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LW provides high quality lightweight aluminum around the world. We deal with all kinds of aluminum products for various purposes. Our lightweight aluminum products are being used in residential, commercial and industrial applications for more than 15 years. We also provide low MOQ to our customers.

LW aluminum skirting is manufactured by professionals to get your needs fulfilled. We deal with different designs and colors demanded by our customers. Moreover! We also provide finishing and processing services to save you from extra efforts.

We are one of the highly preferred companies in china that works 24/7 to keep in touch with the customers anytime. Our customers appreciate our services. To get good quality aluminum skirting board that too on affordable cost and minimum time.

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Classification of LW Aluminum Skirting

Concealed Fix Aluminum Skirting
Concealed Fix Aluminum Skirting

This type of aluminum skirting is fixed through the screws. It is called concealed fix because after fixing with screws it is concealed by a rubber tape. It is used for windows and doors, ceiling, LED strip, furniture etc.

Stick on Aluminum Skirting
Stick on Aluminum Skirting

This type of aluminum skirting is fixed though adhesives rather than screws. It is either designed with special adhesives or is stick through a tape or glue. It is ideal to be used for covering the base of the wall as well as concealing any gap or crack.

Curved Aluminum Skirting
Curved Aluminum Skirting

This curved aluminum skirting is used for curved surfaces. It is water and insect resistant. Provides protection to the wall and gives smooth surface. It is used in hotels, supermarkets and other public places.

Aluminum Gap Skirting
Aluminum Gap Skirting

These are installed a little bit away from the wall. It is used in offices and homes etc. It provides smooth and finished surface to the wall.

Advantages of LW Aluminum Manufacturers and Suppliers

Exceptional Quality

LW aluminum skirting is made of one of the best quality aluminum. It meets the criteria of being lightweight, corrosion free, weather resistant, durable and aesthetically beautiful. Our quality control department is responsible for the monitoring of their quality.

Wide range of Products

LW is the company that deals with different kind of aluminum products in different designs. Aluminum skirting like other aluminum products is manufactured in unique designs to help customers choose according to their interest.

Fast Delivery

One of the advantages of LW aluminum skirting suppliers is their fast delivery services. Regardless of where our customer is from we can provide our products anywhere in the world within least time possible.

Free samples and ODM & OEM Service

LW aluminum skirting manufacturers is responsible for providing free samples and ODM & OEM to small and new businesses. It helps them compete in the marketplace and provision of good quality products.

Different Surface Finishing Techniques

LW gives their customers an option to surface treating the products they order. These finishing provides eye-catching appearance to the skirting as well as make them long lasting. The techniques include anodizing, surface treating, powder coating etc.

We provide Deep Processing services

Processing helps customers make their products fit for any purpose. Our experts can process your purchased items in any way you want. The products can be processed with drilling, milling, welding, tapping, bending, punching etc.

LW Aluminum Skirting Board Suppliers

  • We deal with unique designs:

Aluminum skirting are part of interior designing. They help renovate the places and adds to their charm. Our team can tailor aluminum skirting in various designs that are loved by customers. It includes curved aluminum skirting, stick on aluminum skirting, concealed fix aluminum skirting and many others.

  • Get different colors:

We customize aluminum skirting in various colors that can be used for decorative purposes. Our color choice includes golden, silver, black, white, champagne, bronze or any other customized color.

  • Various Sizes:

LW R & D department not only customizes aluminum skirting in different colors and designs but also in different sizes. You can choose from standard sizes as well as customized according to your choice.

Applications of LW Aluminum Skirting

Aluminum Skirting for Home
Aluminum Skirting for Kitchen cabinets
Kitchen Cabinets
Aluminum Skirting for Ceiling
Aluminum Skirting for Wires

LW an Internationally Recognized Aluminum Skirting Suppliers

LW has been certified by ISO for being one of the best internationally recognized aluminum company.

We are responsible for providing best quality aluminum to meet all your requirements. We have rich experience of 15 years and more.

LW aluminum skirting is manufactured and supplied by expert professionals that keep in check all the manufacturing processes to ensure quality.

Our team also works day and night to introduce new and unique designs. We also provides various other services like finishing, customizing and processing products under one roof.

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Aluminum Skirting Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Aluminum skirting is always great to enhance the edges of the walls and if you want to add this style to your construction business this is something great.

