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It has been said to choose wisely so why to choose us

LW is a strong firm that products are supplied to all kind of industries. All standard and customed aluminum spacers are made in our industrial CNC machines.

We keep quality management system and well-trained engineers. LW is one stop shop for all kinds, size and design of aluminum spacers that you need.

 They are popular and quite well known to keep distance between two adjacent objects especially they are used as insulating glass spacers and for minimum clearance applications.

Further providing you both bendable and non-bendable spacers as per your demand. 

LW working from over number of years is not a small-scale industry rather we are ISO certified and our products lasts longer and being an economical choice, they help you to save a lot of money.

Further, the aestheticist of our aluminum spacers will please your mood and you will never regret your choice. Our professionals are ready 24/7 hours to aid you in your project and made it easy for you to achieve your goals.

We assure you to provide competitive price and fastest shipment service. 

So, feel free to ask any query and to place order.

Aluminum Boat Edge Trim Similar Products

1. Round Aluminum Spacer

Round Aluminum Spacer

They are round in shape have shiny cleaned finished exterior look. They keep space between sections by sliding over bolts. They provide clearance and help you while mounting objects.

Hex Aluminum Spacer

 LW, providing you hex aluminum spacer for lower load assemblies. They provide gap between components and also strengthen while fastening. They support fastening by not allowing to turn and twist and holding the application in its place. They are usually used for internal need like behind panels and cases.

Hex Aluminum Spacer
Aluminum Wall Spacer

Aluminum Wall Spacers

Wall spacers are manufactured in order to maintain space between flooring and walls. It is done to prevent them from collapsing due to expansion in hot days. They are wedge shaped usually set in between planks where the walls are uneven.

Aluminum Window Spacers

They are installed in between window panes maintain space between them and provide a good insulation. Aluminum window spacer is the one that determine the amount of heat enter or escape so work best as thermal efficient. As an efficient thermal conductor, it easily let out indoor heat making the room temperature balanced.

Aluminum Window Spacer
5. Aluminum Wheel Spacer

Aluminum Wheel Spacer

For wheel spacer 6061, 7075-T6 aluminum is used. It put your wheel or tires where you wish to as if they are not at ideal place.  It also boosts your vehicle’s performance.


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Benefits- LW Aluminum Spacers

Withstand high pressure

Aluminum spacers can endure high pressure. They don’t break under high pressure that made it durable and reliable in case of any shock for all kinds of applications.

Thermal efficiency

They are very good thermal efficient that made it best as a spacer because they can maintain the suitable temperature and keep the device in good state

Corrosion resistance

Aluminum spacers are resistant to rusting as they can withstand in harsh weather even rainy season don’t affect them much. So, they run for a longer life period and save your money.

Aluminum Spacers

LW Aluminum Spacers- Highly rich profile

We shipped aluminum spacers across the border, they meet all the international marketing standards. Our inventory is rich in design, style and sizes of aluminum spacers.

  • Colors and Finishes:

It comes in variety of standard and customized colors and finishes like anodized clear, black, silver and gold, in mill finish and in painted bronze, black and white.

  • Length and diameter:

They are available in large number of sizes and length. Mostly it is available in length from 1/8 inch to 1/12 inch and diameters are usually 1/2″, 1/4”, 3/8” to 5/16” etc. Aluminum screw’s hole sizes are 3mm, 5, 6,8 to 12mm and are also customized. 

Applications for Aluminum Spacers

Aluminum Spacers for circuit boards
Circuit boards
Aluminum Spacers for Wall
Aluminum Spacers for Glass pans
Glass Pans
Aluminum Spacers for Wheel
Aluminum Spacers for Kitchen cabinets
Kitchen Cabinets

LW- The professional Builder and Supplier of Aluminum Spacers & globally acknowledged company

As you know the demand of growing era, products manufactured from aluminum are getting popular all over the world.

In large scale industries so our setup meet the demand of the time. Our aluminum spacers are sturdy, beautiful and adjustable ones with your application.

Besides all services we also provide CADs in order to facilitate our customer. Also, we give warranty and compensate in case of any loss. 

So be quick and visit our deals now!