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LW Aluminum Railing Manufacturers

 LW is an industry in China that provides good quality Aluminum railings. It is working for more than 15 years to manufacture and supply reliable aluminum products of different types.

LW aluminum railing is made of 6000 series alloy that is the most suitable grade for strong and lightweight applications. It is manufactured in different designs and colors. Size and length is also customized. Aluminum railing is the best choice for providing protection to balconies, decks, stairs etc.

LW is also an expert in finishing and fabrication techniques. Visit our website today to check all of our aluminum products and get your aluminum railing booked by sending us an email.

Aluminum Railing Extrusions

Types of Aluminum Railing

Cable Railing

It is also called rope railing. It consists of horizontal cables rather vertical spindles. It is preferred in beautiful places so that the cables do not block the view e.g. deck railings.

Aluminum Picket Railing
Picket Railing

Unlike cable railing, it consist of vertical spindles. It is the best choice for protection against falling. It is mostly used in houses e.g. stair railings.

Aluminum Glass Railing
Glass railing

It is a type of railing that have glass instead of spindles or cables. These railings give aesthetically beautiful view and provides even more protection. The glass used in it is strong and tempered so it does not break or crack. It is limited to residential use.

Wind Wall Railing

It is also like glass railing but differ in its use. It contains glass for infill but it is primarily used for protection against winds. It is installed in high spot windy areas like hill views etc. it is also used for swimming pools.

Benefits of LW Aluminum Railing Manufacturer and Supplier

Expert team

LW team is expert in producing all types of aluminum products of any design. They are able to manufacture all types of aluminum railings like aluminum railing for stairs, aluminum railing for windows, aluminum railing for pools etc.

Customization choices available

LW can provide variety of customization choices to their customers. We can customize our products in any color, shape and size on the demands of clients. The color choice includes grey, black, white, silver, golden, bronze, champagne etc.

Trusted Quality products

The products at LW are of high quality. The quality is maintained while manufacturing and delivering of products through strict supervision. The raw material is thoroughly checked and the final product is tested through different tests so that the quality remains the same even after the delivery.


To provide protection to the products and to make them look pleasing, they are treated with finishing techniques. The finishing techniques are electrophoresis, milling, anodizing, powder coating, wood effect, sand blasting etc. Aluminum railings can also be finished with any of these techniques by customer’s choice.

Fabrication or Processing

The LW aluminum products are fabricated or processed into different designs and shapes. It includes welding, punching, milling, drilling, cutting, bending etc.

Good Customer care

LW works hard to satisfy their customers. We have a good customer care service that is available 24/7 to answer the queries of our clients and fulfill their needs. As we deal with clients from all over the world, we work day and night so that can contact us anytime they want.

Aluminum Railing Extrusions Description

Aluminum railing or aluminum railing extrusions are a type of an extruded aluminum that is used to prevent falling off the things from high areas. It may be a balcony, a terrace or stairs.

It is durable, lightweight, corrosion free and easy to assemble. It is the best choice for outdoor use due to high weather tolerance.

Aluminum railing thickness is measured in inches. The 6061 and 6063 alloy made aluminum railing extrusions are used in high tensile strength applications.

  • Customized Sizes: 

We provide aluminum railings with custmized sizes. Our customers can get aluminum railings for any purpose they want.

  •  Color Choices:

Our customers can choose from various color choices like White, Silver, Bronze, Grey, Black, Golden, Champagne Wooden etc.

Applications of Aluminum Railing

Aluminum railing for balcony
Aluminum railing for deck
Aluminum railing for ladder
Aluminum railing for swimming pool
Swimming pool

Supply High Quality Aluminum Railings

The LW has passed ISO certification and is internationally recognized as a best aluminum products providing company.

It has been working for almost 15 years that has grown into one of the best companies in China.

We can get you high quality aluminum railings of all types for whatever purpose you want.

LW is a one-stop shop. It helps customers save a lot of their precious time.  Contact us now to get all of your needs provided by LW.

Supply Wholesale Aluminum Railings

Do you plan to install aluminum railing somewhere in your house or any other property?

Or looking to buy in bulk for business purposes?

In any case, if you have questions in mind you can follow the FAQ guide given below to resolve all your queries.

Aluminum Railing – Ultimate FAQs Guide

What To Use To Cut Aluminum Railing?

Aluminum railing can easily be cut using the usual wood cutting tools. Make sure to have proper measurements before you start cutting the railing. Use a miter saw and tape as well to workout.

One thing that you should be sure of is that your tool is sharp enough to cut down the aluminum railing or else sharp ends may be left behind.

Aluminum Railing Cutter

Aluminum Railing Cutter

Does Aluminum Railing Get Hot?

