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LW Aluminum Step ladders Your First Consideration

LW is the distributor of a wide variety of aluminum ladders including safety, library, fire, and rescue ladders. Offering you aluminum extrusion products especially step leader with reasonable prices and good customer service.

Further, we cut, remodel and shape along with all vital auxiliary operations including CNC machining and surface treatment etc.

You can contact directly with our experts for any need. We design ladders in such a way that they can endure the maximum weight and also provide support. We are highly recognized among our competitive industrialists in the past few years.

Your One-stop aluminum step-leader suppliers are now supplying all over the world. We also provide maintenance service.


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LW Aluminum step-ladder related Products:

Aluminum stepladder foldable on white backgroun
Aluminum Folding Step ladder

It consist of one-way hinges usually they are more than one and most suitable to use on uneven grounds. LW step ladder has compact folding deign highly demanding in the market as it can use easily at home and portable.

Aluminum Double-sided Step ladder

It has A-frame and has steps on both sides so at a time two persons can use the ladder mostly used in industries.

Aluminum Platform Step Ladder
Aluminum Platform step ladder:

Our LW platform step ladder provides a wider space for standing and sturdy to be used for variety of jobs. Further it provides you with solid and steady base so that you can work with ease and comfort at height.

Aluminum Safety Step ladder
Aluminum Safety Step ladder

LW aluminum safety step ladder provides you with slip-resistant and wide steps grant unmatched consolation and steadiness.

Aluminum Rolling Step ladder

It is featured with wheels so that it can be easily move or swivel in any direction mostly used at industries and construction sites.

Aluminum Heavy Duty Step ladder
Aluminum Heavy Duty Step ladder

LW heavy duty step ladder although it is light in weight but designed in such a way that it can support up to 300 pounds of load.

Aluminum Telescopic Step Ladder

It is one of unique, versatile ladder and after usage you can accommodate it anywhere whether it is your house balcony, cupboard or car boot. Telescopic step ladder becomes a compact unit when it is closed.

Advantages of LW Aluminum Step ladder:


Aluminum step ladders are light in weight that made it portable and easy to carry. So you will find it suitable to be used at home or industry. Either you want to reach a heighted place, cupboards or change bulb you will find it convenient.


It is economical, needs less maintenance, provides self-support and it will cost you less that those wooden, steel and fiberglass ladders.


They are corrosion free as an oxide coating protect it in all kinds of weather beside it doesn’t catch fire easily like wooden ladders so it is save to use and can last for a longer time period.

Maintenance Free

Due to its quality of durability and sustainability it require no regular cleaning so less likely to maintain.

LW High Quality Aluminum Step-ladder Manufacturer

  • Size:

LW aluminum ladders are available in wide range of sizes from 3 foot to 16 feet. The maximum highest you can reach by using step- ladder is 7’ to 20’ and your highest standing level can be approximately 11’, 1’ 11’’, and 2’ 10’’ to 13’ 4’’.

  • Weight:

Our aluminum step ladder due to their design, infrastructure, quality material that we use can endure up to 500lbs of weight.

  • Alloy:

LW uses 7050-T7451 or 7075-T651 grades of aluminum alloy, although aluminum alloy density is kept low but it is high in strength even that it surpasses the steel.

Applications of aluminum Step ladders

Aluminum Step ladder for Construction site
Construction site
Aluminum Step Ladder for stairways
Aluminum Step ladder for storage
Aluminum Step ladder for Book shelf
Book Shelf
Aluminum Plant stand Step ladder
Plant Stand
Aluminum step ladder for Industries
Aluminum Step ladder for Home
Aluminum Step Ladder for Fire truck
Fire Exit

LW Aluminum Step ladders Producers- Highly ranked in the World

LW has the great profile regarding extruded aluminum products. We are providing you with standard aluminum step ladders that will help you to reach farthest parts in your homes.

They are also available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 steps and can be customized according to you requirements. Our technical team is always ready to serve you along with their CAD expertise.

Moreover aluminum step ladder does not deteriorate from moisture, is environment friendly and has notched square rugs implanted deeply in their structure which make it safe and stable and also provide the highest foot traction.

If you want a reliable thing and seeking for saving communicate with us as soon as possible!

Custom Aluminum Step Ladder Manufacturing Supplier

Are you in the construction or paint business? You must be needing an aluminum step ladder in bulk then?

Or do you need to have bulk aluminum ladders in your store for further sales?

You must take a look at this FAQ guide and all your queries regarding aluminum step ladder will be resolved.

Aluminum Step Ladder – Ultimate FAQs Guide

How High Can You Reach With A 10 Foot Step Ladder?

