much Does An Aluminum Pergola Cost?

The cost of aluminum pergola may be somewhere between $75 to $250 per square feet. It is no doubt an expensive option as compared to other materials but durable in the longer run.

It may also cost more than stated if you look towards more designs as price may vary in that case.

How To Clean Aluminum Pergola?

If your aluminum pergola is maintained by cleaning often, it won’t accumulate much dirt and you can then simply clean it using just water with a garden hose easily.

However, if your aluminum pergola hasn’t been cleaned for a long time and has accumulated a lot of dirt, you need to make a solution of household detergent with water and must clean it with a soft brush.

In the end make sure to rinse the aluminum pergola with water and it would be sparkling clean once again like a newly installed one.

Maintenance and cleaning of aluminum pergola is very easy and timely cleaning won’t require much effort either.

Clean Aluminum Pergola

Clean Aluminum Pergola

How To Install Aluminum Pergola?

Aluminum pergola installation may be carried out using the below suggested steps:

  • First, you need to decide what kind of posts you are installing and how you will be either securing them, with the help of anchoring using brackets and bolts or having them filled with concrete.
  • The size of the pergola post is also a point to consider, usually a 4×4 or 6×6 pergola posts is a suitable option and you can choose your desirable option speeding upon your required height.
  • Once you are done with deciding this, start taking measurements and mark the accurate points for the installation of the aluminum pergola posts.
  • You will need to make holes in the ground to ensure proper securing of aluminum pergola posts and after you are done digging these holes start fixing the posts either by securing with concrete or bolts.
  • Let your pergola posts rest and dry if they are fixed with concrete, in case of bolt installation you can immediately go to the next step.
  • Now comes the roof of aluminum pergola, to install it you will need to first drill the holes in the posts. Take proper measurements that are exact so that your posts are not damaged by wrong drills.
  • Once all the screws are drilled, take the brackets and roof and start securing each end with the help of a screw.

Your aluminum pergola installation is complete, make sure to take the right tools in hand to ensure a consistent process of installation.

Installing Aluminum Pergola

 Installing Aluminum Pergola

Can An Aluminum Pergola Hold A Hammock?

Yes! Aluminum pergola may easily hold a hammock. Aluminum is a very light weight but a strong material and hence if you install it as a pergola you can easily add some weight on it.

Installing a hammock on the aluminum pergola will enhance the beauty of your patio in a significant manner and this would give a very comfortable experience to enjoy outdoors.

As compared to other options of pergola aluminum is the most suitable in terms of its capability to hold weight.

Hammock on Aluminum Pergola

Hammock on Aluminum Pergola

Can I Hang Plants From An Aluminum Pergola?

Definitely! You can install some hooks on your aluminum pergola and hang the plants over it. Adding plants on your aluminum pergola will give it a very beautiful and scenic look.

People who spend their time sitting in their outdoor patio would enjoy the beautiful sight of an aluminum pergola with plants; it adds life to the overall beauty of an aluminum pergola.

Hanging Plants on Aluminum Pergola

 Hanging Plants on Aluminum Pergola

Can You Add Curtains To Aluminum Pergola?

Adding curtains to your aluminum pergola will add a look that is appealing to eyes. You can introduce a cozy and comfortable environment in your aluminum pergola by adding curtains to it.

Many people add lighter tones of curtains especially in white with a net based material as that enhances the look of pergola in no time.

Curtains on Aluminum Pergola

 Curtains on Aluminum Pergola

Do Aluminum Pergolas Rust?

No! Aluminum pergolas never rust. The biggest advantage of investing into aluminum pergola is that it is a rust free option.

Therefore, if you live near a seaside and are looking forward to installing an aluminum pergola you must be rest assured that the winds near sea won’t harm your aluminum pergola.

In fact, people who live in rainy conditions may also very comfortably have these aluminum pergolas installed because these won’t rust due to rain or any other kind of harmful weather condition.

Do You Need To Bolt Aluminum Pergola?

Yes, it is very important to secure your aluminum pergolas using bolts or concrete. If you don’t do that, during extreme weather conditions the winds may blow away your aluminum pergola.

