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LW Manufacturer- Aluminum project box

We have taken the responsibility to provide for the growing commercial and industrial businesses the outclass products and to facilitate their networking and spreading their communication we have come up with our latest aluminum project box that is made from advanced technologies by our highly-qualified staff.

As aluminum metal has superiority over other metals because of their specific qualities so in making a project box aluminum is considered aa the first choice because of its properties. The project box made from an aluminum metal is light-weighted, portable, and recyclable all of these qualities make an

aluminum project box worthy of industrial and commercial uses.

LW Manufacturer deals with different kinds and sizes of aluminum project boxes that are used for electronic use such as panel boxes, switch boxes, and many more because of aluminum metal outclass properties it is always considered as a first choice for making electronic products. The aluminum project box is one of

our amazing products that come out of aluminum metal.

Classification of the Aluminum Project Box

Electronic mini aluminum project box

Electronic mini aluminum project box

 The electronic mini aluminum project box is made from an aluminum metal that encloses into small electronic- enclosures. Two sections are joined together either by a lock or a metal screw.

Black aluminum project box enclosure

Black aluminum project box enclosure is perfect for electronic domestic products and power supply investments. 

2. Black aluminum project box enclosure
Convertor aluminum project box

Convertor aluminum project box

The L-shaped aluminum project box is made up of aluminum with a natural finish. Its components can be mounted to any surface. Suitable for home appliances and electronic purposes.

Extruded electronic aluminum project box

Extruded aluminum project box is non-corrosive and anti-resistant to rust. It has a split aluminum shell with a built-in groove for holding circuit boards. It is used in power supply and other electronic projects.

4. Extruded aluminum project box


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Advantages of the aluminum project box


Aluminum metal is non-magnetic and it has an advantage over other metals so the aluminum project box is suitable for electronic appliances as they protect metal tools and equipment without having a fear of getting the products damaged due to their non-magnetic property.

High thermal conductivity

An aluminum project box has a high thermal conductivity that protects the tools and equipment safe and secure that our stores in an aluminum case.


Aluminum project boxes are waterproof this property makes aluminum cases suitable for carrying electronic appliances safe while traveling or shipping.


Prevention from germs and extreme weather conditions are another advantage of the aluminum project box. It protects the equipment from external conditions keeping it safe and secure.


The aluminum project box is recyclable and can be used again. Recyclability is one of its best qualities. The aluminum project box is recycled again and can be used for other projects, thus saving time and money.

Aluminum project box

LW Manufacturer- A name of assurance and Originality

  • RF – shielding

 To make sure that our aluminum project box is performing its work efficiently, we have enclosed aluminum metal into a project box as we know an aluminum metal has RF shielding that protects them from UV or electromagnetic radiation, and it is suitable for electronic products.

  • High- production rate

We enclose freshly cut aluminum metal into project boxes production process is fast and effective. All the aluminum metal that is enclosed in the project box is under the supervision of our high-quality staff to speed up the production rate.

  • Technical consultation

Our high-quality staff is always there to provide our valuable customers with the technical consult they need to maintain their project box. Our staff also visit our customers to guide and instruct them about the use of the product in need of emergency.

Applications of the Aluminum project box

Aluminum project box in architectural field
Architectural field
Protect and Enhance Edges
Aluminum project box in electronic products
Electronic products
Industry field

LW Manufacturer- Always Prioritize its customers

AS LW Manufacturer always prioritize our respected customers so we always come up with something that is best for our customers we make aluminum project enclosure boxes that doesn’t corrode and get rust, and are suitable for your environment no matter where you are taking the box or where are you using it, it is reliable and

durable and can work efficiently.

The aluminum enclosures project box that we are providing is suitable for electronic products. This keeps the electronic products safe and secure from harmful weather conditions, extreme temperatures, and other factors.

 The aluminum project box is used in the architecture and construction industry, for

making electronic home appliances and industrial and general designing it has

uses everywhere due to its sustainability. To help you out with a specific product, or guide you about any technical issue our high-quality staff is always there.

 For any queries, feel free to contact us.