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Your preferred choice for Aluminum stairs-LW Aluminum

LW Aluminum Stairs are a vital architectural element for any multi-storey building. They are the top choice of the maximum number of builders and architectures. They are built as an independent self-supporting structure.

These stairs have successfully replaced the former wooden and other metal stairs. Their versatile use with the added benefit of longer functional life has made LW Stairs the new solution.

LW Aluminum Stairs have the benefit of being light-weight, anti-corrosive and affordability. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and we guarantee you for almost a lifetime even if these stairs are installed outside.


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Product Categories

Product Classifications of LW Aluminum Stairs

Distinct Aluminum Stairs for distinct choice of customers

Straight Aluminum Stairs Original
Straight Aluminum Stairs

In general straight aluminum stairs could be used for residential and commercial purposes. They only have one single direction not various directions. They are easiest to install and easiest to go up and down.

L Shaped Aluminum Stairs

As apparent from the name, this Stair is in an L shape. It’s a variation of a straight stair with a landing and then a bend of 90 degrees giving it an L shape. They are visually more appealing.

U-shaped Aluminum Stairs
U shaped Aluminum Stairs

U shaped aluminum stairs are 2 parallel straight stairs joined together and along with a landing. They go hand to hand with an elegant architected plan.

Spiral Aluminum Stairs
Spiral Aluminum Stairs

Spiral Stairs are manufactured in an arc shape. The stairs revolve around a central pole. This type of stairs presents a stylish and elegant view.

cantilever Aluminum Stairs

Cantilever Stairs are stairs without the double sided support. The stringer may give the look as floating but in fact is connected with one end of the treads. These stairs add spaciousness and style to your space.

Split Aluminum Stairs
U shaped Aluminum Stairs

U shaped aluminum stairs are 2 parallel straight stairs joined together and along with a landing. They go hand to hand with an elegant architected plan.

Advantages  LW Aluminum Stairs


LW Aluminum stairs are around 30% lighter than its steel alternative and lighter than wooden stairs. This distinctive quality of light-weightiness made them easier to assemble, disassemble and transfer.

Low Maintenance

LW Aluminum Stairs will maintain their durability and shine for years to come. They have the capacity to bear a high amount of pressure and the toughest of weather conditions.


LW Aluminum Stairs are free from the hazards of corroding or rotting even in most humid weather. Because it forms a thin oxide layer when exposed to oxygen in the air, resulting in corrosion resistance.

Safe and Simple

They are the easiest of all when it comes to installation.it saves the time as well as the labor cost. They come with anti-slip features, ensuring complete safety.

Layout and Structure

LW Aluminum Stairs expand your imagination with the availability of endless design options. They are custom built to fit any corner of your space. They range from the simplest of layouts to the complicated of structures.

LW Aluminum Stairs Supplier

LW Stairs fulfil your every custom need. We offer multiple options to tailor-made your type of Stairs.

  • Stringer options

The stringer of our Aluminum Stairs are made of high-strength, rust-free 6000 series Aluminum Alloy with a UV Powder coat finish to maximize durability.

  • Customization facility

We provide a customization facility to either alter any detail of the available Aluminum stairs or make a new one as per your space and preference.

  • Maximum Flight Height

The maximum height of one flight of Aluminum Stairs is 3.6 m.


Applications Aluminum Lighting Trusses Manufacturers and Suppliers

Aluminum Stairs for Homes
Aluminum Stairs for 2 Storey Building
2 Storey Buildings
Aluminum Stairs for Beach
Aluminum Stairs for Beach Houses
Beach Houses
Aluminum Stairs for Industrial Units
Industrial units
Aluminum Stairs for Garden
Aluminum Stairs for Aircrafts
Air Craft
Aluminum Stairs for Fire Exit
Fire Exit
Aluminum Stairs for Recreational Places
Recreational Places

LW Aluminum-Name of Quality in Aluminum Stairs

Versatile in use and customizable in designs, you will have no better option than LW Aluminum Stairs for your dream home to be the masterpiece. With such an enormous range of Aluminum Treads and Stringers, LW Aluminum has won the trust of millions of customers.

We assure to support our honorable customers not only in the selection of stairs but also regarding any query after the sale. LW Aluminum is the name of quality. We have been among the rare manufacturers of such an extensive range of Aluminum Stairs in the market.