No, aluminum railings are so ideal that even if you hold them on a bright sunny day you won’t feel that they are hot to touch in any way.

As compared to other materials, aluminum is much more comfortable when exposed to sun. So, even if you install these aluminum railings at a place where the sun shines all day, these aluminum rails won’t get hot.

Does Aluminum Railing Gets Hot

Does Aluminum Railing Get Hot?

How To Clean Aluminum Railings?

You can keep these aluminum railings clean using a mixture of mild liquid soap mixed with water and just wipe off with a piece of cloth using this mixture and rinse with clean water.

How To Clean Painted Aluminum Railing?

If your aluminum rails are painted, you should be very careful in cleaning them. Use a soap that is non-abrasive and mix it with water. You can scrub this mixture with a sponge over the railing.

Make sure to be very gentle during the scrubbing process, if you scrub it with force you might end up scratching the surface of the rail.

How To Clean Powder Coated Aluminum Railings?

In order to clean the powder coated aluminum rail you may follow the below given steps:

  • In a bowl mix household cleaner and water in the ratio of 1:2.
  • Use a soft sponge and dip it in the solution that you have made.
  • Gently rub this sponge on the railing and remove all the dirt and stains.
  • Make sure to rinse off the solution once you are done with wiping.
How Do I Clean Rust Marks Off Of Aluminum Railings?

To clean the rust marks off your railing, you need a good scrubber for the sanding task. Cover the areas that are rust free and start sanding the area having rust stains, don’t rub too much, be gentle, it will clean up.

 Cleaning Aluminum Railing

 Cleaning Aluminum Railing

How To Cut Aluminum Railing?

To cut down aluminum railing you must arrange a wood cutting tool first and then you can follow these steps.

  • Measure the areas that you need to cut and mark them.
  • Apply a lubricant on the cutting tool; it helps in easy cutting of the aluminum rail.
  • Make sure to choose a hard surface where you can keep your rail while cutting it, also that surface should be covered with something that you don’t mind cutting during the process.
  • Wear glasses and gloves to keep you protected against the injuries.
  • Just make sure that your tool is sharp, so that the rail may come out cut neatly.

    Cutting Aluminum Railing

     Cutting Aluminum Railing

How To Install Aluminum Railing?

It is no big deal to install aluminum railing, you can easily get the job done depending upon where you need to install it, checking out these below given options.

How To Install Aluminum Railing On Composite Deck?

Installing aluminum rails on the composite deck could be possible but since the deck is not so strong itself, you need to have blocking done initially.

  • The very first step in doing this installation process is measurement, make sure to measure the deck, accordingly you can cut down the aluminum railing and determine the distance of block placement as well.
  • With the help of screws start installing the block posts, make sure that the distance between each block post is even so that you can properly insert the rails between them.
  • Once the block posts are fixed, you can fix them in the rails and tighten them with the support of the block post.
  • Lastly, the top rail is to be installed and this will also cover the block post to offer a neat and finished look.
How To Install Aluminum Porch Railing On Concrete?

Installation process of installing aluminum porch railing on a concrete would include the following steps:

  • On the concrete wall, first of all place the bracket and mark the holes where the bracket would be installed, now drill in the screws and fix the bracket tightly.
  • Insert the railing pipe in the bracket and secure it with the help of its screws so that it doesn’t move and stays in a steady position.
  • Make sure that the ends of the aluminum rail pipes are properly hammered to remove any sharpness and make them smooth.
How To Install Aluminum Railing On Concrete Steps?

If you wish to install aluminum railing on concrete steps, you can do this very easily with the right tools and    following the right steps.

  • Take the rail along with its blocks and mark the holes to be drilled in the concrete steps.
  • Now, after removing the rail, start drilling the holes on the marked places, remove the dust after drilling.
  • Bring back the rail, fix the screws with the clamp of the rail post on the steps, and tighten them up.
How To Install Aluminum Railing On Deck Stairs?

Deck is not as strong as concrete; hence, you need to be extra vigilant when installing the rails on deck stairs.

  • Make sure to first install the support blocks by drilling them with a bracket.
  • After securing the brackets with screws in them insert the block and fix it with the anchor bolts.
  • Sometimes an external shell may be required where you need to fix in your railing support block to make the installation more secure. This is suitable for decks because the deck is not so strong.
  • The rails may then be screwed easily in the gap between the aluminum block supports and once done the installation process is complete.

Installing Aluminum Railing

Installing Aluminum Railing

Can You Paint Aluminum Railings?

Yes, you could paint aluminum railings. But it will be a challenging for you to operate.

When they are manufactured they are already powder coated during the process, that allows them to stay durable in the longer run.

So you don’t need to worry about they will be fading or corroding.

