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The aluminum shower door frame is a professional and stylish choice for home decor. The premium look and durability of the aluminum makes it an excellent choice for your home shower doors. 

The high-quality tempered glass will give you enhanced style and protection from water or other elements that might damage the door over time. 

Our aluminum shower door frames are built with precision tolerances, which results in sharp edges, high functionality and durability

We are committed to provide the best quality products and services to our customers. Our aluminum shower door frames are manufactured with only high quality materials, which meet or exceed the requirements specified.

We listen carefully to our customers’ needs to give them exactly what they want. With us you can rest assured of getting only top-quality products and service.

Since we are one of the leading aluminum shower door manufacturers, you can be sure about the quality of our products. 

We will provide you with a variety of styles and design options, having that perfect look in mind. Our shower door frames are also easy to install even for DIYers or first-timers. 

Aluminum Shower Door Frame

Our aluminum shower door frame is crafted to create an elegant and modern look. The series includes three different film-free tempered glass options, including warm, cool and natural privacy patterns. 

The frame comes with two optional handle styles and ensures a sleek custom fit with up to 1” clearance around the framing, making it perfect for your design layout.

Allow the exclusive style of our aluminum shower door frames to turn your dream bathroom into a reality. With our high grade aluminum and tempered glass, you’ll be amazed at the way your shower looks with this frame installed. 

The strong construction will stand up to years and years of use, making it perfect for a rental property or busy family home. 

Our frame comes in white, black and silver so there’s sure to be a color that suits your interior decor.

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Aluminum Shower Door Frame Types

Framed Aluminum Shower Door Frame
Framed Shower Door
Sliding Aluminum Shower Door Frame
Sliding Shower Door
Hinged Aluminum Shower Door Frame
Hinged Shower Door
Pivot Aluminum Shower Door Frame
Pivot Shower Door
Bi-Fold Aluminum Shower Door Frame
Bi-fold Shower Door
Curved Aluminum Shower Door Frame
Curved Shower Door
Steam Aluminum Shower Door Frame
Steam Shower Door

LW: Aluminum Shower Door Frame Experts

Customer satisfaction is the priority.

Our customer’s satisfaction is always our top priority. We provide free design services and make sure your shopping experience with us is as pleasant as it can be by having an excellent team of customer service associates. We take special care in describing every aspect of our products.

Strict inspections from world-class engineers.

Our aluminum shower door frame has a unique style and design, which can be applied to different styles of glass door. Each product has been strictly inspected by professional engineers before delivery. So you can rest assured that you will receive only top-quality products

We cater to all industries.

LW design and create aluminum shower door frames and they could be used for various industries, such as aerospace, automotive, construction , infrastructure sectors, hotels and shopping centers.They could be lasting used for many years.

Superior craftsmanship and detail.

We are your Aluminum Shower Door Frame manufacturer because of our superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. We use the highest quality aluminum, and work with precision machines to ensure each product is built to last.

Aluminum Shower Door Frame

Manufacturing Aluminum Shower Door Frame

You deserve appealing products.

 We adhere to strict quality control standards, which guarantee that every shower door frame we build meets or exceeds industry standards. We manufacture commercial and residential aluminum shower doors in a wide range of sizes and styles so that you can choose what works best for your needs, lifestyle, budget and bathroom decor.

Combine both efficiency and great design.

We are a professional manufacturer of Aluminum shower door frames, with high quality and reasonable prices. Without disregarding the need for a sturdy project, we make sure that it also looks good the way it feels.

Common Aluminum Shower Door Frame Applications

Aluminum Shower Door Frame for Hotels
Aluminum Shower Door Frame for Houses
Aluminum Shower Door Frame for Offices
Aluminum Shower Door Frame for Pools
Aluminum Shower Door Frame for Residential Buildings
Residential Buildings
Aluminum Shower Door Frame for Malls

LW: Professional Aluminum Deck Framing Experts

Aluminum is the only material with a 50 year guarantee, which means you can count on us for years to come.

With the help of our aluminum deck framing, you can create the deck of your dreams.We offer one-year warranties on all bending and fabrication services and 15 years performance guarantees on all aluminum products.

Choosing the right aluminum deck frame manufacturer warrants a lot of questions and queries that can be quite difficult to answer or seek out the answers. 

The metal also resists weathering and corrosion, which helps ensure decks last longer. This metal does not rot or splinter like wood when exposed to sunlight and moisture.

Here at LW, we make sure that our aluminum deck framing is made of quality materials to last you a lifetime.

Let us help you discover what makes our aluminum deck framing the best choice