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Aluminum sliding window  play a crucial part in the appearance and adornment of your house. One needs to put maximum effort into the selection of the type of window and its manufacturer. And in this regard, the aluminum sliding windows are quite popular and trending nowadays.

This type of window is operated by sliding it from one side to the other. It’s the most common and durable type of aluminum window in the market. We, LW manufacturers and suppliers are the most reliable name for Aluminum sliding windows.

The windows manufactured by us give a classical yet elegant touch to your homes and offices.

We offer a vast variety of styles and sizes to meet your requirement. We have made a wide range of colors available to opt from.


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Styles of LW Aluminum Sliding Window

We present you multiple styles of windows, under one roof.

Single glazed Aluminum Sliding Window
Single glazed Aluminum Sliding Window

The single glazed window has a single layer of glass to separate two environments and thus lacks effective insulation. They are mostly installed in garages. Sheds and other structures require less security.

Double Glazed Aluminum Sliding Window
Double Glazed Aluminum Sliding Window

Double Glazed Aluminum sliding window has two layers of glass with an insulated air space between them. It provides additional insulation as well as noise reduction as compared to the single glazed window.


Three-Pane or Stacking Aluminum Sliding Window
Three-Pane or Stacking Aluminum Sliding Window

As the name suggests, the three-pane window has three panes, allowing you to open two-thirds of the window size. They have high energy efficiency and keep the interior warm in winter and cool in summer.

hermal Break Aluminum Sliding Window
Thermal Break Aluminum Sliding Window

It stops the energy, heat, water and noise to enter from one environment to other by providing polyamide bars between the two aluminum sections. These windows are the most secured and durable of all.


Curved Aluminum Sliding Window

The curved aluminum sliding window is more of a luxury window, made in the shape of a semi-circle or an is mostly used in arc-shaped balcony areas to enhance the elegance of the house.

Vertical Aluminum Sliding Window
Vertical Aluminum Sliding Window

This kind of window gives more of a traditional and classical look to your home. You can enjoy the dual benefit of the classical look along with modern thermal break aluminum profiles.

Pros of using LW Aluminum Sliding Windows


Aluminum sliding windows have a long working life and are less vulnerable to crack, rot or swell due to weather conditions. They do not require any paint or polish and can be cleaned with merely a damp cloth.


Aluminum sliding windows are significantly cheaper and more reliable than the wooden frames used before. They have proved to be a better alternative for residential as well as commercial use.


Aluminum is the most lightweight metal of all and is the strongest at the same time. A small discreet frame of the aluminum sliding window is capable to support large panes of glass and is smooth to install and operate.

Malleable and flexible

Aluminum is one of the most malleable metals of all and is free from the fear of breaking or cracking in the process of pressing and bending. LW Aluminum sliding windows have the flexibility to mold them into simple shapes as well as complex structures.

Resistance to moisture

Aluminum sliding windows have a higher resistance to moisture and air as compared to other in turn increases the lifespan of the window.

Resistance to corrosion

Aluminum frames are known being corrosion resistant. It has the resistance against corrosion from rainwater or any other cleaning product. Protection from corrosion can be further improved by powder coating.

Why Rely on LW Manufacturers?

  • Customization Service

We further facilitate our honorable customers with the option of customization. The size, dimensions and paint of the window can be customized according to your taste.

  • Series variations

Apart from sizes and dimensions, LW manufactures Aluminum sliding windows in basic sliding series and special sliding series for your convenience

Sound and Heat Insulation

All our Aluminum sliding windows are sound and heat insulated.

Application of Aluminum Sliding Window

Aluminum Sliding Window for Houses
Aluminum Sliding Window for Offices
Aluminum Sliding Window for Hotels and Inns
Hotels and Inns
Aluminum Slidinng Window for Commercial Buildings
Commercial Buildings
Aluminum Sliding Window for Buses and Trains
Buses and Trains
Aluminum Sliding Windows for Airport
Aluminum Sliding Window for Industries and Warehouses
Industries and Warehouses

A company that is Certified and Reliable For Aluminum Sliding Windows

Thanks to its vast experience and excellence, LW manufacturers are specialized in the art of aluminum sliding windows. Be it any kind or structure of the window.

We assure you that we have the best variety of sliding windows in the market with additional customer care support during and after the purchase.

The entire process of production is carried out with utmost care. You can always count on us. We are the most reliable and durable aluminum sliding windows manufacturer and supplier.

You may contact our sales team for more info.

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