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An aluminum roof is the best choice when compared to other materials. It is very durable and will last longer than the other options.

You can also trust that an aluminum roof would be resistant to all natural disasters such as hail and snow.

When you choose to employ high-quality aluminum shingles, you will enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency and lasting durability.

For an affordable price, aluminum roofing systems can be installed on many different types of structures, making them a reliable material for new construction and renovations.

Aluminum roofs are durable and lightweight. They last a long time and require minimal maintenance.

Aluminum is more stable than other metals, which means less shaking during windy weather and lower energy costs for heating and cooling.

Aluminum Roofing

Investing just a little time to consider all the benefits of choosing aluminum roofing may be well worth it.

Not only is the roof energy efficient, adding seamless aluminum roofing can also help reduce your heating and cooling bills during the summer months.

In addition, these aluminum panels reduce maintenance costs by reducing the need for a coating or sealant. An aluminum roof system also provides longer life without losing quality over time.

As the name says, aluminum roofing is made of high quality aluminum sheets and strips. Aluminum alloy roofs are very strong and stable in various types of climates.

Aluminum roofing’s protection includes your family’s health, property value and even your lifestyle. When properly installed, aluminum roofing serves as an effective protector for your family and valuable assets.

Aluminum Roofing


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Bed Head Panel Types

Gable Aluminum Roofing
Gable Aluminum Roofing
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Mansard Aluminum Roofing
Mansard Aluminum Roofing
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Flat Aluminum Roofing
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Skillion Aluminum Roofing
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Butterfly Aluminum Roofing
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Saltbox Aluminum Roofing

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We are a manufacturer for everyone.

We are a growing company that has many different packages to choose from. We have aluminum roofs and aluminum roofings for residential, commercial and industrial applications. With our many years of experience we have gained the knowledge to provide you with the best possible product. We have many features that make us unique from other companies in the area.

We are committed to providing high quality.

In today's competitive market, the best way to differentiate yourself from your competitors is through innovation. That is why we have created a unique product line that includes award winning top quality semi-flat, flat, and linear aluminum roofing products with a gorgeous color combination that can be used on houses both big and small. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality, custom made aluminum roofing for every project.

We Offer Competitive Prices

When you choose us as your aluminum roofing manufacturer, you can be confident that we’ll offer an experience that exceeds your expectations. We provide the highest quality products and expert installation services at competitive prices. Contact us today!

We Have A Diverse Catalog of Aluminum Roofing

Our aluminum roofing is the most effective, long-lasting and efficient way to protect your home from severe weather events. With our wide range of options, you can choose the right material for your project. You’ll never have to worry about lacking a choice because our wide range of aluminum roofing options will satisfy even those who have a hard time selecting!

Aluminum Roofing

Why You Should Employ a Aluminum Roofing

Superior durability and long term-value

Aluminum roofing is your best choice for superior durability, strength and long-term value. Aluminum’s unique lightweight characteristics allow it to support large loads while still appearing lightweight. Also, an aluminum roof provides energy savings over a traditional steel conventional roof because of its reflective qualities and the fact that it offers superior thermal insulation.

Superior thermal and aesthetic performance.

Aluminum roofing offers superior thermal and aesthetic performance, particularly with aluminum shingles roofing configurations. Aluminum roofing can be designed to look like wood shakes, asphalt shingles, slate or copper shingles. Aluminum shingle roofs are also long-lasting and are resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Common Aluminum Roofing Applications

Aluminum Roofing for Houses
Aluminum Roofing for Buildings
Aluminum Roofing for Hotels
Aluminum Roofing for Airbnbs
Aluminum Roofing for Villas
Aluminum Roofing for Mansions

LW: Aluminum Roofing Experts

A professional and safe aluminum roofing manufacturer. For over a decade, we have been successfully supplying aluminum roofing and accessories to the general public while being established in the construction industry.

Our aluminum roofing represents years of experience within this field, as well as extensive research into manufacturing methods and applications to bring you a safe and reliable option.

Our products are guaranteed by our company’s proprietary warranty which provides coverage up to one million pounds of weight at no extra charge

We understand the importance of quality, timely deliveries and customer service. Our team at LW aluminum roofing manufacturing has extensive industry experience that provides the highest quality materials, designs and installation.

When looking for the best aluminum roofing manufacturers in the market, it is critical to have an experienced team at your side that can analyze all facets of your project.