The height on which you can reach with a 10 foot step ladder is 14 feet. Whenever you wish to decide the ladder height and want to analyze the reachable height, add 4 feet to the height of the ladder.

This is how you can conclude the reach of the height using a different ladder.

Height of 10 foot Aluminum Step Ladder

Height of 10 Foot Aluminum Step Ladder

What Coating Is On Aluminum Step Ladder?

The coating done on the aluminum step ladder is powder coating, this helps keep the aluminum ladder in a long lasting condition and also allows protection against rust and corrosion.

Coating on Aluminum Step Ladder

 Coating on Aluminum Step Ladder

Which Is Better Aluminum Step Ladder Or Fiberglass Step Ladder?

If you make a comparison between aluminum step ladder fiberglass step ladder, both kinds offer an equal level of durability and long-lasting. In addition, they neither corrode nor rust.

However, one thing that makes fiberglass a suitable choice is that if you are in the business of electrical work aluminum step ladders may be a risky choice.

Whereas if you consider the purchase of a step ladder in terms of price, an aluminum step ladder may be a suitable option as it is cheaper than fiberglass.

Therefore, if you have no electric work requirement you can choose an aluminum step ladder and if you have to work in an electrical context fiberglass ladder is a suitable option.

 Fiberglass or Aluminum Step Ladder

Fiberglass or Aluminum Step Ladder

Which Is Lighter, Aluminum Or Fiberglass Step Ladder?

Aluminum step ladder is a lighter option as compared to fiberglass. Moving and holding an aluminum step ladder amounts to be very easy because it has very less weight but this doesn’t happen with fiberglass.

Which Is Stronger Fiberglass Or Aluminum Step Ladder?

In terms of strength both the ladders be they fiberglass step ladder or aluminum step ladder are almost equal. However, one thing that you should consider while purchasing is the nature of work.

If your work is associated with outdoors, the fiberglass step ladder may get the fiber bloom, which causes its coating to deteriorate, and in return, the ladder deteriorates and gets weaker.

So, for indoors you can choose fiberglass but for outdoors aluminum is the better option.

Are Aluminum Ladders The Most Durable?

Yes, aluminum step ladders are the most durable options to have hands on. These are made out of the finest quality aluminum which is powder coated.

The powder coated aluminum offers a specialty of not deteriorating quickly, hence aluminum step ladders are considered to be very durable in nature. No matter what weather conditions it faces, it won’t rust or corrode.

 Durability of Aluminum Step Ladder

 Durability of Aluminum Step Ladder

Where To Buy Aluminum Step Ladder?

If you are looking for the best quality aluminum step ladders, you should consider china for purchase. China offers the best supply of aluminum step ladders and is the top notch market of aluminum ladders globally.

LW will offer you a wide range of aluminum step ladder in different styles and colors. If you need versatility, you should take a look at the website and here you will find plenty of options to be ordered.

Are Aluminum Step Ladders Safe?

Aluminum step ladders are the safest and lightest options available as long as you don’t fix your electrical wires while climbing them.

Due to their lightweight, they are considered suitable in terms of safety because you don’t have to worry about carrying them and in case; if they end up falling they won’t cause much destruction.

One thing that makes these aluminum step ladders unsafe is electric work; since aluminum is a good conductor of electricity, hence you should avoid working with electricity using these ladders.

Safety of Aluminum Step Ladder

Safety of Aluminum Step Ladder

How Much Does An Aluminum Step Ladder Cost?

The cost of an aluminum step ladder may cost as little as $18 and as much as $100.

The price of an aluminum step ladder is dependent on the size of the ladder and the style of the ladder.

How Much Weight Can An Aluminum Step Ladder Hold?

Aluminum Step ladder is available in different sizes, some may be heavy duty and hold more weight and some may be light duty that are capable of holding less weight.

The amount of weight held by the aluminum step ladder 200 pounds to 375 points, depending upon which size of which duty you tend to purchase.

Can I Use an Aluminum Ladder For Electrical Work?

Aluminum ladders are not suitable for electric work. Aluminum is a good conductor of electricity and hence may prove to be dangerous if electric work is done using aluminum ladder.

 Safety of Aluminum Ladder for Electric Work-min

Safety of Aluminum Ladder for Electric Work

What Are The Standard Size For Aluminum Step Ladder?

The standard size of aluminum step ladder ranges between 4 feet to 20 feet.

Depending upon your usage and purpose, you can decide which size you wish to order.

What Is The Tallest Aluminum Step Ladder?

The tallest aluminum step ladder that you can buy is 20 feet. It allows you to climb a height of 24 feet. This height of aluminum step ladder may have about 225 lbs of weight and is categorized as a heavy duty ladder.

