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 We supply pre-stretched aluminum screen printing frames made up of 6063T5 alloy. Our aluminum frames are water-proof, solid and totally leveled. They are available in wide range of mesh counts and sizes. 

Aluminum screen printing frames are one of the excellent choices that can no doubtedly help you to increase in your sale and income. We provide you excellent services with our skilled engineers, CAD machinery and modern equipment we are always ready to facilitate you. Our services include on time delivery, replacement in case of damage and up to one year guarantee. 

Our aluminum screen printing frames are famous for their longevity, design and sustainability. So, make sure to choose us and place your order now at LW.

LW Aluminum Screen Printing Frames related products

1.Electronic Aluminum Screen Printing Frame

Electronic Aluminum Screen Printing Frame

That one frame will provide you with great quality more specific to areas of glass printing, different sizes and shapes circuit boards etc.

CD, Ceramic Aluminum Screen Printing Frame

LW CD ceramic aluminum screen printing frame has a great advantage over the simple one as it is efficiently scalable and fit for nameplate, CD turntable, housing etc. You can use it for small to large, computerized to manual all kinds of printing operations.

2. CD, Ceramic Aluminum Screen Frame
3. Treadmill Aluminum Screen Printing Frame

Treadmill Aluminum Screen Printing Frame

 Basically, treadmill aluminum screen printing frame is used in assembly and operations of treadmill. Also find its application in leather, plastic, toy and garment printing. One more advantage is that it made printing easy on a large substrate.

Precision Electronic Aluminum Screen Printing Frame

Precision electronic aluminum screen printing frames could print different types of material . It is most appropriate for ceramic maker, surface mount and as name shows for high precision manufacturing.

Precision Electronic Aluminum Screen Printing Frame
Large Aluminum Screen Printing Frame

Large Aluminum Screen Printing Frame

It has an advantage with mass production, cost per design is less so save your money. This type of frame is used in expansive format printing operations. Like you can consider it for light box printing, advertising billboards etc.


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LW Aluminum Screen Printing Frame High Profile


LW aluminum screen printing frames are highly durable means they don’t corrode easily, withstand in harsh weather so offers a long life and avoids the hassle of daily shopping. So, it is the most economical choice.


Due to its reliability and sturdiness, they don’t need frequent repairing and replacement. Further they are easy to clean and that cleaning also not do any damage to frame ad can endure great tension.

Easy to handle

They are very easy to handle because unlike other metals it is light in weight and can easily modify and customed into your desired shape. Along with it is easy to transport and assemble. You can also stretch and re-stretch these aluminum screen printing frames according to your need depending on the size of the stencil.

LW Aluminum Screen Printing Frames High Profile

We are offering you diverse variety and quality of aluminum screen printing frames. Get your desired one now.

  • Mesh Count:

You can order different mesh sizes at LW now. Our inventory includes high to low all kinds of mesh sizes most standard ones are 110, 156 to lower ones 38, 86 and high mesh counts 230 and 305. 

  • Color:

Aluminum screen printing frames allow you to print in various colors. You could use different inks to outline a graphic for your project. 

  • Shape & Size:

It come in various shapes including Japanese font, cross-shaped, hollow and Tian Zi in diverse range of sizes. The rectangular aluminum screen printing frames range from 8*10, 12*16, 23*31 to 40*54, square ones from 12*12, 24*24 to 36*36 and elongated screen frames from 12*18, 14*24 to 18*36 and you can also get customized one.

Applications of LW Aluminum Screen Printing Frames

Electronic printing
Aluminum Screen Printing Frame for Glass printing
Glass printing
Ceramic printing
Textile printing
Aluminum Screen Printing Frame for Plastic Printing
Plastic printing
Aluminum Screen Printing Frame for Circuit boards
Circuit boards
Liquid crystal display
Light box printing

LW- Entrepreneur of Aluminum Screen Printing Frames

LW is an expert and rising entrepreneur of aluminum related products and we are not bound to China instead our network s widespread to all over the world.

We are producing quality aluminum screen printing frames and delivering it at your doorstep.

Due to our expertise our products are appreciated by all sectors of people.  You can get your desired design and structure at any time.

 Avail the opportunity and place your order now!