Alternatively, if you are looking forward to having an aluminum skirting for the finishing of your client’s mobile home too, you should take a look at the FAQ guide below.

Aluminum Skirting - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What Is The Purpose Of Aluminum Skirting?

Aluminum skirting may commonly be used for a number of reasons a few of these may include the following:

  • Aluminum skirting allows to cover the gaps that may have been left between the walls during construction and this totally hides the spaces.
  • Aluminum skirting may also be used for decorative purposes since it allows the enhancement of walls in a way that is accompanied with designing.
  • If you have cables and wires passing across the walls, aluminum skirting may help in covering them too, those hides the open wires and cables across your wall and make the walls appear better in looks.
  • Mobile homes are always equipped with skirting around them that acts as a wall panel.

    Uses of Aluminum Skirting

    Uses of Aluminum Skirting

How To Stick Aluminum Skirting?

To install aluminum skirting the few essential steps to follow may comprise of the following:

  • Measure the length of the wall and mark on the aluminum skirting.
  • Now cut the aluminum skirting as per your desired length using a miter saw.
  • Introduce an aluminum skirting adhesive in the stocking gun and with the help of this gun apply glue on the back of the skirting to be stuck.
  • Now place this skirting at the position where it has to be stuck and leave for at least five minutes.
  • Again pull gently the skirting back gently from the wall you will see a sticky pattern and once again press this aluminum skirting back to the same position and press it a little.

Stickling Aluminum Skirting

Sticking Aluminum Skirting

Should Aluminum Skirting Have Vents?

Yes definitely! Vents are a must have when it comes to aluminum skirting. Vents provide you protection against letting the moisture trapped in.

If your aluminum skirting won’t have vents it would collect the moisture and mold and mildew will grow inside the aluminum skirting causing it to damage later on.

Vents on Aluminum Skirting

Vents on Aluminum Skirting

How To Fix A Hole In Aluminum Skirting?

To Fix a hole in the aluminum skirting you can use any of the two methods suggested below:

  • Take an aluminum skirting tape and simply stick that tape on the hole you have on your aluminum skirting.
  • The second method is to cut a piece of aluminum skirting of the same dimensions as your hole is and push that piece inside the skirting as a refilled patch.

Both the methods are used to cover the hole in the aluminum skirting and both offer more or less the same outcome.

Fixing holes on aluminum skirting

Fixing Hole in Aluminum Skirting

How To Seal Gaps Between Aluminum Skirting Boards?

In order to seal the gaps between the aluminum skirting board or between the skirting and the floor the best thing to use is the silicon tube.

This clear silicon tube comes with a pointed top and you can directly apply it to the gaps. Leave the silicon to dry and it will cover the remains very well.

Since silicon is clear adhesive it doesn’t become obvious between the gaps and appear to give a naturally finished look to your aluminum skirting.

Is Aluminum Skirting Suitable For Mobile Home?

Yes definitely! Aluminum skirting is very much suitable for a mobile home because it is a very sturdy material suitable to deal with all kinds of weather conditions.

A mobile home means that it would be open to various places and will face sometimes extreme hot and sunny days and sometimes thunderstorms, sometimes rain and sometimes snow.

Hence, an aluminum amount to be one of the most suitable choices in this case as it allows people to be assured that their skirting won’t wear off nor would it be damaged or corroded or even rusted.

Aluminum Skirting for Mobile Home

Aluminum skirting for Mobile Home

How Do You Put Aluminum Skirting Around A Mobile Home?

In order to install an aluminum skirting around a mobile home you can use the below suggested steps and create an edging of aluminum skirting around your mobile home.

  • First of all you need to take the measurements of the edging over which you have to install the aluminum skirting.
  • Now, mark these measurements with the dimensions taken and cut the skirting using a miter saw.
  • Take a drill machine and screw drivers and place your aluminum skirting at the position of installation and start drilling the holes to attach it to the wall.
  • On the drilled holes now fix the screws and make sure they are fit enough to keep the aluminum skirting tight.

What Is The Cost Of Aluminum Skirting For A Mobile Home?

The cost of an aluminum skirting for a mobile home may range somewhere between $400 to $4000, the installation charges are separate if you hire someone to do the job.

Where To Get Aluminum Skirting?

Aluminum skirting may be purchased from China in bulk. China deals in various different styles and layouts of aluminum skirting available globally.

