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Aluminum Stage truss is what you need if you’re seeking high-quality materials and great performance. Because it is constructed of metal, which gives strength and durability, it may be used in a variety of ways.

The lightweight construction makes it portable and simple to transport. Aluminum stage is a kind of equipment that is used on several occasions.

It serves several purposes, including stage decorating, art performance décor, staff rest area, etc. You may also tailor it to your specifications.

The aluminum stage is lightweight and sturdy, and can withstand severe usage. Aluminum stages may be easily installed in both outdoor and interior settings.

Aluminum Stage is a kind of transportable stage with an aluminum foundation and a polyester shell.

This stage is of superior quality, stability, and vigor. And since it is simple for one person to assemble or disassemble, it is widely used in contemporary amusement and entertainment.

Aluminum Stage

A stage made of aluminum is a very versatile tool. It may be utilized to create secure and readily accessible corridors and areas, as well as provide cost-effective storage options for commercial and industrial equipment.

These levels fold up fast, making them convenient to store in confined spaces or transport when required.

Whether you’re putting on a small concert or a Broadway production, an aluminum stage is the perfect choice for your next event.

Aluminum is renowned for its smooth, sleek appearance and works well for stages of any size.

Metal may be much more adaptable than wood, since it is typical to have many designs of aluminum stages coming together to provide a unified appearance and feel.

Compared to wood, which is more subject to damage from weather conditions, insects, and even humans, aluminum is relatively simple to maintain.

Aluminum Stage


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Why should you be our aluminum stage manufacturer? We work with each customer to find the perfect solution for their event. There is no better way to give your guests a great experience than a well-built, durable and reliable stage. Our company will bring you the best of both worlds: top quality products and a reasonable price.

Wide range of stages available.

We offer you the best products for any type of event, whether it’s a festival, concert or wedding. We offer a wide range of stages, each with its own design and characteristics for every need. All made with the best materials to ensure quality without limits.

High-quality products and services.

We are a leading aluminum stage truss manufacturer that has more than 15 years of experience in this industry. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and services at competitive prices. We strive to meet their needs by following strict manufacturing principles, adhering to deadlines even when problems arise, and responding quickly and accurately to every inquiry we receive from our clients.

We understand the importance of our products.

A stage isn't just a stage, it's an extension of the performer. It provides them with the ability to share their talents, movements and excitement with their fans. That's why at LW we pride ourselves on manufacturing stages that are strong and reliable, yet lightweight enough to be easily transported by our clients.

Aluminum Stage

Why You Must Utilize Aluminum Stage

Perfect solution for outdoor events

Aluminum Stage Truss is the perfect solution for outdoor events, expos and festivals. It’s easy to set up and transport and it can hold up to 1,000 pounds per square foot. Aluminum stage is a very cost-effective option that lets you spend less time worrying about logistics while hosting a large event and more time enjoying the festivities yourself.


The Aluminum Stage is one of the most versatile and durable stage in the world. It is used in courthouses, theaters, concert halls and schools. The foundation of this stage is a grid system consisting of lightweight aluminum tubing that creates a sturdy frame for the flooring and decking. Additional strength is provided by cross bracing between diagonal braces.

Common Aluminum Stage Applications

Aluminum Stage for Courthouses
Aluminum Stage for Theatres
Aluminum Stage for Concert Halls
Concert Halls
Aluminum Stage for School Stages
Aluminum Stage for Movie Houses
Movie Houses
Aluminum Stage for TV Studio
TV Show Studios

LW: Aluminum Stage Experts

Because aluminum stage is the best choice for indoor sport events and outdoor music festival, such as concerts, night club performances or weddings.

It has a load capacity of 80 kg/m2 and can be used for many years in different conditions. A professional aluminum stage will give you a great sense of belonging and make your performance stand out among others!

Traditional aluminum stages offer high strength, lightweight, corrosion resistance and low maintenance.

The stage design is compact, robust and easy to use when it comes to construction projects.

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Aluminum Stage

Aluminum stages are paramount pieces towards hosting a good event for performers, people, and many other musicians. However, there are many questions regarding aluminum stages often asked by our customers.

Here, we compiled a list of questions that we frequently receive and answer for your ease of access and to help whatever issue or problem you may have:

Aluminum Stage - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. Can You Use Aluminum Stages Outdoors?

Yes, you can use aluminum stages outside. Aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance and does not need to be coated with a paint or paint sealant.

1 - Aluminum Stage Outdoors

Aluminum Stage Outdoors

As long as the surface is clean and the surface is in good condition, you can use it.

2. Can You Use Aluminum Stages In The Rain?

We can use aluminum stages in the rain, but we must take extra precautions. When it rains heavily, the stage surface may become slippery and dangerous.

2 - Aluminum Stage in the Rain

Aluminum Stage in the Rain

Before your show, have a waterproof floor covering or tarp placed on top of your stage to protect it from water damage in case of heavy rain.

