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LW keeps its customers at first hand by providing them with quality products. Delivering them on time and making sure the customer liked them as well.

Keeping in view the customer’s desire, LW makes aluminum products for everyone. Sports and cars accessories are one of the customer demands. LW provides an aluminum roof rack, which adds space to your trip luggage and gives you ample space while traveling.

LW can customize a roof rack to suit your car size and the space you require to go on a family trip. You will easily install these roof racks.  

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Classfication of LW Aluminum Roof Rack Profile

Aluminum Roof Rack Cross Bars
Aluminum Roof Rack Cross Bars

The lightest of the aluminum roof racks are the roof bars. These make the slightest noise due to our noise rubber strips placed on the bars. Underneath these bars, you can easily slide your hand. These racks can easily be installed and removed. It can hold up to 8.25 pounds of weight. When designing a car aluminum roof rack, we also custom-made them. The stand’s type, body, and shape depend on the vehicle’s compatibility.

Aluminum Roof Rack Baskets
Aluminum Roof Rack Baskets

This type of aluminum roof rack is manufactured with durable and lightweight material. Due to this, it can easily be installable. It is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean beneath the rack. It can hold 500 lbs. of weight. These frames come as a finished product from us. You need to install it in your vehicle.

Full-Length Aluminum Roof Rack Cages

These are similar to the aluminum roof rack baskets. They are used for heavy-duty luggage transportation. The enormous roof racks to keep the large item for the vehicle is full-length cages. Just add extra space to your car through this roof rack. They are also known as square bars. These are usually used for commercial purposes and vans.

Advantages of LW Aluminum Roof Rack


Transportation is the main factor in using an aluminum roof rack. You can transport bikes, skis, heavy-duty items that you cannot keep inside the car, and all other items that will save your car storage.

Save Time

Order your favorite item from LW and install it directly onto your vehicle. It saves time and hassle to go a long way and get a roof rack. The kit to install the aluminum roof rack is fully loaded for you to install it right away.

Increase Storage In Vehicles

LW wishes to provide a durable, sturdy roof rack to you. Either you want to drill the rack onto your roof, or you want to bolt it directly. It will increase the storage inside the car. You can easily enjoy your road trip or some business cargo purposes by securing the luggage by tying it quickly


Aluminum roof racks are designed to be installed easily. But remember, the first time, you have to be patient about the installation because calibrating it will take time. Afterward, it will take only a few minutes to fit the roof system.

Professional LW Aluminum Roof Rack Expert

  • Determine Design

You can discuss the design you wish to have as your roof rack with LW’s team before buying. Either crossbars, baskets, or cages, pick your item matching the vehicle.

  • Material

The material used to manufacture roof racks are durable, strong enough to hold weight, and user-friendly. They are lighter in weight, but still, they carry the load in bulk. Rust resistance and seamless mounting points make the aluminum roof rack a perfect choice for you.

  • Vehicle Compatibility

Matching the design that best suits the vehicle is the thing you need. Single, extra and double cab roof racks are there so you can check your vehicle’s compatibility.

Applications of Aluminum Roof Rack

Aluminum Roof Rack as Luggage Carrier
Luggage Carrier
Aluminum Roof Rack for Cargo
Aluminum Roof Rack for Solar Panels
Solar Panels
Aluminum Roof Rack for Awning
Aluminum Roof Rack for Tents

Custom Aluminum Roof Rack Manufacturer

With its vast experience in the field of aluminum products, LW offers customization for aluminum roof racks. LW can make the changes to the standard roof rack.

LW manufactures a wide variety of roof racks for different types of vehicles. These aluminum roof racks come with a mounting system and cover the load of any luggage that fits in the frame.

Different types of aluminum roof racks which are designed by keeping the most demanded racks by the customers

They include an open rack front, open rear, and other custom options.

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Professional Aluminum Roof Rack Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Are you in the automobile manufacturing business? Need some really amazing aluminum roof racks to install on your client’s vehicle?

Alternatively, are you someone looking for an insight to basic know-how about aluminum roof rack?

Well, this guide will help you through the details regarding an aluminum roof rack so have a look!

Aluminum Roof Rack – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

How To Install Aluminum Roof Rack?

In order to install an aluminum roof rack to a car you can follow the steps suggested below:

  • The first thing that you might need to do is to install the protective frames, using a clamp you will have to fix it to the roof of your car.
  • Now take a lubricant and apply it to the rubber that comes with the protective frame and insert the rubber in the frame slot given.
  • You will have to cut down the extra rubber that might be showing out and then add the covers to the ends of the protective frame.
  • Make sure to check that the protective frame is sufficiently fixed tightly and is also in the center of the car.
  • Now if you wish to top this frame with a rack tray you can install that tray over this frame using a set of clamps again and fixing it with the roof rack frame.

     How to Install Aluminum Roof Rack

    How to Install an Aluminum Roof Rack

How To Bolt On Aluminum Roof Rack?

In order to bolt on the aluminum roof racks you will first have to look for the slots provided with spaces for the bolts on the top of the car.

Now add the round washers for bolts on the given slots and top them with the rubber cover. Now Take the bolts and fix the washer in the bolt as well.

Lastly, with the help of a screwdriver you will have to fix in the bolts over the covers attaching the clamps along with it, you will have to repeat the same process on the five other sides so in total this becomes six attachments.

