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With its vast expertise in aluminum manufacturing, LW provides superior quality aluminum sliding doors. Using the latest technology, we give our customers the best of aluminum products. 

We make our product available for all of you by matching your demands and concerns. You can use our aluminum sliding door commercially and for residential purposes. 

We design the doors considering your demands, and our expert team consults further about the climate in which you will require the door , LW will finish the material according to that. 

Furthermore, we can provide you customized solutions as per your demand. To place your orders or any inquiry, please contact us anytime!

LW Aluminum Sliding Door

Products of Aluminum Sliding Door

Patio Aluminum Sliding Door
Patio Aluminum Sliding Door

These are sliding doors designed for the patio openings. It allows the natural light to pass through and light up the room quickly.

Tilt and Slide Aluminum Sliding Door
Tilt and Slide Aluminum Sliding Door

These doors can easily be opened by tilt and turn. These doors allow the proper ventilation.

Slimline Aluminum Sliding Door
Slimline Aluminum Sliding Door

It is used where there is a need for a minimalistic appearance. These doors have a wider glass area, and aluminum is less visible. 

Lift and Slide Aluminum Sliding Door
Lift and Slide Aluminum Sliding Door

These are effortless sliding doors to operate. They can be lifted by wheeling before sliding.

Pocket Aluminum Sliding Door
Pocket Aluminum Sliding Door

It is also used for smaller spaces. They turn into a pocket as soon as they are opened.

Sliding French ALuminum Door
Sliding French ALuminum Door

It is used where there is less space. It is usually installed in homes.

Bypass Aluminum Sliding Door

These are used mainly for the bathroom and closet small spaces. The tracks places are there to open and close it quickly. 


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Benefits of Using LW Aluminum Sliding Door


LW provides proper ventilation through the aluminum sliding doors. It protects from air pollution as well. It allows the air to pass, is dust-free, and refreshes the room with fresh air.

Energy Efficient

As the aluminum sliding door allows light and air to pass through easily, less energy is required to light up the surroundings.

Allow Ample Light

It allows amply light to pass through easily by maintaining seamless flow. The indoor and outdoor spaces are, therefore, established efficiently.


The aluminum sliding door comprises 6000 series of aluminum material with T3-T8 temper, which allows it to last longer.

No Noise Pollution

With the best-quality material, the noise from the outside doesn't enter the room. Being light-weighted does not affect noise pollution. It controls it wisely.


The surface of the aluminum sliding door is finished with anodizing, polishing, or silver plating, which allows it with low maintenance.

Aluminum Sliding Door

An Aluminum Sliding Door Expert

Aluminum sliding doors are lightweight due to which they can be easily installed. They are highly durable and corrosion-resistant. 

Other than this expertise, they have the following specs:

  • Thickness

The thickness of the aluminum sliding door is above 1.5mm. The customized thickness is available. 

  • Depth

The construction depth of the aluminum sliding door is 91.2mm to 212.5mm.

  • Sound Reduction

To control the sound and noise pollution from outside, the sound reduction is 20-30dB.

  • Height, Width, and Infill

The maximum height of the aluminum sliding door is 3300mm, the total width is 1800mm, and the maximum infill is 31mm.

Various Applications of Aluminum Sliding Door

Aluminum Sliding Door for Houses
Aluminum Sliding Door for Offices
Aluminum Sliding Door for Retail Businesses
Retail Businesses
Aluminum Sliding Door for Hospitality Enterprises
Hospitality Enterprises
Aluminum Sliding Door for Healthcare Institutions
Healthcare Institutions
Aluminum Sliding Door for Commercial Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Aluminum Sliding Door for Educational Institutions
Educational Institutions
Aluminum Sliding Door for Airports

Custom Aluminum Sliding Door

The LW, with its excellence in the aluminum field, has a good reputation all over the industry. We facilitate you with the best tooling manufacturing local business, which is reliable yet secure. 

We prepare aluminum sliding doors with care and approve the quality of the materials and finished product as per your need. The powder-coated aluminum door has standard RAL colors. Through which you can get the colorful appearance of the aluminum door.

LW can customize the size, thickness, and dimension all by considering customers’ demands. They also come in sandblasting, polished brush surfaces.

With all our experience, you can trust your aluminum sliding door with us. With one-stop-shop aluminum solutions, whether you are suppliers, distributors, trading company, and manufacturing, we will all meet your requirements.

Feel free to contact our sales team for more information. 

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