Yes, you could paint aluminum railings. But it will be a challenging for you to operate.

When they are manufactured they are already powder coated during the process, that allows them to stay durable in the longer run.

So you don’t need to worry about they will be fading or corroding.

Painting Aluminum Railing

Painting Aluminum Railing

How To Polish Aluminum Railing?

Polishing aluminum railing may not be possible, but you can make them shine like new by cleaning them. Using a solution of household detergent and water with the help of a sponge will help you make them shine.

Whereas, car wax can be used in a span of a few months and it will keep helping you get rid of any marks of oxidation from the railing making them look new.

How To Remove Paint From Aluminum Railing?

In order to remove paint from the aluminum railing, you can simply use sandpaper and gently rub it against the paint; it would be of much help to do the job.

Alternatively, you can also use thinner instead and rub it with a paintbrush only on the affected area, once the paint is removed clean that part with a cloth dipped in water.

Thinner is always considered as a perfect hack to remove the marks of paint from anything.

How To Remove Aluminum Railing?

To remove the aluminum railing you can use these steps:

  • First of all, look out for all the screws you would have used to fit in the railing with the block support.
  • Unscrew the aluminum railing from the block support with the help of a screwdriver.
  • Now, remove the screws from the brackets of the block supports and remove the block supports too.
  • In case if the aluminum railings have been glued you might need to use a lever to pull the railing or the block support apart, this approach is much common with the concrete aluminum railings.

Removing Aluminum Railing

Removing Aluminum Railing

How To Repaint Aluminum Railing?

Aluminum railings are not meant to be repainted; however, if you still are insistent about it you may use the following steps that may be difficult from the usual kind of painting.

  • In order to paint aluminum railings, it is important to make them rough at first. This you can do using a sand paper made out of aluminum oxide.
  • Now, you need to apply acid etch, it is a kind of primer but it cleans the railing properly.
  • Now, you will need a conversion coating application, it allows the new paint to be held properly by aluminum railing.
  • Lastly, you can apply your usual primer, let it dry, and after this apply a coat of your desired paint.

 Repainting Aluminum Railing

Repainting Aluminum Railing

How Long Do Aluminum Railings Last?

Aluminum railings that are powder coated may last for more than 20 years. Since they are powder coated during the manufacturing process, this makes them durable and long lasting.

This powder coating is actually responsible for protecting them against the rough weather conditions that end up causing rust and corrosion. So, this is why they do not wear off much easily nor break.

Do Aluminum Railings Rust?

No, aluminum railings do not rust, this amounts to be one of the biggest advantages of having them installed in the first place.

Aluminum is kinds of materials that neither decays, nor rust and stays the same for years and years no matter what kind of weather conditions it has been exposed to.

Do Aluminum Railing Rust

 Do Aluminum Railing Rust?

How Much Do Aluminum Railings Cost?

The cost of aluminum railings when installed using a professional service provider would range between $70 to $100. However, if you do the task on your own it would cost around $50 to $60.

You can even get highly priced aluminum railings as much as above $300 depending upon their look and quality, so you can decide what suits your budget and plan your purchase accordingly.

People who prefer installation to be done on their own may actually save a lot on the entire installation task because they only need to pay for the material.

Where To Buy Aluminum Railings?

You can consider buying aluminum railings in China. The market of aluminum rails in China is known globally and it offers the best quality rails.

LW is one of the most renowned suppliers in China offering aluminum rails that belong to the best quality. You can find several options in terms of colors and styles here and you can choose whatever suits you.

Dealing with LW will always be the best decision because you will get the aluminum rails with crisp cuts and right measurements pretty quickly and to choose you can immediately visit our website.

Are Aluminum Railings Good?

Yes, aluminum railings are excellent. No matter which country you live in or what sort of weather you face all round the year, choosing aluminum rails will be the best decision of your life.

These are light in weight and very durable, you won’t need any sort of replacement due to rust or corrosion, and you will be able to enjoy using them for years and years.

Moreover, they are recyclable so you need not to worry about the damage caused to the environment because of you.

Are Aluminum Railing Good

 Are Aluminum Railing Good?

Can Aluminum Railing Be Put Into The Recycle Bin?

Yes, aluminum amounts to be a recyclable material and hence you can recycle the aluminum rails as well. However, you need to take them to the nearest scrap yard to allow them to reach the recycling facility.

This quality possessed by aluminum railings makes them suitable for the environment as well because they cause no damage to it.

Recycling Aluminum Railings

Recycling Aluminum Railings

How Do I Put Aluminum Railing Up?

You need the basic tools along with you in order to put up aluminum railing. Make sure you have proper brackets in place, screws and a drilling machine.