3. How Do I Maintain My Aluminum Stage Condition?

There are a few things to keep in mind even after acquiring aluminum because of its low maintenance requirements. Aluminum stages may survive for many years if properly cared for.

3 - Properly Maintained Aluminum Stage

Properly Maintained Aluminum Stage

  • Clean the aluminum stage using mild detergents to avoid damaging the metal by oxidizing it with strong chemicals.
  • To keep aluminum’s inherent sheen and gloss, wash it periodically with warm, soapy water.
  • Scuff marks may be removed using a nonabrasive substance and a soft cloth.
  • Avoid oxidation by touching up paint chips as soon as they appear on painted furniture.
  • After washing the metal, use an automotive wax to seal in the luster.
  • A pitted surface may form if unfinished metal is used near the sea (white marks as a result of corrosion). To eliminate the oxidation from these pits, use a metal polish or compound.
  • During the off-season, it’s always preferable to keep outdoor furniture inside. It is possible to safeguard your furniture from the weather by storing it.

4. How Do I Clean My Aluminum Stage?

For the sake of aesthetics and service life, it is essential that the aluminum stage be cleaned daily.

4 - Properly Cleaned Aluminum Stage

Aluminum Stage Properly Cleaned

  1. We must first and foremost prevent damage to the aluminum stage during loading and unloading.

Aluminum alloy is a pliable substance that may distort when subjected to a significant amount of force. Aluminum stage frames may alter their look if they are subjected to too much stress, thus care must be taken while handling and using them.

  1. Regular cleaning of worn components is essential.

Structurally, screws will be placed in order to strengthen the aluminum stage. The susceptible position must be checked for damage and protective clothing must be worn in a timely manner if the aluminum stage to be installed has a better display effect. Adjustments are needed.

  1. Use a gentle cloth to wipe off the surface of the item.

You must preserve the natural brilliance of the aluminum stage while cleaning it. Clean, soft cloths are ideal for wiping down surfaces. There should be no more than a few wipes a day.

To avoid damaging the aluminum stage, use soft, specialized cleansers and avoid using rough rags. This will help keep the aluminum stage in good working order for as long as possible.

This is the only method to keep the original brilliance and prevent scratches on the surface of the first-class aluminum stage, resulting in a better presentation on the workbench.

5. How Long Does An Aluminum Stage Last?

If bad weather is expected during the season, it’s recommended to put the aluminum stage away to prevent it from blowing away or being damaged. The best thing to do is to cover it with a tarp or bring the whole thing under an awning in case you can’t stow it away safely.5 - Aluminum Stage

Aluminum Stage

Precise CNC-machined aluminum stages guarantee excellent strength and longevity, thanks to their welding and precision CNC-machining. It’s UV-stabilized, which means it can withstand severe outdoor conditions for years.

6. How Do I Set Up My Aluminum Stage?

6 - Aluminum Stage Set Up

Aluminum Stage Already Set Up

It’s important to know how to set up our aluminum stage for events or anything, here’s how:

  1. Make a stage setup diagram that shows exactly how the aluminum stage is set up. Write the total number of each kind of gear in the corner or on a separate page for each item.
  2. The first step is to clean the aluminum stage with a broom. Once you start making plans, it will be harder for you to reach your goal. If you clean up after a concert, the next day might be much easier.
  3. Put risers and platforms in place. Make sure the artist or manager knows how important it is to have different heights. Before using a riser, you should always make sure it is stable, and you should never use one that isn’t stable.
  4. Large musical instruments like pianos, harpsichords, and drums should be put in place. Make sure that everyone can see the conductor from where they are.
  5. Get all of the audio equipment you need. Set up the lights, special effects, and any other specialized equipment you need (fog machines, laptop, projector, screen, etc.). Once the sound has been set up, cover any cords that will be there during the event with tape or something else.
  6. Have a strategy in place for the removal of stage props during the show. They should be kept out of the path of oncoming traffic in a prop room or in the wings.


7. How Many Times Can An Aluminum Stage Be Repeatedly Used?

The aluminum stage can be repeatedly used as many times as you need. It is a lightweight and a sturdy product.


The panel of the aluminum stage is easy to clean, making it easier for maintenance and proper care. However, the repeatability of using an aluminum stage also depends on whether or not it’s properly maintained.

8. What’s The Carrying Capacity Of Aluminum Stages?

7 - Aluminum Stage Carrying Heavy-Duty Objects

Aluminum Stage Carrying Heavyweight Items

With proper design, aluminum stages can carry loads as high as 80,000 pounds.

Aluminum stages are generally used for light duty loads, but their high strength and rigidity make them suitable for several industrial applications.

The carrying capacity of aluminum staging varies based on the type of manufacturer. Generally speaking, aluminum use as a support material for most industrial applications does not exceed a capacity of 30 t/m2, with some types exceeding up to 50 t/m2.

9. What Comes With My Aluminum Stage?

Our aluminum stage comes with plenty of equipment just in case you need to setup your stage quickly.

