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LW Aluminum T Channel Manufacturers and Suppliers

LW is a one-stop station that deals with manufacture, fabrication, customization and delivery of the aluminum made products. We have an exclusive range of aluminum t channels manufactured under strict supervision. We also provide other accessories for the easy installment of these products. 

LW has an excellent engineering team with an experience of more than 15 years. We have an outstanding customer service that is available for the customers 24/7. We provide aluminum t channel for all kinds of applications like to be used in furniture or other household items. 

Our customization and fabrication services involve the use of advanced techniques like extrusion, CNC machining, anodizing, welding etc. We also offer other extruded aluminum channels like z channels, h channels, u channels, c channels etc.

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Types of Aluminum T Channel

6061 Aluminum t channel

6061 Aluminum T Channel

6061 Aluminum t channel is of good strength and have good corrosion resistance. It can easily be shaped into anything due to its good machinability and weldability. It is used for construction and electrical applications. 

6063 Aluminum T Channel

6063 aluminum t channel also have good strength to weight ratio. It have good anti corrosive property and good machinability. It can be treated with heat and have good weldability either. It is used in transport industries and construction industries.

Extruded aluminum h channel
3.Aluminum h channel supporty frame

7075 Aluminum T Channel

7075 aluminum t channel is more ductile so is used for making bike frames. It is also used in aerospace industry and architectural industry. It has good strength than other aluminum alloy series and is best for the lightweight applications.


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Why You should go for LW as your Aluminum T Channel Supplier?

LW Provides Lightweight Aluminum

LW aluminum t channels are made of high quality lightweight aluminum. They are best for the applications where high strength to weight ratio is required. Our aluminum is durable, anticorrosive, have good strength and machinability and are shaped into any shape of your desire.

LW delivers on time

LW has one of the fastest shipping services that saves your time. We deliver our products at your door step at minimum time. Our deliver service has spread its wings to almost every country around the world.

LW have a Good Range of Aluminum Products

Along with Aluminum t channels LW also deal with the manufacture and supply of some other aluminum made items. Our catalogue includes aluminum channels, aluminum profiles, aluminum bars, aluminum extrusions etc.

LW is ISO Certified

LW has been working as a good aluminum supplier for years both nationally and internationally. This helped us pass the ISO certification. We are one of the authentic platforms for getting your desired aluminum product.

Aluminum T Channel

Your Professional Aluminum T Channel Suppliers

Aluminum t channels are T shaped aluminum profiles made of different series of aluminum. They are used in different industries like architectural industries, aerospace industries, marine industries and in the manufacture of furniture, doors and window frames, panels etc. 

  • Other shapes of Aluminum Channels:

Aluminum Channels are shaped into various shapes according to their use. LW provides all kinds of shapes of aluminum channels. The aluminum channels other than aluminum t channels are aluminum h channels, aluminum z channels, aluminum u channels, aluminum c channels etc. 

  • Colors of Aluminum T Channels:

LW customizes aluminum t channels in different colors. The colors are of standard or customized categories. The standard colors like black, blue, silver, bronze, red, white, champagne are available for the customers. Also the customer can customize aluminum t channels into any color of their choice.

Applications of Aluminum T Channel

Solar panels
Aluminum h channel in construction
Aluminum t channel for railing

LW- Worldwide Suppliers of Aluminum T Channel

LW is an authentic Chinese company that deals with manufacturing and supplying of aluminum t channels and other aluminum products. We have an experience of 15+ years due to which we are one of the best aluminum suppliers in China. 

LW has advanced machinery for various techniques like fabrication of aluminum products. The aluminum t channels are surface treated through different processes like powder coating, sand blasting, anodizing etc. They are also processed through welding, milling, drilling, bending, tapping, cutting etc. 

Our services are extended from manufacturing of materials to their quality supervision to their delivery to the customer. We also customize our products into different shapes sizes and colors according to the customer’s choice.  

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