  • First of all take all the measurements where you need to install the brackets for the railing blocks and mark the points where you are going to drill for the anchoring purpose.
  • Now with the help of a drilling machine drill the points and fix the brackets with the help of a screw.
  • Fix the railing blocks and secure them properly with the bolts.
  • Now, take the railings and secure them in the middle of the blocks, you might need to secure them with the help of screws, if so do that.
  • Take the upper border of the railing and fix it over the entire area and your aluminum railing is up.

    Putting Aluminum Railing Up

    Putting Aluminum Railing Up

How Is Aluminum Railings Anchored?

To anchor aluminum rails you need to first assess the kind of material over which the aluminum railings are going to be installed, the process varies from material to material.

  • Wooden Compost

In case if you are installing an aluminum railing on the wooden compost you will need anchoring bolts.

You will need to make the points where you are going to install the block post and then you will be anchoring the rail with the help of those anchoring bolts.

  • Concrete Installation

To install aluminum railings in the concrete, you may choose to fix in the railing along with the concrete when the concrete is not dry, this amounts to be a cementing process of aluminum anchoring.

  • External Shell

Anchoring of the aluminum railing may be done by installing a plastic or metal shell as well. This shell is at first installed with the help of drilling it on the surface and then the rail may be fixed in it easily.

Anchoring Aluminum Railing

Anchoring Aluminum Railing

Are Aluminum Railings Expensive?

Yes, if you make a comparison between other material railings and aluminum railings you will find aluminum railings to be expensive. However, since they are sturdy and durable hence they are preferred.

The cost of material and the cost of installation may cause as low as $70 and as much as $400 depending upon the kind and quality chosen.

Is Aluminum Railing Cheaper Than Wood?

No, aluminum railing is much more expensive as compared to wood. You may choose the best quality wood but still it would be cheaper than aluminum railings.

The main reason behind this price difference is the sturdiness and strength of the aluminum railing. If you choose a wood railing it would cost you less initially but will demand a high maintenance.

What Is Better Aluminum Or Vinyl Railings?

If you consider a budget friendly option, vinyl takes the lead. It is no doubt versatile and beautiful along with being cheaper than aluminum railings; however it is not as sturdy as aluminum is.

Aluminum offers a classy look, also it is free from rust and corrosion hence it is expensive. However, people prefer choosing both the options in terms of railings, aluminum as well as vinyl as they are more or less not much different.

Aluminum Vs Vinyl Railing

Aluminum Vs Vinyl Railing

Which Is Better, Steel Or Aluminum Railing?

Aluminum is far much better than steel when it comes to railings. Steel railings are not durable enough and may even chip off after being affected by weather.

Whereas, if you consider aluminum railing you will find them to be a more durable option in comparison to steel. Aluminum is very strong whereas steel is a bit brittle and may easily get damaged.

Aluminum Vs Steel Railing

Aluminum Vs Steel Railing

Should You Choose Aluminum Railings For Outdoor Decks?

Yes, aluminum railings amount to being the most suitable kind of option for outdoor decks. They are light in weight and apart from this even if your railings are exposed to sun and rain even then they stay the same.

The best part is that these aluminum railings look very appealing to eyes as they enhance the beauty of the outdoor decks and add a proper fishing and border as well.

Aluminum Railing for Outdoor Deck

 Aluminum Railing for Outdoor Deck

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Aluminum Railing?

Aluminum rails have several benefits attached; a few of the most common advantages that may be enjoyed using aluminum railing may include the following:

  • Aluminum railing is very durable, you can always count on it for years and years no matter you choose it for the deck or stairs, and it has almost negligible wear and tear.
  • Even if exposed to sun for hours and hours, aluminum railings don’t get too hot to touch, they are comfortable to hold easily on a bright sunny day as well.
  • Cleaning aluminum railings is very easy; you can mix a detergent with water and wipe off this solution over the aluminum railings for a cleaner look.
  • Aluminum railings are environment friendly; they are easily recyclable hence by choosing this kind of railing you will be doing favor to the environment.
  • You don’t have to worry about the corrosion, rust or fading of color when it comes to aluminum railings, it stays the same.
  • The aluminum rails are much easier to install, many people even install them on their own due to the simplicity of the process.
  • The aluminum rails always look very nice; they give a beautiful look to your entrance as well as your patios if you install them in the form of a deck.
  • Aluminum railings are very strong; when you install them you may be at peace that no matter how tightly someone holds them or how much weight is laid on them, they won’t break.
  • Aluminum rails are low maintenance as compared to other materials used for the purpose, you don’t have to worry about their repainting or cleaning much nor they corrode or show signs of rusting.
  • Their upfront cost of installation may be high, but once installed you won’t have to incur even a penny on them.

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