The weight of aluminum pergola is very less, hence winds may easily move them, in order to ensure the security of your family and to keep away from accidents you should ensure securing aluminum pergolas with bolts.

The tougher your aluminum pergola foundation is the more peace of mind you will be in during the bad weather conditions; in many instances, winds blow away these pergolas.

 Bolts on Aluminum Pergola

Bolts on Aluminum Pergola

How To Secure A Free Standing Aluminum Pergola?

Securing free standing aluminum pergola is very important for safety reasons. Although aluminum pergolas are secured to a certain extent no matter what, still you may choose to anchor them more properly.

  • Anchoring to the Deck

If your aluminum pergola is made to stand over a deck you will need to fix it to the deck using brackets and bolts, this would make it fitted perfectly on the base and hence the chance of blowing away of it would reduce.

  • Anchoring to Grass

If you have directly installed your aluminum pergola to your garden over grass, you can use helical spires to make them tightly bound to the ground. Helical spires have a tendency to hold aluminum pergolas on the grass.

  • Anchoring with Concrete

The safest and the most durable approach to be considered in terms of anchoring is concrete. When you make the use of concrete, you can easily fix in the posts of aluminum pergola underground and this is a strong installation.

It is very important to secure your aluminum pergolas properly with the ground, during windy weather accidents may occur if you end up leaving your aluminum pergola freely standing.

Securing Free Standing Pergola

Securing Free Standing Aluminum Pergola

Which Is More Expensive: A Wood Or An Aluminum Pergola?

Aluminum pergolas are usually expensive if compared to wood pergolas. The cost of aluminum material itself is what causes it to be expensive upfront.

However, in the longer run, the maintenance costs of wood would be high as compared to aluminum pergolas. The wear and tear of wood pergolas are also high which is not the case with aluminum pergola.

Therefore, if you consider aluminum pergolas as a longer term investment you may find them relatively more beneficial because initial costs of wood pergola would be less but you will have to invest in maintenance.

Aluminum Pergola And Wooden Pergola, Which Do You Prefer?

Every material has its own pros and cons that help you make a decision regarding their installation, same goes for aluminum and wooden pergolas as well.

  • Aluminum Pergola

If you choose aluminum pergolas, you will always be assured of the fact that these are durable enough to last much longer. You need not to worry about their rusting or corrosion as they are powder coated with paint.

Moreover, they are light in weight and hence offer a sophisticated look with a delicate layout and there is a lot of versatility in them these days, you can choose to have them in a wooden look as well.

One of the best parts of having aluminum pergolas is that they do not rot due to weather conditions; no matter what weather you face, they will stay the same. In addition, you don’t have to worry about any insect attack on them too.

  • Wooden Pergolas

Wooden pergolas on the other hand give a unique and exquisite look when installed in the middle of your garden. However, they lack durability; you have to take a lot of care and have to spend on maintenance.

Timely paint coats, protection from mold and mildew, stress of termite attack and issues with cleaning stay there. In addition, they do not last long, no matter how much care you exercise they will rot eventually.

Wooden Vs Aluminum Pergola

 Wood Vs Aluminum Pergola

Is Aluminum Pergola Good?

Aluminum pergola is excellent. You will find it the same no matter if it rains or shines, it won’t lose the finish and look it is manufactured no matter what.

Moreover, aluminum pergola serves the same purpose that a wooden pergola would serve but the durability of aluminum pergola is unmatchable and people who invest into it always are happy with it.

You won’t have to invest in its maintenance and simple washing it after certain intervals would keep it perfect.

Is Permission Important For Building An Aluminum Pergola?

Permission requirements for installing an aluminum pergola depends upon the regulations followed in your country and town. In most of the cases, installation of aluminum pergola may have certain limits.

Many towns allow installing aluminum pergolas of 5×2 without permission, if you cross the limit of this size you may need to take permissions then.

It is suggested however to take permissions beforehand so that you can securely carry out constructing an aluminum pergola. If you don’t seek permission you will always be in a dilemma of having it demolished.

What Is The Aluminum Pergolas Market Size?

