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LW Aluminium section profiles Production Company

We use modern techniques while making Aluminium section profiles. Aluminium section profiles are made with the thermal process, surface and at the end with. 

Our Aluminium section profiles can be used for industrial purpose, construction and architectural purposes. Our modern machinery can make variety of Aluminium section profiles.

Our 15 year experience can never be underestimated as we are the trade mark of our best quality products and up to date machinery.

We use raw material to create amazing products of different shapes and size. Our surface treatment process is very important and crucial stage of Aluminium section surface treatment we use different colors as per choice of our clients.

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Types of Aluminium Section Profiles

angle corner aluminium section profiles

Angle Corner Aluminium section profiles

As the name indicates that this type of Aluminium section profiles are made with the corners which increases its strength .it is use for constructional areas .it comes in lightweight is mostly used in beams, bed which are fitted in bus or truck.

Round tube Aluminium section profiles

We make this aluminum section with the 6061 alloy. Round tube Aluminium section profiles are powerful and durable.  The size of this section profiles starts from 0.2 meters to 15 meters with the thickness of 0.4 is commonly used for furniture frames, scaffolding and fencing etc.

flat bar aluminium section profiles
round tube aluminium section profiles

Flat bar Aluminium section profiles

Flat bar Aluminium section profiles comes in size of 10mm to 60mm. flat bar aluminum profiles are best use in marine and aerospace areas. These flat bars can easily be cut into the desired size and length.

Square tube Aluminium section profiles

Square tube Aluminium section profiles are best use for athletic gadgets and is also made with the top class aluminum alloy of 6061 with the length of 0.2 meters to 15 meters and 0.4 thicknesses.

Square tube Aluminum Section Profile


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Why You Should Choose LW for Manufacturing of Aluminium section profiles

LW trademark of high quality

We use standard material for our products. We have a team of super professional members who constantly check the material and manufacturing procedures.

LW gives large variety

LW has a large variety of Aluminium section profiles shape .which are c/u shape, L shaped Aluminium section profiles, rectangular shape etc.

LW offer rapid shipment

You can get another advantage of choosing us is rapid or fast shipping. We take orders from anywhere from the world and ship it in best possible short time. Demo product shipment is also offer in LW.

LW prefers your choice

Our trained team customize the client’s desired product. Aluminium section profiles can be tailored according to customer choice.

LW only provide professional products

LW has latest manufacturing machinery which is under observation of our experts .Aluminium section profiles are tailored with finest quality of aluminum which provides the long use of products.

aluminium section profiles

LW a Skill Trader of Aluminium section profiles

As Aluminium section profiles comes in many sizes and shapes. Our team tailored the product according to the demand of our customer. We can meet the requirement of our clients.

  • Size of Aluminium section profiles:

We are offering size variation of Aluminium section profiles from 10mm to 60 mm. however our clients can customize the size of these profile section.

  • Colors of Aluminium section profiles:

The color variety of aluminum section profile is another very appealing characteristic of our company. We are offering very decent colors for section profiles which are grey, white, silver, bronze and black.

Applications of Aluminium section profiles

Aluminium section profiles for door frames
Door frames
Aluminium section profiles for railings
Aluminium section profiles for truck furniture
Truck furniture
Window sections

LW the Superior Quality Aluminium section profiles

LW has a trained team and latest machinery for the manufacturing of Aluminium section profiles with respect to the demand of customers. 

We use greater strength alloy series 6061 and 6063 aluminum for manufacturing of end product. Aluminium section profiles have distinct types or shapes. 

These shape and types can be used in different areas of life for example angle corner section profiles are used in bed frames due to its lightweight property. 

Our great Aluminium section profiles can be used in construction areas and these profiles are known as construction profile is also useful in architectural and industrial areas.

Our have best services for our client. We make Aluminium section profiles with latest techniques like extrusion, process surface treatment and at the end thermal treatment. 

We can give you the best fabrication  service which you want.

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