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Why LW Aluminum Profile Shutter is in the Big League?

Aluminum Profile Shutter is gaining recognition in people’s rooms and interiors with each passing day, thanks to the variety of colors it is available in.

It gives a lighter yet brighter view of your interior.The extravagant properties of Aluminum being durable and corrosion-free have made the LW aluminum profile shutter the top priority of homeowners and builders.

LW manufacturers rightly claim to be one of the global manufacturers of Aluminum profile shutter.Our aluminum shutters speak themselves about the stunning quality and round the clock hard work of our experts and skilled men.

The sleek design and dual control handles are the additional and exclusive features of our shutters. We manufacture budget-oriented shutters with no compromise on the quality.


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Types of Aluminum Profile Shutter

Rolling Aluminum profile shutter
Rolling Aluminum profile shutter

Rolling Aluminum profile shutter is the most preferred and handy one. You can opt to close the shutter to retain privacy or open it to enjoy the light and breeze. The rolling shutter is widely used in many industrial facilities also.

Sliding Aluminum Profile Shutter

The LW Sliding Shutter is used in residential as well as business use. They are great in shielding heat/cold along with efficient energy saving. You have the option of having permanent slats or movable slats.

Lift and Slide Aluminum Profile Shutter

These shutters provide great functionality and convenience with the highest quality of design and coating. These are unique shutters, thanks to the lifting mechanism installed. Its opening is comparably wider than other kinds of shutter.

Folding Aluminum Profile Shutter
Folding Aluminum Profile Shutter

These shutters provide you with extreme security with their high-impact aluminum profile and unbreakable panels. It is lighting and hail-proof. It is easy to install with a secure chain drive.

Pros of Aluminum Profile Shutter

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The LW Aluminum profile shutter is easy to clean and easier to maintain. No hard chemicals or polish are required to retain their look. Cleaning with just a damp cloth is more than enough. It also doesn’t require periodic special maintenance or paint.

Resistance to weathering

LW aluminum profile shutter is manufactured with high-quality aluminum alloy and provides maximum resistance against weathering, wear and tear and corrosion.it can withstand harsh weather conditions and humidity.


The powder-coated Aluminum profile shutter is your solution if you are looking for a durable and long-lasting option for your windows. It is your one-time investment which will last for years to come.

Stronger but lighter

Aluminum Profile shutter might be lighter than timber shutters but exceed them in strength. They can stand collisions of high impact wind to even fierce storms. Due to its lightweight, it’s easy to install and use.

Thermal Insulation

LW aluminum profile shutter are technically manufactured to keep your room warm in winters and cool in summer. These shutters prevent scorching sunlight from entering in summer and the cold breeze in winter.

Stylish and vibrant

Unlike years old repeated patterns and designs in timber shutters, the Aluminum profile shutter gives you countless options of stylish and vibrant looks to choose from.

Additional Deal of LW Aluminum Profile Shutter

  • Sunlight and dust resistance

Apart from being durable and strong, our aluminum profile shutter lets you enjoy the additional benefits of windproof, dust-proof and sunlight resistance.

  • Sound Insulation 

LW Aluminum Profile Shutter is specifically processed and produced to give you complete sound insulation once you close them.

  • Customization for your business type

We not only manufacture Aluminum profile shutter for homes but also for your workshops and counters. We can customize it further according to your personal needs.

Application of Aluminum Profile Shutter

Aluminum Profile Shutter for Room
Aluminum Profile Shutter for Vent
Aluminum Profile Shutter for Balcony
Aluminum Profile Shutter for Office
Aluminum Profile Shutter for Hospital
Aluminum Profile Shutter for Garage

LW Aluminum - the token of quality and uniqueness in Aluminum Profile Shutter

LW Aluminum is serving you and facilitating your lives for the last 15 years. We have made ourselves a brand_ a brand of quality and reliability. We are the one-stop solution for every architectural need in your home. 

The satisfaction of our esteemed customers is our ultimate goal and we are, so far, successful in achieving it. We have gained the confidence of millions of homemakers, builders and industrialists. LW Aluminum profile shutter is the top pick of all of them

All our aluminum profile shutter are manufactured under expert supervision to ensure uniformity in quality. We also provide after-sales service and maintenance and that even at your doorstep. Our products come with a guarantee of 10 years.

We are readily available to serve you. Email us today to get your query answered.

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