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LW Aluminum Telescopic Tube Production Company

LW Aluminum telescopic tube is made with contemporary techniques. The extruded aluminum is then adapted into different types of telescopic tubes. We provide the best quality aluminum that is void into telescopic tubes.

LW Aluminum telescopic tubes are used for different construction, fabrication, and maintenance purposes. We made it to your needs and preferences in different shapes. Our 15 years of experience is a testament to our quality.

Our advanced and trained team can provide constructive and fabrication services as well. We also give free samples. Our products are checked before and after manufacturing for their renowned quality. We offer to deliver it in the shortest possible time.

Contact us to customize your product according to your choice.

Classification of Aluminum Telescopic tube:

Aluminium Telscopic Tube Rectangular

Rectangular Aluminum Telescopic Tube

The rectangular aluminum telescopic tube is specifically designed for manufacturing industrial areas and structural applications.

This shape of aluminum telescopic tubes is high force and firm shaped.

The most common rectangular-shaped aluminum telescopic tubes are stainless steel, both hot and cold rolled steel.

Round Aluminum Telescopic Tube

The round aluminum telescopic tube is a vacant round and cylindrical shape tube. This shape gives the long resilience.

The round aluminum telescopic tube is used in most constructive applications. Parts of cars, outdoor furniture, and railings are the best example of round aluminum telescopic tubes.

Aluminium Telscopic Tube Round
Aluminium Telscopic Tube Square

Square Aluminum Telescopic Tube

Square telescopic tubes are manufactured through a coil and then processed by different molds.

This shape of aluminum telescopic tubes is used in different conservation and structural means.


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Reasons Why LW is one of the Best Aluminum Telescopic tube Suppliers

LW Provides Reliable Quality Products

We use the most high-quality material for our product which is a testament to our company. Our products are checked before and after their manufacturing.

LW has a Comprehensive range of products

LW Aluminum telescopic tubing gives a large variety of shapes tubes. We deal with square aluminum tubing, round aluminum telescopic tubing, rectangular aluminum telescopic tubing, pre-grilled telescopic aluminum tubing, etc.

LW has a fast shipment

LW delivers its products in the shortest possible time. We have a professional team that takes orders anytime from the customers and ships them on time to save your time. We also offer free samples at the request of our clients.

LW let you design your products according to your choice

LW has an expert custom-built department that works according to the interest and needs of our client. We customize aluminum telescopic tubes in different shapes like round, square, rectangular, or any other shape of your choice.

LW Surface treats the products

LW has advanced machinery that surface treats the products through an advanced process. The telescopic tubes are made with high-quality coil and then processes through different molds. This helps the customers to use them for a long.

LW is an expert in Deep Processing

LW deep processes its products through techniques like sliding, tapping, bending, machining, molding, etc.

LW a Professional Dealer of Aluminum Telescopic Tubing

The Aluminum telescopic tubes are used to make different furniture. They are used in many electronic, mechanical, and industrial equipment. Their purpose is to make engineering applications. 

  • Size of Aluminum Telescopic tubes:

LW aluminum telescopic tubes are available in different sizes of your choice or standard that can be utilized anywhere. The size varies depending on the thickness of the tubes.

  • Colors of Aluminum Heat Sink Extrusions:

The color of the telescopic tube can also be customized according to the customer’s choice. The standard colors include silver black, white, blue, red, and others.

Applications of Aluminum Telescopic Tubes

Camera Brackets
Aluminim Telescopic Tubes for Flag Poles
Flag poles
Outdoor Furniture
Aluminim Telescopic Tubes for Sensory Equipment
Sensory Equipment
Adjustable Racks

LW the Superior Quality Aluminum Telescopic Tubes

A telescopic tube is the best choice for manufacturing small to large and most importantly lightweight tubes. It is used worldwide for the manufacturing of different pipes allowing the aluminum to inflate inside one another. 

The process of manufacturing of telescopic tube involves cramming one piece of pipe inside and gliding together to make a large tube. 

There are some other methods as well to manufacture different tubes like the hydroforming process.

There are different types of the aluminum telescopic tube which are aluminum telescopic round tubes telescopic square tubes and aluminum telescopic rectangular tubes. The most commonly used shape is an aluminum telescopic round tube because it is easy to use.

LW telescopic tubes are made of best quality aluminum alloys like 6061, 6082, and 6351. It has good manufacturing properties like resilience, high strength to weight ratio, good weather resistance, etc. 

Our products can be used for as long as decades and we provide the best services that can help you if you choose us. 

The professional team tailors the aluminum telescopic tubes through advanced techniques and machinery. We can meet all your requirements with our customization and fabrication services.

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