These stairs are made with utmost attention and expertise so as to give our customers the best that we can. Our Aluminum stairs are considered the best for residential as well as commercial purposes. You may communicate with us for further info.

Professional Aluminum Staris Supplier

Aluminum stairs are helpful for many business and personal applications. But you may have many questions about aluminum stairs that you need answers to.

But you don’t have to panic because we have created this ultimate FAQ guide on aluminum stairs to explain everything you need to know. So keep reading.

Aluminum Stairs – Ultimate FAQs Guide

Are Aluminum Stairs Good?

Aluminum is an excellent material to use for stairs for different reasons such as:

  • Aluminum is flexible enough to form different types of stairs, such as spiral stairs, unlike steel which is rigid and hard to bend without damage.
  • Aluminum stairs can carry heavyweight because they are made from strong aluminum alloys such as the 6061 T6 aluminum.
  • Aluminum stairs can be installed, uninstalled, and relocated easily because it is lighter than other metal stairs such as steel stairs.
  • Aluminum stairs are also corrosion resistant and require little maintenance.
  • Metal aluminum stairs also have a longer product life span than wooden stairs.

How Do You Make Aluminum Stairs?

Aluminum stairs

Aluminum stairs

Aluminum stairs are made up of several parts, such as the stringer, riser, treads, railing, and landing.

You will need to assemble and install all the stair parts to make up the aluminum stairs.

The stairs parts are made from extruded 6061-T6 or 6063-T6 aluminum alloy.

Follow the process below to make or build aluminum stairs:

The first step is to install the stringers of the stairs by fixing them in the location where the aluminum stairs are to be installed.

Next, attach and fix the step treads to the stringers of the stairs using a drill and self-tapping screws.

Treads fixed to Stringer

Treads fixed to Stringer

Next, install the risers between the steps of the stairs.

The next step is installing the stairs’ railing to protect people and items from falling off the sides.

Next, start installing the railing by fixing and screwing the posts to the ground where you want to install it.

Next, measure and cut the railing section to fit the gap between the posts of the aluminum stairs.

Next, attach and drill the railing brackets to the posts of the stairs.

Railing brackets

Railing brackets

Lastly, attach the railing sections to the railing brackets to complete the railing installation.

You may need to install a landing to your aluminum stairs depending on the application the stairs are being used for.

Are Aluminum Step Stairs Safe?

Aluminum stairs are perfectly safe as long as you buy them from a reputable aluminum stair supplier.

An illegal aluminum stair supplier may lie about the mechanical properties and acceptable load ratings of the aluminum stair.

You will also need a professional to properly install the aluminum stair to prevent any faulty construction that can cause severe damage.

You should also install railings to the aluminum stairs to provide extra protection and prevent people or property from falling.

The American Disability Act(ADA) requires You to install risers between the steps of the aluminum stairs for extra protection.

What Kind Of Aluminum Are Stairs Made Of?

There are different types of aluminum alloys that you can use to make stairs.

But commercial aluminum stairs are mostly made from the 6000 series of aluminum, such as the 6061-T6 aluminum alloy or the 6063-T6 aluminum alloy.

The T-6 tempered 6061 and 6063 series of aluminum is mechanically and chemically sound to be used in aluminum stair applications.

The 6061 and 6063 aluminum are strong enough to carry considerable load or weight, making them perfect for aluminum stairs.

Why Is Aluminum Good For Stairs?

Aluminum is good for stairs because it has chemical and mechanical properties that are suitable for stair applications.

Aluminum is resistant to rust and corrosion, making them easier to maintain and suitable for outdoor applications.

Aluminum is also a better alternative to wood for stairs because aluminum will not degrade as fast as wood. Aluminum is also waterproof, unlike wood.  

This means aluminum is better and easier to maintain and use for stairs than wood, even though wood is cheaper than aluminum.

Aluminum is also better to use than concrete because aluminum stairs can be uninstalled and relocated, unlike concrete, which must be destroyed and remade.

Aluminum is also lighter than steel, making it easier to ship, install, uninstall, and relocate than steel.

Aluminum also has better rust and corrosion-resistant properties than steel, making the aluminum more suitable for applications exposed to the climate.

This means aluminum stairs can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

How Strong Is Aluminum Stairs?

There are different factors that contribute to the overall strength of aluminum stairs, such as:

  • Type of alloy used.
  • Overall size.
  • Thickness and density.