LW offers you a wide variety of aluminum skirting that may be seen on the website with a wide variety of colors and options to order in bulk for your clients.

How Do You Cut Aluminum Skirting?

To cut an aluminum skirting you can use a miter saw or a circular saw. First of all mark the points from where you have to cut the aluminum skirting and then place it under the saw you are using.

You will have a slight bend in the skirting and by moving the piece of aluminum skirting upwards you can get the desired measurement of skirting.

Cutting Aluminum Skirting

Cutting an Aluminum Skirting

Can We Get Customized Aluminum Skirting?

Yes, one may get a customized aluminum skirting as per their requirements. These skirting may be made in bulk and totally are dependent on the customer’s demand and requirements.

How To Install Aluminum Skirting Board?

Aluminum skirting board may be installed in two different ways:

  • The first one is that you can use an adhesive glue especially made for aluminum skirting boards and stick the skirting board by cutting it according to the measurements of the wall.
  • The second technique requires drilling the skirting board into the wall using a drilling machine and screws. You can mark the points of the screw and install it accordingly by fixing the screws with a screwdriver.

Installing Aluminum Skirting

Installing Aluminum Skirting

How Long Does An Aluminum Skirting Last?

Aluminum is one of the most sturdy and durable materials to use for anything. Similarly when used for the purpose of skirting one may easily have it in use for years and years.

The best part is that it doesn’t corrode or rust in any way and also it doesn’t break easily, also if broken one may install a patch on it.

Aluminum skirting is also suitable to deal with all kinds of weather conditions as well and it won’t wear out in any way.

Which Is Better Aluminum Or Vinyl Skirting?

When compared to aluminum, vinyl also has the same strength and properties. However, in case of vinyl a ball won’t scratch it easily whereas in case of aluminum it may be scratched easily.

However, if you consider having skirting for the purpose of making your interior look nice you should choose for the aluminum skirting.

Vinyl skirting is not as finished as aluminum skirting it, however, it is cheaper whereas aluminum may be expensive.

Vinyl Vs Aluminum Skirting

 Aluminum Vs Vinyl Skirting

Is Aluminum Skirting Waterproof?

Aluminum skirting is a waterproof choice. No matter if it is left in the rain or snow, no harm will be caused to it no matter what. Hence,  you will find it suitable to be used under water without any doubt at all.

How To Take Measurements For Aluminum Skirting?

To take measurements for the aluminum skirting you need to start from one point of the wall and go till the end of the wall that is to be finished with aluminum skirting.

Can You Paint Aluminum Skirting?

Yes, aluminum skirting may be painted but there is a stated procedure for this purpose which you need to follow in order to keep your paint stuck to the skirting.

  • Remove the dust and dirt with the help of a piece of cloth before you start with the painting process.
  • Now, take a thin scrubber and rub it gently against the skirting to make sure that the old paint is rubbed off.
  • Make sure the areas that you don’t want to paint are masked using a tape.
  • Apply a coat of primer and let it sit for a while.
  • Now, start painting the surface of the aluminum skirting.

What Kind Of Paint Is Suitable For Aluminum Skirting?

Oil paint and spray paint may be used for aluminum skirting. However, it is suggested to use either latex or acrylic paints instead because these are more finished and durable. In addition, they stick well to aluminum skirting.

People even spray paint their skirting because that is a quicker way and would do a good job, but for the first outcome latex or acrylic paint is better.

How To Repair A Damaged Aluminum Skirting?

To repair an aluminum skirting you need to heat it a bit. The aluminum skirting is usually damaged because of the dents and scratches.

In order to get rid of the scratches you can use a fine scrubber and scrub away these scratches. However, for the dents you may use a heat gun and this will cause the dents to disappear as heating releases the stress from skirting.

Repairing Aluminum Skirting

Repairing Aluminum Skirting

Is Aluminum Skirting Durable?

Aluminum skirting is very durable, you can rely on it for years and years with no wear and tear and the more careful you are with it the better finish it will retain even after 20 years.

Many people even look forward to wooden skirting but that has many issues like wear and tear due to rotten wood, risk of termites, mold and mildew, loss of finish due to weather and moisture.

However, aluminum neither rots nor it corrodes and always stays as it has been since day one. You don’t have to spend much on its maintenance and it amounts to be the most durable and light weight choice of sitting.

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