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LW Aluminium Profile System Suppliers

LW is one of the leading companies in China that provides OEM and ODM to customers. As the demand for aluminum rises, we have always provided our customers with any aluminum products they need.

LW has experience supplying Aluminium profile systems and connecting elements to its customers for almost 15 years. We have various types of aluminum profile systems available. LW is a one-stop-shop. Here, our customers can find any of the aluminum products they need. 

Our services are available 24/7 for the customers. Our team delivers the products globally and always on time. Our fast and good services have ranked us as one of China’s excellent aluminium profile system suppliers. 

The Aluminum Profile System has a large field of applications. Whether you want to decorate something or build a robot, any machinery, electronics, transportation, construction of a building, or any industrial purpose, all of them are covered using an Aluminium Profile System. 

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LW Aluminium Profile System

Classifications of Aluminum Profile System

Aluminium Profile System for Construction

Construction aluminium profiles have various slots. They are also called aluminum structural profiles. They have replaced steel in strength and easy assembly. 

They are fixed with the help of connecting accessories, so there is no need for welding. This aluminum profile system is lightweight and robust, so they are used widely in construction. 

Aluminum Profile System for Architectural Sector
Aluminium Profile System for Architectural Sector

Another type is the architectural aluminum profile. This aluminum profile system is corrosion resistant, so they are preferred in decoration. Due to various finishing methods, they look pleasant and beautiful thus are used in decorations, frameworks, ceilings, cladding, etc. 

They help construct buildings, doors, windows, curtain walls, fences, railings, etc. 

Aluminum Profile System for Industries
Industrial Aluminium Profile System

Industrial aluminum profiles are mainly for industrial purposes. They are lightweight, can quickly be processed by cutting and drilling, and are cost-effective. 

LW aluminium profile system is a common choice in industries. They are used in industrial equipment, t-slots, heat sinks, cabinets, solar energy, aluminum bars, machinery, medical instruments, wheelchairs, working tables, etc.


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Advantages of LW Aluminium Profile System Manufacturers and Suppliers


LW serves as a one-stop-shop due to its variety of products. We have a range of aluminum alloys used to manufacture an Aluminum Profile System. The series include 15/16 series, 20 series, 30 series, 40 series, 45 series, 60 series, 80 series, and 100 series.

One-Stop Service

LW never compromises on the quality of its products. Experts test our products. We provide sound-quality aluminum profile systems to our customers.

Skilled Team

LW team is highly skilled. Our team is working day and night to produce the products you need. Our experts manufacture products, test them for quality checks, and supply them to the customers.

Selection of Finishing Method

As LW has a range of finishing techniques, our customers are free to choose whatever type of finishing they want for the aluminum profile system. It can be anodizing, powder coating, wood coating, PVDF coating, sandblasting, or other methods.

In- House Processing of Aluminium Profile System

The processing like cutting, bending, tapping, assembling and stamping, etc., are all done by our experts for our customers.

Aluminium Profile System

Good Aluminium Profile System suppliers

Aluminium profile systems are used to connect or fit the products together. They connect through the help of connecting elements like fasteners, connectors, etc. They have the advantage of reducing the need for welding or other processes for joining parts together.

Aluminium profile systems are used to connect or fit the products together. They connect through the help of connecting elements like fasteners, connectors, etc. They have the advantage of reducing the need for welding or other processes for joining parts together.

  • All Kinds of Sizes: 

We produce any kind of customized choices on customer’s demand.

  • Get Various Colors :

Aluminium profile systems are produced in different colors. We provide White, Silver, Bronze, Grey, Black, Golden, Champagne Wooden etc.

Applications of Aluminium Profile System

Aluminum Profile System for Decoration
Aluminum Profile System for Mechanical Structure
Mechanical Structures
Aluminum Profile System for Workbenches
Aluminum Profile System for Shields
Aluminum Profile System for Buildings
Aluminum Profile System for Workspace
Aluminum Profile System for Testing Devices
Testing Devices
Aluminum Profile System for Machinery

Internationally Trusted Platform of Aluminum Profile System

LW always prioritizes the customer’s needs. We provide a great range of Aluminium Profile Systems, and we customize them according to the customer’s requirements. The products’ different sizes, shapes, and colors are available here. 

We have always provided excellent customer support and delivery services to our customers. Our team is well trained to contact the customers and resolve all of their issues regarding the products.

They are available in different colors and sizes. The sizes range in metrics and inches, while the stains are standard and customized.

We have designed our services according to the need of the customers. As we deal with worldwide customers, we make sure to be available 24/7. 

Our delivery services are pretty facilitated. Our team makes sure to deliver the products in the minimum time possible. No doubt our services and top notch Aluminium Profile System have helped us become a trusted company throughout the world, and we wish to continue even better in the future. 

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