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The LW aluminum t bar factory offers ISO-certified service and high-quality aluminum for your needs. 

We guarantee that our aluminum production process is rigorously monitored from the modification of the aluminum mold to the final packing. 

We provide nothing but high-grade aluminum for your pleasure, together with qualified employees and specialists.

LW is a forefront aluminum t bar manufacturing leader. Looking for particular specifications? We’ll make sure to accommodate and fulfill any of your demands.

LW manufactures sturdy and top-class aluminum t bars for your construction needs. Whether big or small, our t bars will retain its excellent quality.

Classification of Aluminum T Bar

Each of LW’s aluminum profile brackets were made to fulfill a specific purpose. Here are the 5 standard aluminum profile brackets:

2024 Aluminum T Bar
2024 Aluminum T Bar

The primary properties of the 2024 aluminum t bar grade include high strength, good machinability, and excellent corrosion resistance. Due to its fatigue-resistant qualities, the 2024 is extensively used in racing and aircraft applications.

7005 Aluminum T Bar
7005 Aluminum T Bar

A 45-degree angle bracket is an important aluminum profile bracket for your business since it allows for simple installation and support of your equipment. It is a tool for installation that may be utilized in any room of your business or house.

7075 Aluminum T Bar
7075 Aluminum T Bar

The 7075 aluminum t bar grade is the most durable aluminum grade, making it the most popular of the 7000 series. Because of its extraordinarily high strength, the 7075 performs admirably in high-stress applications.


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Why You Should Choose LW Aluminum T Bars

After-Sale Services

Just because we finished the manufacturing process it doesn’t meant that our aim to make you satisfied with our aluminum t bars ends. LW believes that your satisfaction is a number one priority, and we’ll do all that it takes ranging from customer support, reparations, and excellent assistance.

Tailored Orders

LW has its own R&D department that is filled with specialists that’ll stop at nothing to achieve your utmost satisfaction when it comes to aluminum t bars. Whether it be a specific measurement for your aluminum, or a tiny detail that you want included – we’ll make sure of it!

ISO Certification

In order to assure you, we made sure to undergo ISO certification so that we can guarantee world-class service and high-quality aluminum t bars for your applications!

Expert Industry Knowledge

Experience in the industry is one of the things that LW boasts and takes pride in. Top-tier aluminum products are guaranteed because they come from industry experts equipped with aluminum t bar manufacturing knowledge.

Aluminum T Bar Properties


Because of its shape, aluminum t bars work well as a supporting component in a variety of applications, particularly load-bearing applications. The flange has the proper form and sturdiness to endure excessive levels of pressure, and it is supported by the web to keep it from bending.


The aluminum t bar, like any of our other aluminum products, is fully customizable and available in a variety of lengths and finishing options to meet your requirements. Our aluminum t bars will always be tailored to your specifications, whether it be a powder finish or a somewhat glossy surface.

Excellent Heat Conductivity

One feature that distinguishes aluminum t bars from other materials is their great head conductivity. Because our t bars are comprised of aluminum, they have much higher conductivity than other metals such as standard stainless steel. If you’re building a new heat sink, our aluminum t bars will be a good conductor.

Use Aluminum T Bars for your Applications

Aluminum T Bar for Load Bearing Applications
Load Bearing Applications

Aluminum t bars have outstanding tensile qualities, making them a good choice for load-bearing applications. They withstand shear and compressive pressures due to their extremely beneficial t form.

Electrical Connectors

Electrical connectors need superb conductivity, which is one of the primary benefits of using aluminum as a material. Aluminum t bars are ideal candidates for electrical connectors owing to its high conductivity while remaining lightweight and not an extreme burn to your pockets!

Aluminum T Bar for Framing

Aluminum t bar frames, which are widely used in airports and other industrial structures, provide elegant framing without sacrificing durability or other essential properties. Aside from being a non-flammable alloy, we provide a broad range of color options to suit your tastes.

Your Reliable Aluminum T Bar Manufacturer in China

 Aluminum t bars are employed in a variety of construction applications due to their outstanding machinability and strong corrosion resistance.

They can be utilized as a supporting component or in load-bearing applications in addition to conventional construction applications!

Because the flange has the strength and shape to resist compression stress, the design makes load-bearing a simple task.

The web, on the other hand, which is the bottom section, serves as a preventive precaution to keep the flange from bending.

At LW, we have maintained our status as the finest 2060 aluminum extrusion manufacturer by offering you with just the best products and services.

We understand that you need the best and that you need someone that understands just how important it is to fulfill your applications. 

We listen, and we make sure that you receive the best service and products the world can offer. You won’t have to worry about dreadful imperfections because we strive to be the number one manufacturer that you’ll always count on.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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