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LW is here introducing you one of our most used products, yes! the aluminum screws. Our aluminum screws and fasteners are steadfast, durable and are well known at industrial as well as at house level.

We are supplying number of automotive, medical, mechanical, electrical, sanitary and aerospace industries.

You can personally communicate with our professionals and can get customized screws. Beside that we also provide side service like installation, shipment, designing, planning, replacing, repairing etc.

We never ever compromise on quality in case of any complain we rectify it immediately. Self-tapping screws for aluminum are also present that one doesn’t need nut to secure the rear end. 

You can totally relay on our service and technology.

LW Aluminum Screws – Related Products

Aluminum Socket Cap Screw
Aluminum Socket Cap Screw

They are ideal for industrial applications. LW aluminum socket head screw is one-third times lighter than steel so many industries prefer this as it doesn’t add in weight of already heavy equipment.

Aluminum Hex Head Screw
Aluminum Hex Head Screw

As the name suggests it its head is designed in hexagonal shape so mostly used with nuts and washer. It provides fastener assembly and mostly driven or fix with wrench.

Aluminum Slotted Flat Head Screw
Aluminum Slotted Flat Head Screw

Aluminum slotted flat head screw is suitable for variety of projects and can be easily installed with the help of simple spanner. It doesn’t tarnish and aid in binding applications.

Aluminum Self Drilling Screws

That one is most advanced one in the industry and are durable to use with forged surfaces and damp applications like hospitals MRI, operating room etc.

Aluminum Wide Flang button Head Screw
Aluminum Wide Flanged Button Head Screw

It has the feature that it has a built-in washer. Further its wide and thicker flange distribute the pressure equally so keep secure soft material from crushing.

Aluminum Round Head Slotted Screw
Aluminum Round Head Slotted Screw

Aluminum round head screws are most common and they look very decorative. It used to fix pieces of an application or driven in already drilled holes.

Aluminum Phillip Flat Head Screw
Aluminum Phillip Flat Head Screw

They are idealized due to their quality to flush with surface. Most commonly used in furniture, cabinets, drywall, countertop etc.

Aluminum Phillip Round Head Screw

LW is offering all number of sizes of aluminum screws. Aluminum Phillip round head screw is used as fasteners in motors, machinery, electrical devices and other components of equipment etc.

Aluminum Binding Post Screw
Aluminum Binding Post Screws

They consist of two components an internal post barrel and second one is a binding screw. They are light duty and resist rusting.

Aluminum Shoulder Screw
Aluminum Shoulder Screw

It is one of the durable items in our screw inventory. They are mostly used at the areas that need mounting like joint, pivot and shaft etc.


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Merits of LW Aluminum Screws


Aluminum is highly conductive and non-magnetic so they are best to use in electrical applications like switch boards, irons etc.

Maintenance free

It doesn’t require any cleaning, or don’t require to keep them in specific kind of environment as it is weather resistant so also have longer life span that also made it economical.

Weight to strength ratio

Aluminum screws have great weight to strength ratio. It is the fact that they are light in weight but that didn’t affect its strength and durability. It is much stronger than steel so where you want to keep your application’s weight less but can’t compromise on strength choose LW screws.

LW Aluminum Screws High Profile

LW hardware store has variety of aluminum screws with wide range of sizes and colors.

  • Finishing:

As you know finishing not only enhance the aesthesis of product but also made it more efficient, reliable and durable so LW is providing different kind of finishing including plating of zinc, nickel and chrome, anodizing, black oxide etc.

  • Color & Alloy:

We offer plain as well as colored ones based on your demand. They are available in blue, black, red and purple anodized. Most probably the alloys that are used in manufacturing of aluminum screws are 2024-T4, 7075-T6 and 6061-T6 

  • Screw Sizes and thread:

They are available in wide range of sizes from 1.58750 mm, 2.38125, 3.9 to 9.5 mm and its thread are in standard sizes UNC (1/4*20, 3/8*16 to 1*8), UNF (1/4*28, 7/16*20, ½*20 to 1*14) and customization facility is also available.

Applications of Aluminum Screws

Car manufacturing
Aluminum Screw for Aerospace
Medical equipment
Aluminum Screw for Electrical Equipment
Electrical equipment
Aluminum Screw for Shaft
Aluminum Screw for Cabinet knob

LW Aluminum Screws-A trademark

LW is serving at national as well as at international level from over past fifteen years.

Aluminum screws make your application pleasing, keep the weight low and are highly corrosion resistive.

Moreover, our professionals are providing you service at your door step so don’t take too muck time and order now.

Please feel free to contact our team, we will be 24/7 in here for you.