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LW is an outstanding manufacturer and supplier of aluminum screen frames in China. The quality of our products is undeniable. We have an experience of up to 15 years that has helped us become one of the most preferred aluminum companies worldwide. 

Our highly qualified team is expert in manufacturing, supervising the quality, customization and delivery services. 

LW provide various and unique Aluminum Screen Frames, they could be used for different application. We fabricate them by using our advanced technology tools that make them easy to use for our customers. 

Our team keeps in contact with the customers all day and night and help them get the product of their interest. 

LW is a one-stop shop and it no doubt provides all of the requirements of the customers under one roof. We have aluminum screen frames in all sizes, colors and designs.

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Roll Form Aluminum Screen Frame

Roll Form Aluminum Screen Frame

This type of aluminum screen frame is highly preferred for the residential use. It is weaker than other aluminum screen frames but is budget friendly and lightweight. It is manufactured in two designs box aluminum screen frame and lip aluminum screen frame.

Static Aluminum Screen Frame

This type of aluminum screen frame contains a permanently sticked mesh screen, which is removed once damaged. The screen frame should get a new mesh screen once the old one is damaged. They are bit expensive than other frames but have great weather resistance. 

Static Aluminum Screen Frame
3. Extruded Aluminum Screen Frame

Extruded Aluminum Screen Frame

These aluminum screen frames are stronger than other screen frames.  The technique used to manufacture them is extrusion. They are meant for heavy-duty applications. They have longer life span and are used for years. 


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Advantages of LW Aluminum Screen Frame Manufacturers and Suppliers

Good Time Management

Time management is the key to every successful organization. LW team has good time management skills that can save the time of customers as well as ours. We have the fastest delivery services that delivers the products in least time anywhere in the world.

Advanced Quality Management

LW keeps its personnel and Equipment up to date. We have advanced machinery for all the services like manufacturing of products and their quality management. Our crew supervises each and every item carefully to maintain its quality. We provide the best quality aluminum screen frames by checking their quality before and after their production.

Surface Treated Products

The aluminum screen frames are surface treated through advanced technology on your demand. The techniques includes anodizing, electrophoresis, sand blasting, powder coating, PVDF coating, wood effect and others.

Deep Processing of Products

The processing of products is highly demanded by the customers. We provide deep processed aluminum screen frames to you. The processing is done by welding, tapping, punching, milling, drilling, bending, cutting etc.

Get Affordable Screen Aluminum Frames at LW

LW provides screen aluminum frames in all sizes and colors. We have the best customization departments that customizes our products according to your specifications. They are manufactured in different shapes , sizes and designs.

  • Size Chart:

The size of an aluminum screen frame depends on its length, width and thickness. They are specified according to your choice and demand. Along with that, the standard sizes are also available. Our customers can get low MOQ if they want. 


  • Different Colors to Offer:

The color range is wide and loved by our customers. We manufacture aluminum screen frames in various different colors. The color range includes all standard and customized colors. They are available in black, white, silver, golden, red, blue, champagne and any other color of your choice.

Aluminum Screen Frame for Windows
Aluminum Screen Frame for Doors
Aluminum Screen Frame for Insect Screen
Insect Screen
Patio Cover

LW Aluminum Screen Frame Suppliers in different Countries

LW has spread its services to almost every country around the world. The customers can order from anywhere and can get the product in the least time due to our fast shipment.

The products are of brilliant quality due to our quality control skills. The raw material is thoroughly checked before manufacturing. Our team to check the quality then supervises the finished products. 

We have a good range of aluminum made products like aluminum screen frames, aluminum bed frames, aluminum windows and doors, aluminum railings, aluminum pergola and many others.

You can choose any product that goes well with your requirement. You can customize and fabricate them the way you want without any difficulty. 

You can also get free samples before buying. The customers also get ODM & OEM if requested. We are one of the best ISO certified companies to provide aluminum made items.

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