Now pass the aluminum roof rack borders starting from one clamp holder and crossing to the other in the horizontal direction. Make sure that the remaining ends from the two sides are equal and then fix in with the clamp key.

Repeat the same process and attach two more borders on the clamps. This completes the process of attaching the bolts on an aluminum roof rack.

How to Bolt on Aluminum Roof Rack

 How to Bolt on Aluminum Roof Rack

How Much Is Aluminum Roof Rack?

The price of an aluminum roof rack may vary depending upon the size of the roof rack needed and also the style that you may require. Usually they may range between $20per pieces to $250 per piece.

Where To Buy Aluminum Roof Rack?

The global dealer of the aluminum roof racks may be considered from China offering the widest range of aluminum roof racks with different layouts and sizes and that too for bulk ordering.

You can check out LW’s website to have a look at the variety of different aluminum roof racks available for purchase in bulk.

The quality is the finest one ensuring the long-term durability and the variety may be featured choosing from different sizes and styles.

Can You Change The Paint Of Aluminum Roof Rack?

Yes, you can definitely change the paint of an aluminum roof rack if you feel so and get yourself a new look of it.

How To Paint Aluminum Roof Rack?

In order to paint an aluminum roof rack you will have to use the below suggested steps.

  • The very first thing required to do with the aluminum roof rack before painting is the preparation of it to be painted, you will need to scrub the surface with a fine scrubber.
  • Now, apply a coat of a good primer over the base of the aluminum roof rack so that it is capable of holding the paint in a smooth way.
  • Take either an acrylic or latex paint or if you want to spray paint the roof rack take that and apply it on the roof rack and let it dry.

Once the aluminum roof rack is dry, you can install it back to the car.

Painting Aluminum Roof Rack

Painting an Aluminum Roof Rack

How Long an Aluminum Roof Rack Does Lasts?

Aluminum is one of the finest and the most durable materials to choose when it comes to roof racks. Aluminum has a capability to last for more than 20 years.

The properties of aluminum make it a very long lasting and sturdy choice since it is not prone to rot, corrode or rust hence it is a suitable choice to last longer.

How To Remove An Aluminum Roof Rack?

You can remove the aluminum roof racks very easily. First of all look at how you have installed them, you would have used either bolts or clamps to fix them.

In case if you have used the bolts, you will first have to remove the border layer by pulling it, outwards from the holders and then you can unscrew the bolts so that the holders may be removed.

In case if you have clamped the aluminum roof racks you will be provided with, a key to unclamp and similarly remove the border by sliding it outwards and with the help of a key remove the clamp.

Removing an Aluminum Roof Rack

 Removing an Aluminum Roof Rack

How Tight Should My Aluminum Roof Rack Be?

Aluminum roof racks need to be installed in a very balanced manner. Like you cannot have them too tight or too loose. If they are too tight, they might damage the car and if loose, they might not be able to hold the luggage.

Hence, you should check for the holders after installation that they are fit and not moving and when not moving that means you have tightened them perfectly.

Will Aluminum Roof Rack Damage My Car?

In case of the aluminum roof rack, it could damage your car only if the installation has not been done perfectly.

You should always make sure that the installation of the aluminum roof rack is done properly keeping in mind the balance and center of gravity of the roof rack, the nuts and bolts must also be tight so that they don’t rub the roof of the car.

How To Protect Car From Aluminum Roof Rack Scratches?

The very first thing that you should do to protect your cars from getting scratches out of an aluminum roof rack is to use a proper installation process. Always make sure that you have installed the roof rack properly.

Secondly, you can also install rubber clamps and a protective base made from rubber for the purpose of installing the roof racks. In addition, plastic films may be installed to protect from scratches.

Protecting Aluminum Roof Rack from Scratches

Protecting Aluminum Roof Racks Against Scratches

Do Aluminum Roof Racks Rust?

Not really, aluminum itself has a property of being anti-rust and anti-corrosive hence you can be rest assured that even if you leave your car under the sun for a long time or in the rain, the roof racks made in aluminum won’t rust.

How To Remove Scratches From Aluminum Roof Rack?

If you wish to remove the scratches from the aluminum roof rack, you can use a metal polish for this purpose.

Apply some metal polish on a piece of cloth preferably microfiber cloth and keep rubbing it with the polish against your aluminum roof rack. You will notice that the scratches would start to reduce.

Keep on repeating this process unless the scratches are totally removed.

Which Roof Rack Is Better, Aluminum Or Steel?

When choosing a roof rack, the best thing is to have hands on an aluminum roof rack. An aluminum roof rack offers durability as compared to steel.

Steel might end up rusting and is even very heavy for the installation over a car. Whereas, when it comes to aluminum you will find it very light in weight and also it neither rusts nor rot.

Therefore, if you compare aluminum and steel, an aluminum roof rack would be a suitable option as compared to a steel one.

Steel Vs Aluminum Roof Rack

Steel Vs Aluminum Roof Rack

How Much Weight Can An Aluminum Roof Rack Hold?

Every roof rack would have a different capacity to hold weight spending upon the size and the duty of the roof rack.

However, as per the universal capacity, every roof rack has a limit of holding at least 165 lbs of weight.

Weight on Aluminum Roof Rack

Weight on Aluminum Roof Rack

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