The 6061-T6 aluminum stairs have minimum yield strength of 35,000 psi (241 MPa) and a minimum ultimate strength of 42,000 psi (290 MPa).

Aluminum stairs are designed to be strong enough for some heavy-duty applications.

How Much Weight Can An Aluminum Stair Hold?

Standard aluminum stairs can carry a weight that ranges from 1000 lbs to 1500 lbs.

Other types of aluminum stairs carry less or more weight depending on the application it was designed for.

Aluminum stairs are designed to carry heavy weights without bending or breaking.

You should only purchase aluminum stairs from reputable suppliers to ensure the acceptable load rating of the stairs is correct.

Never put more weight on the aluminum stairs than it can actually carry.

Are Aluminum Stairs Rust Proof?

Aluminum stairs do not naturally rust because aluminum does not contain iron in its alloy.

Iron is the primary cause of the typical rust we know.

Aluminum stairs may corrode, but they are very resistant to corrosion because of the oxide layer formed on the surface of the aluminum when it comes in contact with air.

You can also apply paint or a powder coat to the aluminum surface to protect it from corrosion and rust.

Which Is Better Steel Ladder Or Aluminum Stairs?

Aluminum stairs and steel stairs are suitable for various applications. But you may need to pick between aluminum or steel, depending on your specific application.

Aluminum stairs are lighter than steel stairs, making aluminum stairs easier to ship and easier to install and uninstall.

But steel stairs are stronger than aluminum stairs, making steel suitable for permanent and heavy-duty applications.

Aluminum is more flexible and malleable than steel, making aluminum suitable for stair applications that require bending, such as spiral stairs.

Aluminum stairs are suitable for outdoor applications because aluminum is naturally resistant to rust and corrosion.

In contrast, steel usually contains iron which is the main cause of rust. If you plan to use steel outdoors, you must protect your steel stair from rust by using galvanizing coats.

Do Aluminum Stairs Expire?

Aluminum stairs will not expire if you take proper care of them. Aluminum is a material that can last a lifetime with little maintenance.

In fact, your aluminum stairs can last over 50 years with very little maintenance.

Aluminum stairs are also rust and corrosion-resistant. This means aluminum stairs can last a very long time without severe damage due to rust or corrosion that can ruin your stairs.

You can also protect your aluminum stairs from corrosion or rust by using paint or powder coating to prevent damage to the surface of the stairs.

Aluminum stairs will last for much longer than wooden stairs, making them better and cheaper in the long run.

Where To Buy Aluminum Stairs In Bulk?

The best place to buy aluminum stairs in bulk is from a reputable supplier in China, such as LW.

China is among the largest suppliers of aluminum stairs based on quantity and quality.

You may also get very good discounts if you decide to buy your aluminum stairs in bulk.

You should buy your aluminum stairs in bulk from LW if you want the best buying and shipping experience possible.

LW will always ensure that your aluminum stair is top-quality before sending them to you.

And you can always rest assured that LW customer service will guide you if you have any problems.

You can simply go to our website and contact us to place your bulk order today.

What Is The Weight Of Aluminum Stairs?

The weight of aluminum stairs depends on some factors, such as the type of aluminum alloy, type of aluminum stairs, and the overall size and thickness of the stairs.

For example, some standard spiral aluminum stairs weigh about 150 lbs to 300 lbs.

Spiral aluminum staircase

Spiral aluminum staircase

Aluminum stairs can be made heavier or lighter depending on the specific application it is meant for.

How To Install Aluminium Stairs?

Installed aluminum stairs

Installed aluminum stairs

Different types of aluminum stairs can be installed in various ways.

You will need to source the aluminum stair parts with necessary tools for installation, such as a drill, a level, screws, and fasteners.

Also, some aluminum stairs do not require a landing, while others do.

Follow the steps below to install aluminum stairs:

The first step is to install the stinger. The stringer is used to support and hold the steps and the riser.

You will need a drill and a self-tapping screw to install the stringers.

You will screw the top of the stringer to the base area of the landing and the bottom of the stringer to the ground.

You will need to use timber self-tapping screws for wood and masonry screws for concrete.

The next step is to install and screw the step treads to the stringers of the aluminum stairs.

You will need a level to measure the straightness of the stair and steps.

A level

A level

Next, screw your step treads to the stringers to attach them together.

