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LW Aluminum Round Tube Manufacturers and Suppliers

LW is China’s internationally recognized company that deals with the manufacture and supply of Aluminum made products. With an experience of more than a decade, we have always been known for our quality products and services. 

LW will provide you with high-quality aluminum round tubes for whatever purpose you want. Our expert team maintains the high standard manufacture and supply of our products throughout the year.

LW Aluminum Round Tubes come in various grades, weights, and sizes to meet customer requirements. The finishing of the products is done through standard methods like anodizing, brushing, etc.

The LW team makes sure to deliver the product on time and be available for the customer day and night. 

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LW Aluminum Round Tube Manufacturing

Classification based on Alloy Series

7075 Aluminum Round Tube
7075 Aluminum Round Tube

7075 is an aluminum alloy that has high strength and good mechanical properties. It is used in making aircraft, missiles, meter shafts, gears, valves, etc. 

6063 Aluminum Round Tube
6063 Aluminum Round Tube

6063 grade is also called Architecture alloy. It has high tensile properties high corrosion resistance and is preferred in building construction, air cylinders, lawn furniture, etc.

6082 Aluminum Round Tube
6082 Aluminum Round Tube

6082 grade belongs to the 6xxx series and is quite famous. It is heat treatable. It is produced through the method of extrusion. The 6082T6 is used in building bridges, cranes, etc.

6061 Aluminum Round Tube
6061 Aluminum Round Tube

6061 aluminum is a cheap and versatile grade aluminum round tube. It is heat treatable, has good corrosion resistance, and is generally used in making beautiful products like interior and exterior. 

It is used for making frameworks, protective structures, electrical fittings, platforms, etc.


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Product Categories

Characteristics of LW Aluminum Round Tube Manufacturer

Extensive Range Of Products

LW is known for its versatility in products. We have different aluminum round tubes available such as 6061, 6063, 6082, 7075, etc. No matter what type of product you want, LW is there to meet all your requirements.

High Quality

LW never compromises on the quality. All the Aluminum round tubes are of high quality and are strictly under supervision to maintain this quality. The products have their characteristics kept even after the delivery.


Our service also includes the processing of the aluminum round tubes. Welding, cutting, bending, fabrication, extrusion, and tempering are all accomplished through standard methods.

Well Qualified Workers

LW has a team of well-qualified and experienced workers. They maintain the quality of the aluminum round tubes, their specifications, and quality supply to the customer.

Fast Services

LW aluminum round tube manufacturers and suppliers ensure fast delivery and good customer care services. Our team makes sure to answer all the questions arising in customers' minds.


LW aluminum round tubes are always supplied with finishing. The finishing is done according to the customers' requirements and for different purposes. Various types of finishing are done like Mill finishing, painting, anodizing, powder coating, brushing, etc.

Aluminum Round Tube

High Quality Aluminum Round Tube Providers

  • Measurement

Aluminum round tubes are bought based on their size and weight. It helps in their easy application for the respective purpose. They are measured through a proper formula: OD x T x ID x L

  • OD: Outer diameter
  • T: Wall Thickness
  • ID: Inner diameter
  • L: Length

The measurement is done in inches or millimeters.

  • Grades

Aluminum round tubes come in different grades that show their strength, machinability, welding ability, and corrosion resistance. It can help customers find the right type of aluminum round tube for whatever purpose they want, e.g., 6061, 6063, etc.

Applications of Aluminum Round Tube

Aluminum Round Tube for Building Construction
Building Construction
Aluminum Round Tube for Railings
Aluminum Round Tube for Lawn Furniture
Lawn Furniture
Aluminum Round Tube for Truck Bodies
Truck Bodies
Aluminum Round Tube for Machines
Aluminum Round Tube for Marine Components
Marine Components
Aluminum Round Tube for Bike Frames
Bike Frames
Aluminum Round Tube for Hydraulic System
Hydraulic System
Aluminum Round Tube for Luggage Rack
Luggage Racks

Worldwide Trusted Company Supply Premium Aluminum Round Tube

LW aluminum round tube manufacturers and suppliers have been working thick and thin to become a trusted worldwide company. Our team has given its best from manufacturing to supplying quality products and customer care. 

Aluminum alloy has been used for many purposes for a more extended period. Aluminum alloy is lightweight and has the property to resist corrosion, due to which it is widely used. 

The different aluminum alloy grades have been shaped into various products for other purposes. Aluminum round tube is also made from aluminum alloy. 

It is used for multiple purposes like making frameworks, electrical fittings, architecture, engineering, truck bodies, railings, connectors, marine components, furniture, etc. 

LW has quite a good range of aluminum round tubes at budget-friendly prices and meets all the customer’s requirements. Our fast delivery service has always created a good relationship with customers.

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