You’ll be equipped with a sturdy light kit, power distribution system, and speaker stands so your speakers have the support they need to deliver the best possible sound for your audience.

8 - Aluminum Stage

Aluminum Stage

There are several sizes of stands available on our website to accommodate all needs!

10. What Are The Different Accessories For Aluminum Stages?

9 - Aluminum Stage Accessories

Aluminum Stage Accessories

There are several accessories available for your aluminum stages, here’s a list:

  • Standard stairways.
  • Stairway without rails.
  • One step stair.
  • Accessible wheelchair ramp.
  • Safety rails.
  • Chair stops.
  • Closure Panel
  • Storage cart.
  • Rail cart.
  • Equipment ramp
  • Stage skirting.
  • Staging backdrop.
  • Stage front drapery.
  • Drum riser

11. What Are The Customization Options For Aluminum Stages?

10 - Aluminum Stage Customized

Aluminum Stage Customized

Here are the customization options available for aluminum stages:

  • Using 3D images to create personalized pit fills and designs specific to your preference.
  • To meet up with existing stages or higher platforms, curves or angles are needed.
  • For structural pillars, there are cutouts.
  • A ledge or bridge spanning a flight of stairs
  • Skirting/drapery/carpeting colors
  • Adjustable leg heights for uneven or many floors
  • Ramps, steps, railings, and carts that are specifically made to meet your needs

12. What Are Things I Can Do To Avoid Damaging My Aluminum Stage?

It’s important to keep in mind these things to avoid damage in the future:

11 - Aluminum Stage Protected

Aluminum Stage Properly Protected

  • The aluminum stage should not be placed in acidic or alkaline environments.

Shelf corrosion is caused by long-term contact with acidic and alkaline materials, which should be avoided.

  • When using the aluminum stage, avoid excessive friction and collision.

Installation, disassembly, and transit are the most susceptible. The aluminum stage is more likely to come into contact with each other during these operations.

The aluminum stage is put on the ground, for example, when it is hauled or dismantled there.

As well as having an adverse effect on the visual appeal, difficult maintenance may also significantly shorten the useful life of the stage.

13. Are Aluminum Stages Slippery?

No. Aluminum Stages have a very smooth fiberglass surface that is almost frictionless, meaning that it requires very little effort to walk across.

This makes it an excellent choice for writers and other journalists who need to be able to travel easily from work to home, but also for performers and actors who will be on stage for hours at a time.

However, it’s still important to note that safety is still a huge priority when performing or stepping on aluminum stages so proper precautions like wearing shoes, not performing under rainy weather, and many other things should be remembered.

14. Are The Aluminum Stage Legs Adjustable?

Yes, The Aluminum Stage Legs are adjustable. You can choose from many different heights and lengths to fit every situation comfortably.

12 - Aluminum Stage Adjustable Legs

Aluminum Stage Adjustable Legs

Moreover, these aluminum stage legs can be modified to have a wider reach and length. All you have to do is contact us here at LW and our professional team will do our best to fulfill your specifications!

15. Are Aluminum Stages Flammable?

Aluminum Stages have a thermal conductivity of 2710 W/mK therefore making Aluminum stages not flammable, but there are several hazardous materials that need to be handled with caution to prevent worker injury.

Acetone can be stored in an aluminum tank near an aluminum stage and cause breathing problems if inhaled.

Acetone is highly flammable in addition to possibly causing eye and skin damage, so store it away from sources of ignition.

16. Will My Aluminum Stage Corrode?

Typically, aluminum stage will not corrode. Aluminum is a good conductor and it can be used as the heat-conducting element while copper and brass may become corroded easily.

13 - Aluminum Stage No Corrosion

Aluminum Stage No Corrosion

If you use brass parts in your stage, be sure to take proper precautions during assembly. Our aluminum stage will never corrode.

We use a powder coating and proprietary manufacturing process, which are designed to stop corrosion completely.

17. Will My Aluminum Stage Be Weather Resistant?

Yes, your aluminum stage will be weather-resistant.

The powder coated finish provides a durable, non-yellowing coating that is resistant to corrosion and provides the highest level of durability in outdoor environments such as outdoor concerts and events.

14 - Weather Resistant Aluminum Stage

Weather Resistant Aluminum Stage

Aluminum stages are built to last, damage free and weather resistant. They will withstand any type of weather condition such as slight rain, snow or sleet.

18. Will My Aluminum Stage Get Hot Under The Sun?

The aluminum stage is designed to withstand the heat of the sun, and can be used in place of a tent.

If you’re using it as an indoor stage, we recommend any shade cloth for added security if you plan to put your show outside.

15 - Aluminum Stage Under The Sun

Aluminum Stage Under The Sun

Although yes, your aluminum stage could get hot under the sun but only if you are too close to the heat.

It is recommended that you keep your stage at least 4 feet away from a heat source such as fireplaces or excessive amounts of sunlight by covering it with an awning or a cloth on top.