The next step is to install a railing to the aluminum stairs. You will need the railing sections, the posts, and the mount brackets.

You will also need to determine the position and distance you want to use for the railing.

The maximum space between the railing post is usually about 6 feet.

The next step is to secure the posts to the ground using a drill and screws.

Use timber screws for wooden floors and masonry screws and tapcons for concrete floors.

Railing post

 Railing post

Next, measure and cut the length of the railing section to fit the distance between the posts.

Next, use a drill and self-tapping screws to attach the railing brackets to the posts. The railing brackets will be used to connect the railing sections to the post.

The next step is to connect the railing section to the post and screw them together to join them.

Railing connected to post

Railing connected to post

Also, some aluminum stairs require a landing while others do not.

You must also remember that the ADA (American Disability Act) requires that all steps of the aluminum stairs should have a uniform rise and tread width.

The ADA also requires that there should be no open spaces between the stringers and the steps to prevent any form of accident.

How To Order Aluminium Stairs From Chinese Manufacturer?

You can order aluminum stairs from Chinese manufacturers either by going to China to meet the supplier, or contacting the supplier to ship the aluminum stairs to you.

If you plan to have your aluminum stair shipped to you, then you must contact a good aluminum stair supplier to ensure good quality with safe and fast delivery.

You can order your aluminum stairs from LW, which is among the best suppliers within China and worldwide.

Simply contact LW on our website to order your aluminum stairs today.

What Is The Quality Of Chinese Aluminum Stairs?

Chinese aluminum stair manufacturers are among the best suppliers of metal stairs worldwide.

You can expect to get the highest quality aluminum stairs when you order from China.

LW is known for supplying premium quality aluminum stairs for the most affordable prices in the market.

Consistent, high-quality products and customer satisfaction make LW among the best aluminum stair suppliers in China and worldwide.

What Are The Different Parts Of Aluminum Stairs?

Aluminum stairs are made up of different parts such as:


A stringer is part of the aluminum stair structure used to provide support to the treads and risers of the stairs.

Aluminum stairs stringer

Aluminum stairs stringer


The treads are the steps that people will use to walk on the aluminum stairs.

Aluminum step tread

Aluminum step tread


The riser is placed in the holes between the steps of the aluminum stairs. Stair risers provide support for the steps of the stairs.


The landing is used to enable a change of direction on the stairs. The landing is also required when the height of the aluminum stair is 144” inches or more.


The railing is used to protect people and items from falling off the sides of the aluminum stairs.

Aluminum stairs railing

Aluminum stairs railing

What Are Prefabricated Aluminum Stairs?

Prefabricated aluminum stairs are stairs that have already been fabricated or constructed before shipping.

All you need to do is assemble the prefabricated parts to install the aluminum stairs.

A prefabricated stair is a good choice because it can reduce the amount of time it takes to install them.

All you need to do is follow the installation guide for the prefabricated aluminum stairs provided by the supplier.

You must remember to check your building code to see if your specific prefabricated aluminum stairs are allowed to be installed there.

Prefabricated aluminum stairs

Prefabricated aluminum stairs

What Are Residential Aluminum Stairs?

Residential aluminum stairs are designed for use in resident spaces such as homes.

Residential aluminum stairs are made to be installed where people live without causing any problems.

This means that your residential aluminum stairs are designed to carry less weight than aluminum stairs made to carry heavy cargo.

What Are Aluminum Stairs With Platform?

An aluminum stair platform or landing is an area designed and attached to the top or bottom of the stairs area.

Stair platforms or landings can also be installed in between the body of the stairs to enable a change of direction when walking on them.

Stair platforms installed within the stairs are also called intermediary landings or platforms.

Aluminum stairs with platform

Aluminum stairs with platform

A stair landing or platform is also required when the height of the aluminum stairs is 144″ inches or higher.

What Is The Average Pricing Of Aluminum Stairs From China?

The average price of aluminum stairs from China depends on a few factors such as:

  • Overall size of the stairs.
  • The aluminum alloy used.
  • Size of order.

Aluminum stairs are usually priced by kilogram (kg), pound (lbs), or meter (m).

The average price of aluminum stairs in China can range from $2,000 to $8,000, depending on different factors.

You can also get a discount if you decide to buy your aluminum stairs in bulk.

You can purchase your aluminum stairs from LW to get the best quality for the best prices in the market.

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