Aluminum pergola is gaining global significance at a fast pace. Previously people used to get only wooden pergolas installed however, things have drastically changed now.

Looking at the wear and tear or different materials and the durability of aluminum pergolas, people have started switching towards aluminum pergolas.

In addition, it is expected that with the passage of time the market share of aluminum pergola will reach its peak as forecasted by the current demand.

 Permission of Aluminum Pergola

Permission for Aluminum Pergola

Do You Think An Aluminum Pergola Is Necessary In Your Garden?

Aluminum pergolas are not a compulsion to have in the garden; however, if you consider having them you would yourself feel uplift in your property.

No matter whether you are incorporating it in the middle of your garden, around your swimming pool or just an addition to your living space. It would leave a very scenic kind of a look and will enhance outdoor appearance.

Therefore, if you are someone who likes having houses with aesthetic appeal then you should definitely install an aluminum pergola.

Moreover, despite the fact it is made out of aluminum, it offers a beautiful look and may be coated with the wooden finish if you want a natural wooden touch in your aluminum pergola.

Aluminum Pergola in Garden

Aluminum Pergola in Garden

How Can I Judge If The Aluminum Pergola Is The Right Size?

It is very crucial to choose the right size of aluminum pergola. Choosing too big of a house would make installation difficult and too small of a size would make the layout appear weird.

In order to make the right size judgment you should make a few things a rule of thumb.

  • If you want to install aluminum pergola to a large deck, you can go for a 16×24 feet size of aluminum pergola.
  • If you want to install an aluminum pergola in the backyard or you need a free standing aluminum pergola you may opt for 12×16 feet.
  • If you are interested in having a small patio in the backyard, you may choose to have a 12×12 feet size of aluminum pergola.

If you keep this size guide in mind, choosing the right size of pergola won’t be a difficult job for you in any case.

Do Aluminum Pergolas Get Hot?

Yes, they do a little bit on a very hot sunny day. Aluminum is impacted a little by sun in terms of getting hot only and hence you should be careful while touching the aluminum pergola when it is a bright sunny day.

Do Aluminum Pergola Get Hot

 Do Aluminum Pergola Get Hot?

How To Maintain Aluminum Pergola?

Aluminum pergola wouldn’t demand much maintenance from you and basic washing would be enough to keep it clean and maintained.

You can occasionally wash your aluminum pergola with clean water and if you find any dust and mud over it use a soap water and wash with it, rinse in the end and it will be totally neat and clean to look at.

The biggest advantage of installing an aluminum pergola is that it won’t require much effort or expense in the name of maintenance.

Maintaining Aluminum Pergola

Maintaining Aluminum Pergola

How to Paint an Aluminum Pergola?

Aluminum pergolas nowadays are finished with powder coated paint and hence do not need much paint oriented touch ups. However, if you wish to give your aluminum pergola a change and a new paint look, follow these steps.

  • First, clean the entire surface of your aluminum pergola, make sure no leaves, dust or debris is left behind; you can also wash the entire surface for a cleaner finish.
  • Once your aluminum pergolas dry after washing start with the process of sanding away the old paint, it is a very crucial part because if any of the previous paint is left your new coat will look awful.
  • It is suggested to use a spray paint for doing the painting task because that is an easier and quicker approach to paint the aluminum pergola.
  • Before you start with spray paint, make sure you have masked the areas where you don’t wish to paint like the posts of your aluminum pergola.
  • Alternatively, you can also use oil paint too for improving the look of your aluminum pergola and it could be done carefully using a brush, making sure to tape the areas not to be painted.
  • Always ensure that your paint has dried for at least a day and then start putting back the stuff under the aluminum pergola or hang stuff over it.

Painting Aluminum Pergola

Painting Aluminum Pergola

Which Paint is Suitable for Aluminum Pergola?

Latex paint or acrylic paint are the two best options to choose when it comes to aluminum pergolas. They offer a very nice and natural finish and are suitable to deal with all weather conditions.

Hence, choosing the right paint is a very important part of your aluminum pergola’s durability because it is going to display its smoothness, so choose the right paint always.

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