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LW Aluminum Storage Box Manufacturers

LW is the vendor of superior quality aluminum storage boxes worldwide. Our service marks the 15 years of experience to provide our customers with different aluminum products. These boxes are used nearly everywhere for storage purpose. 

The aluminum storage box is constructed in various shapes to satisfy your requirements. Aluminum being strong and lightweight is the exceptional preference for their manufacture. Our team produce precise and revolutionary products for your ease. 

We additionally offer customization services in keeping with your specifications. It facilitates customers get the product of their choice. Our door-to-door delivery service is fast and precise. Our customers get the free samples of have any doubt. We are available for you 24/7.

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Classification of Aluminum Storage Box

Rectangular Aluminum Storage Box

Rectangular Aluminum Storage Box

These are rectangular shaped aluminum storage boxes. They are mostly available in large sizes. They are used to keep heavy items and to carry items while traveling.

Square Aluminum Storage Box

These square shapes aluminum storage boxes are suitable for storing anything belonging to households or other use. They vary in sizes depending upon their application. You can store groceries and other items.

Square Aluminum Storage Box
3. Circular Aluminum Storage Box

Circular Aluminum Storage Box

This type of aluminum storage box is circular shaped. They are preferred to store food items, cosmetics, skin care products, stamps and jewelry etc. They are usually of small or medium size according to the need.


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LW Aluminum Storage Box Manufacturers Characteristics

The Best and Convenient Services

LW is known for its best and convenient services. Our customers find our services very friendly and easy to buy. We communicate with clients 24/7 and make sure to satisfy all their needs. We also offer ODM and OEM services to the customers.

The All in One Company

LW is the platform that provides all of the services required by the clients. We deal with manufacturing aluminum storage boxes, their fabrication, customization and delivery.

LW is an International Supplier

LW not only provides on national level but also has the ability to serve international clients. We get requests from different countries around the world. We have been serving our international clients for years making our company pass the ISO certification.

Fabrication of the products is done

Fabrication of aluminum storage box is highly demanded by our customers. We fabricate our products on your specifications. The services you can choose from are anodizing, sand blasting, powder coating, wood effect, welding, bending, cutting, tapping and others.

Highly Experienced Company

LW is the official company that has been working to provide aluminum made products to our customers for more than 15 years. This has made us become one of the most requested organization among our customers.

Awarded by ISO

Our company due to its brilliant services has been recognized by ISO to serve international clients as well. We provide free samples and low MOQ to the customers if required. We also provide the ODM and OEM to the small companies.

Aluminum Storage Box

LW provides Customizable Aluminum Storage Boxes

Aluminum storage box is used for securing and storage of many different items. They are good for keeping any kind of material like tools, equipment, jewelry, medicines, food or anything usable. LW produce them in various designs, shapes and colors. Our customers can choose any one suitable for them.

  • We offer different colors:

You can get aluminum storage boxes in colors like black, silver, blue, white, red and many others. You can also get customized colors of your choice. 

  • Sizes to meet your Requirement:

We manufacture aluminum storage boxes in variable sizes for the ease of our customers.  Sizes vary from small to medium to large and extra large depending on their use.

Applications of Aluminum Storage Box

Aluminum Storage Box for Jewelry
Jewelry box
Aluminum Storage Box for Surgical box
Surgical box
Cosmetic box
Aluminum Storage box for tool box
Tool box.

LW an Official Aluminum Storage Box Supplier Worldwide

LW is an official company that deals with the supply of aluminum storage box worldwide. We manufacture our products through high quality aluminum under strict quality supervision. The products range is variable and consist of many different items that are used in our daily life. 

We have the best engineering team that is highly expert in manufacturing aluminum storage box of all shapes and sizes. Our team use innovative methods and machinery for this purpose. 

We have been dealing with different customers throughout the world for more than 15 years. Our company provides the best and affordable services in town and online. 

Our R&D department makes it sure to provide you with products made according to your choice and specifications. Our aluminum storage box is no doubt of brilliant quality and is used for almost every storage purpose. 

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