Adept Aluminium Sliding Door Frames

  • Used for multi purposes
  • Hard and firm
  • Extruded
  • Light-weight

Trusted Aluminium Sliding Door Frames

Aluminium sliding door frames of most subtle, fined and of strong quality is widely trusted and used at places like industries. Aluminium goods manufacturers and they installed them at hospitals, malls, office buildings and houses.

LW provides lot of different designs and categories of aluminium frames and could customized them according to client’s requirement whether it’s for business purpose (like building, malls) or personal purpose (like house). 

When modifying client aluminium sliding door frames, we are very conscious and keenly prepare the product according to clients given specification and requirements.

The erosion-resistant and non-destructive properties of the aluminium frames while durable, elegance and secure-resistant properties of glass make aluminium sliding glass door frames famous among business distributors.

Types of Aluminium Sliding Door Frame

Aluminium Sliding Door Frame Kit and Parts

Aluminium Sliding Door Frame Kit and Parts

Aluminium sliding door frame parts include the partition size, colour, design, style, hinges, lock etc. At LW  there are many choices available online.

Aluminium Sliding Door Frame Profile

 Simple profile cuts are enough to create a custom made sliding door frame.

Aluminium Sliding Door Frame Profile
aluminum sliding door frame sections

Aluminium Sliding Door Frame Sections

Sliding door sections depend on the type of door or window, chosen to be placed at home or office. The window frame consists of aluminium with other metals: that’s why called aluminium alloy.


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Aluminium Sliding Door Frames – Advantages

Aluminium Sliding Door Frames are Durable

As we know that with the passage of time wood get decayed. But aluminium glass door frames are more durable than wood doors.

Aluminium Sliding Door Frames are Secured

Good quality and thickened glass door made up of resistant proof material along with aluminium frames are hard to break and provide more security over conventional doors.

Aluminium Sliding Door Frame Enhance the Aesthetics

Glass door frames not only represent the good taste of the owner but also enhance the aesthetics of the space. Aluminium sliding door could be used for wardrobes, balcony and living room doors.

Aluminium Sliding Door Frames have Environmental Resistance

Aluminium glass door frames are environment friendly and do not pollute the atmosphere. They protect from street-noise, environmental pollution, rain and wind storms.

Aluminium Sliding Door Frames show Heat Retention

Good quality glass doors are heat and weather resistant and therefore in foreign countries aluminium sliding glass door frames are widely used.

Aluminium Sliding Door Frames Variants

Some variants of aluminium sliding door frames are as follow:

  • Bypass aluminium sliding glass door

These are best for smaller places like closets and bathrooms as have tracks on top and bottom of the glass door.

  • Pocket/ disappear aluminium sliding door

These doors do not contain with them hinges and when glass slide of aluminium door frame is open, the glass door went into the pocket or adjacent wall making it disappear.

  • Lift & Slide aluminium sliding Door

Lift and slide aluminium sliding door made up of two large panels that could be open up effortlessly. The door is on the wheeling track frame and needs to be lifted up to open the sliding door.

  • Tilt & Slide aluminium sliding Door

Sliding the glass door horizontally allowing the person to open the moveable belt along with aluminium glass door frame and thus such moveable glass doors not only enhance the beauty of the space, as well as also the source of ventilation and help out by keeping the room airy & tidy.

Applications of Aluminium Sliding Door Frames

Aluminium Sliding Door Frame at Hospital and Pharmacy
Hospital And Pharmacies
Retail And Local Buildings
Business Enterprises
Aluminium Sliding Door Frame for Commercial Areas
Commercial Areas
Day-Care Centres
Aluminium Sliding Door Frame for Houses and Structures
Houses And Structures
Shopping Malls

Personalized Aluminium Sliding Door Frames

LW is maintaining the reputation among the world’s top aluminium sliding door frame manufacturer and seller and provides you the desired equipment on reasonable price.

Client’s preferences are our first priority. Project manager along with product analyst hired to keep an eye on the growth of products, their results, availability and demand in the market.

Project manager is also accountable for designing and launching new product designs of aluminium sliding door frames.

Demand of aluminium sliding door frames are increasing in market day by day. The credit goes to the long lasting, elegant and easy to maintain properties of aluminium sliding door frames.

The aluminium sliding door frames are manufactured according to given requirements by clients. Clients feel free to choose and consult about colour, design and polish of sliding doors according to their choice.