Tallest Aluminum Step Ladder

Tallest Aluminum Step Ladder

How To Make Aluminum Step Ladder?

Making bulk aluminum step ladders is usually done with big machines at the factories that are designated to make them. However, you can also make an aluminum step ladder on your own with these steps:

  • Collect the Tools

There are certain tools that you should first have with you to begin the process, it will require a miter saw, a circular saw, welding machine, aluminum sheets, a measurement ruler and a marker.

  • Measure the Sheets

Now, your sheets will have two parts, one part will have the edges or the sides of the step ladder and one part will contain the center area that comprises steps.

Measure the height of the ladder you need and mark on the side area to cut and similarly measure the length of steps you need and mark them too.

  • Cutting the Aluminum Bars

Now with the help of a miter saw, cut down the aluminum bars of the sides of the ladder and make sure to finish their edges with the help of a saw too so that no sharp end is left behind.

In addition, cut the step part that you have marked with the help of this miter saw so that everything is ready to assemble.

  • Make Step Cavity

You will now have to make the cavity of the steps using a circular saw, for this first of all mark the placement of steps in the side bar measuring equal distance and start drilling the circular cavity.

  • Drilling the Steps

In the created cavities, fix in the steps and start drilling them on both the sides with the sidebar of the aluminum step ladder.

  • Finishing the Ladder

Once the ladder has been ready and fixed properly you can add finishing touches by installing the rubber covers at the food for smooth movement, also you can drill in the handles to hold while climbing if you wish.

Making Aluminum Step Ladder

Making Aluminum Step Ladder

What Should You Check Before Using an Aluminum Step Ladder?

Climbing the ladder is a kind of risky task because you are totally depending on it, hence when it comes to climbing an aluminum ladder make sure to look into the below suggested things and after that climb the ladder.

  • Make sure there are no cracks in your aluminum step ladder, it should be free from all cracks and breakages on the pole as well as the steps, if there are cracks don’t climb it.
  • Ensure that the handles of the aluminum step ladders are properly fixed. If you climb a ladder with loose handles and hold them there is a risk of falling badly from the ladder.
  • Check for any slippery substances on the ladder, in case if oil, paint or any sort of greasy thing is present on the ladder there’s a chance of slipping so, better not climb in such a case.
  • If your ladder is fixed with screws, check all the screws properly, make sure no screw is missing when climbing the ladder.

Why Is Aluminum Used For Step Ladders?

The main reason for using aluminum for step ladders is that it is light in weight. Whenever people use ladders no matter for what purpose they need to move it constantly from one place to another.

Aluminum itself is a very light weight material and hence the ladders made out of aluminum are also lighter enough to be easily moved from one location to another.

Moreover, aluminum has its anti-rust property that also makes it a suitable choice for ladder making because it doesn’t let the ladder wear out easily and ensures durability.

Using aluminum for Step Ladders

Using Aluminum for Step Ladder

How Is An Aluminum Step Ladder Measured?

Measuring aluminum step ladders requires many considerations.

  • If you want to have an idea of the height of the ladder when open, you should measure it from the floor till the brace of the knee.
  • Close measurement of ladder is measured from the floor till the end and always ensure measuring the close ladder as it will allow you to ensure that whether it can be transported in your vehicle or not.
  • The height measurement of the ladder won’t help you understand the steps. To look at the steps, always open the ladder and check them. If your ladder step count is 4 steps, it will have 3 steps and the 4th one will be the platform.

    Measuring Aluminum Step Ladder

    Measuring Aluminum Step Ladder

How Do You Use An Aluminum Step Ladder?

It is suggested to be very careful while using aluminum ladders, the risk of accidents is always present and the more cautious you are the better it would be for you.

  • Always make sure to climb the ladder from the side of the steps and while climbing it face the ladder only, don’t look here and there.
  • Wear anti slip slippers while you climb the ladder this helps maintain balance.
  • Always climb the step ladder from the middle portion of the ladder so that your body weight stays spread evenly and not on one side.
  • Hold the handles firmly while you climb the aluminum step ladder.
  • Always make sure to hold it from both the sides while moving from one place to another, pulling from one side may end up making it wobble that could be risky in future.

What Is The Height Chart For Aluminum Step Ladder?

The height chart of ladder is provided for below:

Height of Ladder


4 feet

8 feet

6 feet

10 feet

7 feet

11 feet

8 feet

12 feet

10 feet

14 feet

12 feet

16 feet

14 feet

18 feet

16 feet

20 feet

How Much Does An Aluminum Step Ladder Weigh?

A standard four step aluminum ladders will weigh around 9 lbs, the weight of aluminum step ladder depends upon its height and may vary as the height increases or decreases.

Weight of Aluminum Step Ladder

Weight of Aluminum Step Ladder

How Much Does An 8 Foot Aluminum Ladder Weight?

The weight of an 8 foot aluminum step ladder is about 10 lbs.

How Much Does A 12 Foot Aluminum Ladder Weight?

A 12 foot aluminum ladder weighs about 38 lbs.

How Long Can Aluminum Step Ladders be Used?

There is no expiry date of aluminum step ladders, they will be used for years and years without any wear and tear. Aluminum is a very durable material and provided that you are careful in handling and storing it, it will stay the same.

Where to Not Step on an Aluminum Step Ladder?

While climbing an aluminum step ladder, there are certain points where you shouldn’t climb, these may include the following:

  • Never stand on the edge of the step, the ladder may immediately fold and you may face an accident with it.
  • Do not stand or sit between the rungs of the aluminum step ladder, that portion is also foldable and may cause injuries.
  • Be careful with the aluminum step ladder pail shelf too, never try to stand or sit there.

Can Aluminum Ladder be Left Outside?

Aluminum ladders are pretty advantageous in a way that they are suitable for working indoors as well as outdoors. Other kinds of materials for ladders may rust, corrode or break due to the outdoor impacts.

However, aluminum step ladders may easily be stored outdoors without worrying for it to wear out, no matter how much it is exposed to sun, rain or winds, it won’t rust and will stay the same for years and years.

Leaving Aluminum Step Ladder Outside

Leaving Aluminum Step Ladder Outside

Do Aluminum Step Ladders Need Inspection?

Climbing a ladder is a sensitive matter and hence it is very important to inspect your ladder timely, while climbing it you should always check before you climb the aluminum step ladder.

On the other hand, if your aluminum step ladder is used daily, you should have a formal inspection of it every three months.

In case if your aluminum step ladder is not used daily but rather weekly, you should conduct a formal inspection every six months.

How Should Aluminum Step Ladders be Stored?

It is very important to store your aluminum step ladders properly to ensure their durability. In order to store your aluminum step ladder, make sure to keep it on a rack placed horizontally.

The aluminum ladder must have sufficient support underneath to keep it in a good shape and the more the support while being stored the better shape it would maintain.

Which Rungs of the Aluminum Step Ladder is Unsafe?

The top rung of the aluminum step ladder is unsafe. You should never stand or sit on the top rung, as it is prone to causing accidents, so be very careful with that.

Is Standing on an Aluminum Step Ladder Backwards Safe?

It is always recommended to stand on an aluminum step ladder facing towards the ladder only. Certain tasks may require you to stand backwards as well, but this is always risky and make sure someone is there when standing like this.

 Standing on Aluminum Step Ladder

Standing on Aluminum Step Ladder

How an Aluminum Step Ladder May be Cleaned?

Cleaning an aluminum step ladder is not a difficult task, you can invest in good quality aluminum cleaner to do the job perfectly.

However, if you want a home remedy for the cleaning process, you can use vinegar for this. Dip a clean piece of cloth in vinegar and clean the aluminum step ladder leaving it as it is for 5 minutes.

Once the cleaning is done, wipe off the entire ladder with a cloth dipped in water.

Cleaning Aluminum Step Ladder-min

Cleaning Aluminum Step Ladder

How to Remove Stains from Aluminum Step Ladder?

Removing stains from aluminum step ladder can be done using the below suggested process:

  • Mix a small amount of salt with white vinegar and make a thick paste out of it.
  • Using a clean piece of cloth apply this paste on the stains.
  • Let it sit for about 30 minutes.
  • Now start removing the paste with the cloth and see if the stains are off, if not you can let the paste sit for 30 more minutes.
  • Rinse the treated area with water and dry it with a piece of cloth.

Is the Top Step of the Aluminum Step Ladder Safe to Use?

It is never recommended to use the top most step of a ladder, it is always better to stand at the second last step and do away with your task.

What are the Advantages of Aluminum Step Ladder?

Aluminum step ladders are very beneficial and allow people to enjoy several pros out of it, the few of the common benefits may include the following:

  • The most important benefit of an aluminum step ladder is the lighter weight it has, due to being light in weight, one may easily move the ladder alone from one place to another.
  • Aluminum step ladder is also rust free so even if it is subjected to the worst weather conditions it won’t wear out easily.
  • Aluminum step ladder offers a long lasting finish, you can use it for years and years, as it doesn’t rot at all.
  • Even if your aluminum step ladder has got any stains, removing them is easy and is possible in addition, which might not be possible with other kinds of materials or ladders.

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